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Paper Mario The Origami King: How to Fast Travel

Quickly make your way from one area to another!

As you explore the colorful paper world of Paper Mario: The Origami King, you’ll come across areas that you may want to quickly revisit at a later time. Rather than spending lots of time walking from one location to another, you can use pipes to fast travel to areas you’ve previously visited. Here’s how this works.

When you enter the Musee Champignon in Toad Town, you’ll see a statue of a pipe on the right side of the lobby.

Enter this pipe and you’ll go to the warp pipe room, which has six brightly colored pipes that are numbered 1-6. Each pipe can take you to a different part of the in-game world. However, you need to unblock the pipe on the other end first (King Olly has covered them up).

The first pipe you’ll unlock is the red pipe with the No. 1 on the side. This pipe can take you to Overlook Mountain, which is where the end of the red streamer is located (you’ll need to remove streamers from Princess Peach’s castle on your quest to beat the game).

As you continue to progress through the game, you’ll eventually come across the other five warp pipes, which you can uncover to unlock the ability to fast travel back to the warp pipe room in the Musee Champignon.

Once you’ve unlocked multiple fast travel routes, you can use them to quickly go from one area to another. Or, you can simply use any of the fast travel pipes to quickly return to Toad Town if you need to stock up on supplies.

Finally, if you want to collect all of the hidden Toads in The Origami King, you may find it helpful to fast travel to previous locations to find any Toads you may have missed the first time around. There are tons of different Toads scattered throughout the in-game world, and it will likely take you quite a while to find them all.

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To learn more about Paper Mario: The Origami King, or to view the rest of our guides for the game, check out our previous coverage.

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Quickly make your way from one area to another!

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Paper Mario: How To Unlock Fast Travel (Fax Travel & Warp Pipes)

Paper Mario: Origami King has vast open worlds for players to explore, but there are methods to quickly traverse the lands and revisit past areas.

Paper Mario: The Origami King has some of the series’ most expansive worlds to explore, from cheery overlooks to Autumn mountains filled with fall leaves. With so many places to explore, and hidden Toads and collectibles to discover, players will find themselves traveling all over the world. But walking from one location to another can be time-consuming, especially for those who want to 100% every area.

Luckily, there are 2 methods for fast travel that can make Mario’s journey much easier: Warp Pipes, and Fax Travel. Many core areas of the game have some tie to these 2 features, that players can use to help Mario easily traverse the land. This guide will look at how to unlock and use each facility.

How to Find Origami King’s Warp Pipe Room

Players can find the Warp Pipe room in the Toad Town Museum. The museum itself is very hard to miss, as it’s stately architecture is found next to the item shop in Toad Town. Upon entering, players will see a gray pipe on the right as part of a display. Entering this pipe will lead to a room with 6 other colored pipes, which each correlate to a different part of the world. For instance, the Red Pipe will take the player to the area where the Red Streamer is, or was, found. However, these aren’t unlocked immediately. Players will need to find these pipes in each respective area before they are permitted to use them. Think of it as a reward or checkpoint for making it to that location; now players can return there any time they wish. The first pipe is found outside Overlook Tower, where the first major boss is, so players will be able to quickly travel back to Toad Town instead of trekking all the way back.

How to Unlock Fax Travel in Origami King

There is another method players can use to fast travel between each area: the Sensor Lab’s fax machine. Each area has a Sensor Lab, run by a Toad in a lab coat. The main building can be found on Picnic Road early in the game and looks like a mushroom hut outfitted with an antennae and other scientific doodads. There are several Sensor Lab satellite locations scattered about in other areas of Paper Mario: Origami King‘s world, each run by a Toad Scientist. Fast travel between them, known as Fax Travel, is unlocked once players reach the second Sensor Lab in the Autumn Mountain. From there, players can ask the Toad which Sensor lab they want to fax to, provided they’ve visited it before, and they’ll warp there. Like with the warp pipes, reaching more new areas will unlock places to travel to.

These 2 methods of travel, the Warp Room and Fax Travel, are interconnected and can easily be used one after the other. Outside the first Sensor Lab on Picnic Road is a rusty orange warp pipe that can be used once the sticker is pulled off of it. Astute players might remember a similar colored warp pipe in Toad Town’s plaza, right outside the Museum. As one could guess, these 2 pipes are connected to each other. Players can easily go from 2 separate points by traveling by Fax Travel, through the Rusty Pipe, and then through the Museum’s Warp Pipe Room. Make sure to always select the Picnic Road Sensor Lab, as that’s the one next to the Rusty Pipe. The item shop is also located near the museum, making it an important hub area for those looking to stock up on weapons for their journey.

Paper Mario: The Origami King is available for Nintendo Switch

Paper Mario: Origami King has vast open worlds for players to explore, but there are methods to quickly traverse the lands and revisit past areas.