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Yocan Evolve D Dry Herb Vaporizer

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The Yocan Evolve D Dry Herb Pen Vaporizer is a portable dry herb pen featuring dual pancake coils for maximum vaping and a single-button control. Integrated 650mAh battery offers between 3 and 6 hours of vaping on a full charge and can be conveniently charged on-the-go with the included USB charging cable. Yocan Evolve D heats at around 3.2v to 4.2v, the optimal temperature for extracting the most flavor and potency from dry herbs. Packing your dry herbs or cleaning out the ash is even easier, simply push the mouthpiece down to press your material against the coil, or clean the ash from the unit. The Yocan Evolve-D Dry Herb Pen is a portable and powerful device that fits your budget!

Connection: 510 / eGo thread
Battery: Upgraded 650mAh
Max Atomizer Wattage: 15W
Charging: USB Port
Spacious Dry Herb Chamber
Spiral coil heating element (dry herb dual coil)
Function drip tip: Push out and clean the ash easily
Press the stuff down to the coil, vape more evenly and successfully
Sleek and Discreet! Heats instantly! Awesome taste!
On/Off: Click the power button 5 times within 2 seconds
10-second battery safety cut-off
Height: 128.5mm
Diameter: 14mm
Weight: 53g

What You Get:
1x Evolve D Battery
1x Evolve D Atomizer (w/ preinstalled Quartz Dual Coil)
1x Replacement Quartz Dual Coil
1x Cleaning Brush
1x USB Charger
User Manual

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The Yocan Evolve D Dry Herb Pen Vaporizer is a portable dry herb pen featuring dual pancake coils for maximum vaping and a single-button control. Sleek and Discreet! Heats instantly! Awesome taste!


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dr dabber boost amazon

Best E-nails of 2020

KandyPens Oura

The Oura is a high-end, easy to maintain portable dab rig that produces terrific vapor quality and offers the choice of Ceramic or Quartz atomizers. It has four preset temperature levels, with the top one being 800°F. It is well-designed and small enough to operate with just one hand. The Oura is a premium vape that will change the way you dab & the lifetime warranty makes an already good thing even better.

Dr Dabber Switch

The Dr. Dabber Switch is a revolution in vaping technology because of its use of induction heating, and it’s dual compatibility (Extracts + Dry Herb). It heats up almost instantly and produces tasty vapor. The Battery lasts over 100 uses per charge, and it has 25 preset heating profiles for specific substances. Yeah, it might be too big or expensive for some, but if you’re a home vaper that can afford it, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Puffco Peak

For a brand new style of vaporizer, the Peak is surprisingly impressive. It delivers excellent vapor quality, is very easy to use, and has a cool, stylish design. However, it is one of the more expensive vapes available, but if you can afford it, then vaping satisfaction is guaranteed.

Vista Mini 2

The Mini 2 is a portable eRig compatible with concentrates and oils that delivers impressive performance for its excellent price – $159. It features wireless charging, four preset temperature levels, and a unique design with a clear carb cap. The Vista is a functional device and the vapor quality is satisfying for most average or entry-level users. Awesome value on this one.

G-Pen Roam

The G Pen Roam is a portable concentrate vaporizer that features a unique self-contained water filtration tube that results in cool & pure vapor. This is an unusual feature in any portable vaporizer but is especially interesting in a wax vape. A lot of thought and creativity went into designing and engineering this vape. The Roam is a dab rig packed into a vape that can fit in your palm.

G-Pen Connect

The Connect is an e-Nail that can attach to any traditional bad rig, and eliminate the need to use a torch or the danger of having an exposed nail. Once connected, it allows precise calibration and customization of your sessions. All connections are magnetic, it uses a ceramic heating element, and it has three preset temperature levels. If you already own a Rig, and are looking to convert it to electric, the Connect is the way to go.

Focus Carta Vape Rig

I’ve enjoyed all the portable dab rigs I’ve tried so far and the Focus V Carta is no exception. It has the superfast heat time and great flavor I expected. But it goes a few steps further and adds a smartphone app and removable batteries. But, possibly best of all, is the fact that it costs less than the competition.

Pulsar RöK

The RöK is a uniquely-designed versatile dab rig that can vape both wax and dry herb. It has an inverted design which means the water bubbler is used as a base and features a disc percolator that further filters the vapor. It also has 3 temp settings that range from 680-850°F and features a sesh mode which some vapers might find useful.

October 2020 UPDATE-

Puffco Peak PRO coming soon! Puffco just announced on October 7th 2020 that they are releasing a new version of the PEAK, called Puffco Peak PRO! Here is what we know so far:
The Peak Pro offers improvements in all aspects, and will have the following features: Bluetooth App Connectivity , Wireless Qi Charging, USB-C Connection, Auto-Sleep Function, Real-Time Temp Control, Large Sealed Ceramic Chamber, Customizable LED Lights, High Volume Water Capacity, Oculus Carb Cap.
The Peak Pro will also have the following optional accessories: Power Dock (wireless charger / portable battery) and a Travel Pack (increased backpack storage, an angled mouthpiece, and a new hinging tether)
Peak Pro Release date and price The Peak Pro release date and Retail price have not been announced yet, so stay tuned for that and the full review! We expect the release date to be Early November 2020, and the retail price is $400.

e-Nails / Dab Rigs Buying Guide

What are e-Nails / Dab Rigs?

E-nails, aka e-rigs or dab rigs, started out as a simpler way of using traditional dab rigs, where the user employs a blow torch to heat up and vaporize the wax. This is hardly convenient, and so e-nails were invented as an easier way to vape wax at high temperatures. E-nails use electricity instead of a flame to heat up and vaporize the wax, they also have a water bubbler to help cool down the vapor because the wax is vaporized at very high temperatures. Every dab rig consists of the following parts:

The Body – This holds the battery and supports the other components of the e-nail.

The Heating Element – As you can guess, this is used to heat up the wax.

The Nail – This is where the wax is placed, and it can be made from various different materials.

The Mouthpiece – All dab rig mouthpieces have a water bubbler attachment. This is necessary to cool down the hot vapor created by the heating element.

All of those components mean that e-rigs are far less portable than vape pens. The kit of many e-rigs usually includes some kind of carrying case that makes storage and transport a little easier. Nonetheless, the assembly involved means that e-nails are mainly stay-at-home devices.

Things to consider when buying an e-Nail

1. Advanced use

E-nails are not meant for beginner wax vapers for many reasons. For one, they produce very intense vapor, which might be too much for newbie vapers to handle. They are also more complex to use than vape pens since they consist of several different components that require some assembly. Portable dab rigs are less complex than e-nails but are still not suited for beginners. New wax vapers are better off starting with vape pens since they are the easiest wax devices to use.

2. E-Nails VS traditional Nails

E-nails have a lot of advantages over traditional nails, the main one being that they are easier to use since everything you need to vape is included in their kit. Traditional nails require the use of a blowtorch to heat the nail and vaporize the wax. E-nails also allow you to more precisely calibrate the temperature, which is something that isn’t possible with a blowtorch. E-nails also take up less space than a rig and torch setup. The only real advantage traditional nails have is that the blowtorch allows them to reach higher maximum temperatures than e-nails. However, that is only an advantage for hardcore users who like really intense vapor.

3. Size & Portability

Both e-nails and portable dab rigs aren’t exactly portable. It’s not just their size that limits portability, it is also the fact that they consist of several different components that need to be assembled. Plus you need water to fill the bubbler. All of those factors prevent them from being travel-friendly devices.

4. Portable Dab Rig VS Nail only Devices

One alternative to both e-nails/portable dab rigs and traditional nails is the electronic nail device. These are devices that consist of a battery powered nail that can be attached to traditional rigs. There is no need for a blowtorch since electricity is used to heat up the wax. These devices are good for those who already own a rig but want an easier, more convenient way to use it. They are not suited for anyone who does not already have a dab rig because of the expense of purchasing both a rig and the device.

5. Nail Types

There are three different coil types available for e-nails, they are titanium, quartz, and ceramic. Some e-nails will include all three types of nail in their kit, while others will have one or two. The differences among the three of them are as follows.

Ceramic – They heat up slowly but retain heat well. The flavor they produce is very good because ceramic is a neutral material that keeps the flavor pure.

Quartz – Quartz is also a neutral material that keeps the flavor pure. It also heats up quickly, but it loses heat more quickly than the other materials.

Titanium – These nails heat up fast and have high-temperature retention but the vapor quality is lacking compared to the other nails. That is because titanium can leave a metallic aftertaste to the vapor.

You can buy them at online head shops and dispensaries in states where marijuana has been legalized.

The small amount of wax that is placed in the nail is called a dab, so dabbing is the act of placing the dab into the nail. However, many people use the term as a shorthand for using a dab rig, e-nail, or portable dab rig in general.

There are low temperature dabs, medium temp dabs, and high temp dabs. The one you choose depends on the effect you want to feel when you vape and your level of experience.

Low temperature dab (315°F – 450°F) – You get a lot of flavor at this temperature, but the vapor is not that dense, and it takes longer to feel the effects of the THC. Hits in this temperature range are smooth and easy on the lungs, making it the ideal range for beginners.

Medium temperature dab (450°F – 600°F) – This temperature range gives vapers a good balance of flavor and intensity, though it offers less of either quality than the more extreme ranges. This is good for intermediate users.

High temperature dab (600°F – 900°F) – This range is all about intensity. The vapor is hot and harsh even with the water bubbler to cool it down. Plus the effects of the THC come on much faster, though the flavor is the weakest at this range.

Using an e-nail is easy since they all share the same general design. First you pour some water into the bubbler, then you place a dab into the nail. Next you turn on the power and select a temperature. Once it reaches the selected temperature, place the carb cap over the nail and inhale from the bubbler.

They are the most intense way to vape wax and they tend to offer a lot more customization than vape pens do. However, they are not very portable and take a while to set up. So, the answer comes down to what you want from a wax vaporizer, the portability and convenience of vape pens, or the customization and intensity of e-nails.

It comes down to personal preference, but most people prefer quartz or ceramic nails because they do not affect the flavor of the vapor. Titanium nails tend to leave a metallic aftertaste that most vapers find unpleasant.

You can, but that is not advised. Most e-nails can heat the wax to 600° and higher, which means that the vapor produced is extremely hot. The water is needed to cool the vapor down otherwise it would be uncomfortable and unpalatable for users.

It depends on what you want when you vape. If you want more customization options, then traditional e-nails are the better choice. If you prefer convenience and ease of use, then portable dab rigs are the more appropriate choice for you.

Using an old school rig and torches is the "old" was of dabbing, here is my list of the best enail of 2020 to get you dabbing like a pro.


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The All New Powermatic III Plus Electric Cigarette Rolling Machine!

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small pink bong

Pink Bongs & Smoking Accessories

Whether you’re looking for a pink bong, grinder, dab rig, pipe or bubbler, we’ve got a Pretty in Pink 420 collection that you’re sure to love.

Pretty in Pink Smoking Accessories

The thing about pink is that it will never go out of style, and that’s a fact especially in the puff puff pass community. Although many traditional folks think of pink as a “girl’s color,” what they don’t know is that up until the 1940s, pink was considered a masculine color and often associated with boys! But here at Everything for 420, we believe everyone, regardless of gender, age, or anything else, is welcome to the joys of the color pink. That’s why we are bringing you gorgeous pipes, bongs, bowls, dab rigs, vapes, and bubblers in your favorite color. Whether you’re a fan of a softer shade of peach, a hot pink aficionado, looking for more of a cotton-candy hue, or want just a pop of pink among some other colors, our Pink 420 collection has something perfectly pink for you.

Best Pink Bongs

Pink bongs are all the style so we’ve provided a curated list of our best pink bongs so you can get the perfect glass piece to add to your collection.

  • Pink Honeycomb Missile Bong – Just because you like the color pink doesn’t mean you can’t handle massive hits like the tough guys. This 35 inch beast of a bong isn’t for the faint of heart and will launch you to another dimension just one hit in. If you’re looking for a statement piece that you’re a stoner babe that doesn’t mess around, then this huge bong is just for you. Once you load your glass bowl this straight shooter will provide a direct yet smooth hit, filtering through it’s five gorgeous honeycomb percs.
  • Pink Coil Beaker Bong– Don’t underestimate the glycerin coil, especially a pink one. You may lean towards bongs with ice catchers but a glycerin coil actually performs better since you can detach and place it in a freezer. They also stay frozen much longer than ice cubes and this one just happens to beautiful hue of pink worth showing off the power of pink to all the homies. The wide beaker base also provides a stronger hit as the smoke accumulates at the bottom so you’ll be sure to find your buds glued to your couch when you host the next smoke sesh.
  • Pink Coil Inline Perc Rig – This large dual percolator bong is blown from transparent glass and has pops of pink on both percs, the mouthpiece, base, and glass bowl that are an elegant touch but also extremely functional, make cleaning a cinch. The percs provide enhanced filtration, removing impurities, while the glycerin coil cools down smoke for smooth, icy hits. This pink big bong will be sure to impress and bring many a stoner down to his knees with its powerful hits.

Beautiful Heart Bongs

  • From the Bottom of my Heart Bong – Available in sheer pink, this beautiful heart bong is for the stoner bae that’s stolen your heart and not giving it back! At 9 inches and made of high quality borosilicate glass this small bong is extremely durable and perfect for seshes on-the-go wherever your heart takes you.

Cute Pink Pipes

Are you looking for something a bit more portable than a bong? If so we’ve got a few pink pipes that will make you want to light up pronto.

  • Pink Stash Pipe– If you love 2-in-1 items that have a greater purpose, this pipe is perfect for you. You can stash your herb and smoke it too with this simple yet innovative stash pipe. Just 3.5 inches you get tons of functionality out of such a small glass piece.

Best Pink Vapes

Whether you are looking for a pink vape pen or pink vape mod you’ve come to the right place. You’ll be sure to fall in love with our best Pink Vape Mod, the Pink Airis Mystica II, a slick pink 510 battery that lasts longer than most relationships these days!

Glass for Stoner Chicks

Are you a stoner chick that loves some thick glass which a more feminine touch? If we’re on the money then you’ll love our Strawberry Silicone Ice Cream Cone Pipe, Pink Stash Pipe, or the Horton Glass Pipe . These are mega discreet fitting in the palm of your hand and super easy to stash in your purse for your next misadventure. The silicone pipe is especially useful if you happen to be a bit of a butterfingers or just want to stash this in your bag without a second thought!

Buy Pink Bongs, Vapes & Pipes Online

Whether you’re a ganja girl or boy, if you’re a sucker for pink we’re sure you’ll love to tap that pretty in pink glass. Everything for 420 ships discreetly to your doorstep so if you’re looking for that perfect pink bong for your stoner bae or yourself, we’ve got you covered!


We want to supply your business with quality goods at the lowest possible prices. We believe in making smoking accessories easily accessible to all. We buy direct, cut out the middleman and pass the savings onto you.


We ship from Los Angeles, California.

FREE USA Shipping on most of the products and on orders over $42.
We offer a $4.20 flat rate 2-7 day shipping, as well as expedited 1-3 day shipping and 1 day shipping options.

International orders rate is automatically calculated and takes about 5-15 days.

FREE SHIPPING AND RETURNS* ▷ Discover the best collection of pink dab pens, bongs, dab rigs, glass pipes & more in our Everything For 420 Online Headshop.


grenco science phone number

Register Your Product

Register your G Pen vaporizer for a free one-year warranty.

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  • Step 4

Shop By Vaporizer

G Pen Dash Vaporizer

or 4 interest-free payments of $17.49 with

The newest addition to Grenco Science’s portfolio of dried herb vaporizers, the G Pen Dash brings supreme functionality to the palm of your hand in a powerful, ultra-discreet, lightweight and affordable device. Featuring a glass glazed stainless steel heating chamber with three temperature settings (375F/190C, 401F/205C, and 428F/220C), the G Pen Dash fits in any sized pocket and is perfect for on-the-go.

Combined with a clean air source and integrated air path, experience unsurpassed flavor and vapor production from your favorite strains. Other key elements include an ergonomically designed chamber opening for convenient loading and a magnetically attached mouthpiece that can be taken apart for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The G Pen Dash also features haptic feedback and a smart button with three LEDs to indicate heat level and battery life. With pass-through charging capability via Micro-USB and automatic shut-off, the G Pen Dash maximizes battery life and usability on every charge.

G Pen Roam Vaporizer

or 4 interest-free payments of $62.49 with

Introducing the G Pen Roam, an all-in-one portable vaporizer intuitively designed to provide water-filtered concentrate vaporization on-the-go. Featuring a spill-proof, self-contained borosilicate glass hydrotube, a fully Quartz tank, and powerful 1,300mAh lithium-ion battery, the G Pen Roam heats to temperature within seconds of activation to deliver smooth and flavorful draws with ease.

The G Pen Roam tailors to each user’s flavor and heat preferences through a digital temperature control and LED display ranging from 400° – 800°+F (204° – 427°+C), along with a haptic feedback feature that indicates when the device is ready for use. Designed with strict attention to discrete portability, the Roam is encased within a light yet durable aluminum alloy shell which fully shelters the Quartz tank and glass water tube. Passthrough technology allows for the device to be used while plugged in, and all parts in connection to the vapor air path can be easily disassembled and cleaned.

Each G Pen Roam complete kit comes standard within a hemp travel case, with room for two concentrates jars and a pocket for accessories which include a micro USB to USB charging cable, loading tool, and cotton swabs.

G Pen Connect Vaporizer

or 4 interest-free payments of $44.99 with

The G Pen Connect is a revolutionary alternative to conventional concentrate consumption that heats to temperature within five seconds of activation to deliver high-density, quality vapor production without the hassle of a torch and exposed nail. Powered by a ceramic heating element and featuring patented reverse airflow technology, the G Pen Connect vaporizes concentrates evenly and efficiently, and pairs with any glass-on-glass water piece to deliver smooth and powerful draws.

Designed with three temperature settings as well as an extended draw mode, the Connect tailors to each user’s flavor and heat preferences while accommodating a wide variety of concentrates. The G Pen Connect Battery is packed with 850 mAh of power and uses an easy, snap-in magnetic connection for quick and effortless setup. Although small, the device is capable of driving several back-to-back sessions while supporting pass-through charging whenever needed.

The G Pen Connect offers compatible glass-on-glass attachments in 10mm*, 14mm and 18mm*, making it a well-suited partner to any female-jointed water piece. A spring-loaded carb release button creates instant airflow, allowing the chamber to be effortlessly cleared. Although perfect for home use, each G Pen Connect kit comes standard with a hemp travel pouch, making storage and transportation just as easy as using the Connect itself.

G Pen Elite Vaporizer

or 4 interest-free payments of $29.99 with

The G Pen Elite® is an ergonomically designed portable convection vaporizer featuring a full LED display with temperature control, battery life indicator, and all-ceramic heating chamber.

The G Pen Elite boasts the largest fully ceramic chamber on the market, with a revolutionary 360 ceramic heating element that provides fast and even convection vaporization of ground material from all sides. With the capability of setting any desired temperature between 200° – 428°F (93° – 220°C), users can experiment with low temperature true vaporization to explore optimal flavor profiles. This innovative technology opens up an entirely new vaporizing experience with unrivaled performance, taste, and effects.

Powered by a combination of the highest grade lithium-ion battery and smart-chip technology, The G Pen Elite is a high-performance vaporizer that sustains battery life for extended use. Designed and engineered for portability, the G Pen Elite is the perfect marriage of form and function, making it the ideal solution for efficient vaporization on the go.

Register your G Pen vaporizer for a free one-year warranty.


how to make weed taste better

How Can I Create Flavored Marijuana?

“How do I flavor weed?” is a common question by new growers. While I truly believe that the best marijuana flavor is achieved from a properly cured bud, the idea of occasionally ‘flavoring’ some marijuana or making flavored weed seems like a fun concept to experiment with. Weed combined with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cherry, root beer, and citrus flavors are relatively common flavors that have been experimented with.

The “Natural” Way to Flavor Weed

Most cannabis strains have some natural flavors on their own. In fact, growers have spent years breeding cannabis strains that produce a natural bouquet of scents and aroma that mimic other flavors.

Some cannabis strains you may have heard of include Super Lemon Haze, Strawberry Cough, Blueberry OG, Grapefruit, and probably different variations of lemon, grapefruit, sage, strawberry, blueberry, other berries, etc.

Generally these strains have been bred to specifically be reminiscent of their namesake, but often need the right growing conditions in order to turn out as expected. For this reason, many who decide to grow these strains may be disappointed to find out their home-grown doesn’t taste exactly how they remember when they last tried that strain. It often takes some experimentation to get the desired result.

Pineapple Chunk (by Barneys Farm) – Indica

A lot of the time when someone says a strain smells or tastes like a fruit, they mean that you’ll get small hints of that smell in the undertones. With Pineapple Chunk the buds actually smell sweet, and some really do smell and taste quite a bit like pineapple! Especially if you follow the growing instructions listed below, you’ll yield the best taste!

Although not the highest yielding, this strain produces buds that always get a surprising number of positive comments about the taste and smell, and the bud effects are very smooth.

You will be able to start smelling the pineapple when the plant is still in the flowering stage, but the smell is most pronounced after the buds have been dried and cured.

Smells lemony, and certain plants will end up smelling just like a Lemonhead with a mix of citrus, sour and sweet. The potency is surprisingly strong, energetic and creative, perfect for daytime use. Doesn’t usually cause ‘couchlock’ so many people like this strain for daytime use.

Here is an example of a room full of Super Lemon Haze plants

…and a Super Lemon Haze cola

Blue AutoMazar (by Dutch Passion) – Autoflowering strain, smells like blueberry

A cross between two autoflowering strains from breeder Dutch Passion, this strain is as much about taste and smell as it is about potency!

Here’s a list of more “taste-famous” strains but there are tons and tons of them!

  • Chocolope – chocolate
  • Bubbleicious – bubble gum
  • Blueberry – blueberry

So that is the first step in flavoring weed – finding the right strain! If you go to a major seed bank they often have a way to find the taste/smell you want.

For example, Seedsman has a strain selector you can use, and towards the bottom of the page you have the option to actually search for strains based on taste! They’ve got everything from fuel to peach! I love Seedsman as a seed source because they only carry strains by breeders who have already proven themselves, ship around the world, and have been in business since 2003. They’re very professional, and at least for right now, they are probably as close as you can get to a “real store” for seeds in the US 🙂

What about other, more straightforward methods to flavor cannabis buds? Well there are two basic times to enhance the essence of your cannabis buds: before you harvest the cannabis or after you harvest the cannabis. Although you can change the actual natural taste of your cannabis during the grow, most methods to try to actually alter the natural smell/taste after the grow don’t work well. When it comes to the time after harvest, you have an even more important job – you must dry and cure your buds properly or they may smell like grass or lose their smell altogether!

Grow in “Living” Soil (Super Soil)

Even better than giving your plant organic nutrients is to grow with your roots in a living soil. In other words, this is a type of soil with an active colony of microorganisms. It is like the soil a plant would be using in nature, only it’s even better because it’s been amended with exactly the right kind of nutrients and supplements. There’s evidence buds grown in this medium tend to have a more varied and complex terpene profile, which may lead to buds that smell and taste better.

Greenhouse Seeds has been leading the way in cannabis terpene and terpenoid research by growing cannabis in a variety of ways and then directly measuring the terpene content in the buds. They have found that while hydroponic grows tend to get much higher yields (with the exception of a few Indica strains), soil-grown buds tend to have a more complex terpene profile. You can see the results of the terpene analysis here.

Living soil is often referred to as “Super Soil” in the cannabis world; this just means soil that has been amended and composted. This creates a “micro-herd” of microorganisms in the soil, which break down and feed nutrients directly to your plant roots. As a result, you don’t have to provide extra nutrients or worry about the pH of your soil, because your micro-herd is doing all the work for you. You just water your plants and that’s it!

The one downside is plants tend to grow a little slower compared to using liquid nutrients, but as a reward for using super soil your buds will be much more fragrant, with a lovely bouquet of smells that’s difficult to produce any other way.

If you’re serious about maximizing the taste and smell of your buds, growing in super soil is probably one of the best-known ways to achieve that goal!

Improve Flavor During the Course of Your Grow

Specialized Nutrients & Supplements

When it comes to nutrients and supplements, you have several choices that can help improve the overall scent of your buds. In fact, many products have been formulated specifically to increase and enhance the smell of cannabis buds.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when it comes to nutrients and supplements…

Only Use “Bloom” (Low Nitrogen) Nutrients in the Flowering Stage

When your plant is in the flowering stage it’s important to make sure you only use specially formulated “flowering” cannabis nutrients, as these nutrients are made for the budding stage and will have lower levels of nitrogen and higher levels of potassium and phosphorous – exactly what your plant wants!

Avoid Chemical Nutrients

Try to avoid chemical nutrients and only use nutrients made from living sources (made from things like kelp, guano, bone meal, worm castings, etc).

Chemical nutrients are nutrient sources listed on the nutrient bottle with molecular compound names like Ammonium Phosphate, Magnesium Carbonate, Potassium Nitrate, etc.

Chemical nutrients have great qualities that make them attractive to a lot of growers. They increase the rate of vegetative growth and may possibly even contribute to greater bud potency. Using them won’t necessarily “hurt” the smell of buds, but these do not seem to contribute to smell as much as when the plant is using nutrients from living sources. The best smell-related results seem to occur when nutrients are getting broken down in the soil instead of being delivered directly to roots in their most simple chemical form.

The “GO Box” by General Organics offers a nutrient line made of only organic ingredients and specialized for growing plants like cannabis

Another great option is the Fox Farms Nutrient trio for soil. This is a complete cannabis nutrient system that can support your plants from seed to harvest. Although “Tiger Bloom” and “Grow Big” are not 100% organic, they use high quality ingredients and consistently produce great results in soil as far as smell and appearance. The “Big Bloom” part of the trio is probably the best part. It is completely organic and although it’s not a complete food source on its own, it can be used by itself as a Bloom Booster for plants in soil. It’s a bit more difficult to give too much “Big Bloom” to your plants since it’s basically a soup of natural sources of nutrients! (Still, don’t go crazy!)

Restrict Overall Nutrient Levels in Last 6 Weeks of Flowering

Cannabis plants do a lot of vegetative growth during the first several weeks of flowering and need a lot of nutrients to power that growth. However, around 6 weeks after the switch to flowering, they’ve mostly stopped growing new stems and leaves altogether and at this point, their nutrient needs go down quite a bit.

Around week 6 of the flowering stage, your plants will mostly stop growing new stems and leaves, and needs lower levels of nutrients (especially Nitrogen) until harvest

Now, you don’t want to starve your plant of nutrients in the flowering stage because that will cause early leaf yellowing and ultimately hurt yields and bud appearance. If your plant already looks pale green all over, you don’t want to reduce nutrient levels further.

However, as far as smell is concerned, it’s important not to go overboard during the last 6 weeks of the flowering stage with nutrients, especially Nitrogen, as it can deposit a “green” or “chemical” taste/smell to buds. This is true whether you’re using chemical or organic nutrients, though it’s harder to over-fertilize with organic nutrients.

High levels of nutrients, especially the kind found in liquid plant food, can deposit extra nutrients into the buds themselves, possibly altering the taste and smell. After buds are fully formed you don’t want to overdo it with Nitrogen or other nutrients. In addition to hurting the smell, too much Nitrogen can also prevent buds from fattening properly!

NO Scent Neutralizers

Some products are great at neutralizing the smell of cannabis…almost too good.

ONA products are strong enough to neutralize a whole room of almost any smell (it was designed for sewers!), leaving a strong chemical-y clean scent. The problem with scent neutralizers is they can actually alter the smell of the buds themselves. If you use a lot of products that leave a strong artificial “clean” smell (perfume, cologne, Febreeze, ONA products, etc) in the air near your developing buds, it can affect your buds even if they never get touched.

If a product leaves a strong smell of chemicals or perfume in the air, don’t use it near your plants!

The Glade plug-in in your bathroom isn’t going to affect the smell of your buds, but if you spray a lot of Febreeze in the grow space whenever guests come over, or put something like ONA gel in your tent with your plants, your buds may come out smelling just like Febreeze or ONA even if they never come in direct contact. If you don’t know what’s causing the odd taste/smell to your buds, this can be really frustrating!

Learn how to completely scrub all smells using a carbon filter – they work better than any spray product and won’t affect the scent of your buds!

Taste-Boosting Supplements

Supplements can be a controversial topic when it comes to growing cannabis, and there are hundreds of options with new products frequently appearing on the market. It can be tough to cut through all the marketing speak and figure out what actually is going to make a difference in your grow. Here’s a list of the most common (and least controversial) supplements that improve taste:

Sugar-Based Supplements

Many sugar or carbohydrate-based supplements claim to improve the taste/smell/sweetness of buds. A cheap alternative to expensive sugar-based bloom boosting supplements is blackstrap molasses. Giving this to your plants for the last few weeks before harvest can help them get bigger and taste/smell better.

It’s not specially made for plants; it’s the regular stuff you’ll find in your kitchen or at the grocery store). Blackstrap molasses adds sugars, amino acids and trace minerals. Unfortunately for hydro growers, anything organic like molasses is not suitable for a hydroponic reservoir! But molasses works great for soil and coco growers 🙂

For the last 2-3 weeks before harvest, give 1/2 tsp of Blackstrap Molasses per gallon when watering (for soil or coco coir)

Improve or Enhance Natural Bloom Processes

This group contains ingredients that are meant to help the plant do its job better. In addition to carbohydrates or sugar, these types of supplements also contain extracts from plant, marine, and mineral sources, as well as things like vitamins, amino acids, polyflavonoids, etc.

The jury is still out and which is the most effective supplement, but some of the most popular cannabis supplements based on this type of formula include…

  • Floralicious Plus (by General Hydroponics)
  • Liquid Karma (by Botanicare)
  • Diamond Black (by General Organics)

Note: These are only for soil or coco coir! (Since these supplements contain a lot of organic materials like guano and fishmeal, they are not suitable to hydroponic reservoirs)

Supplements that “add” a taste or smell to buds

I’m really intrigued by Botanicare’s Sweet Carbo line. According to Botanicare:

The natural esters in Sweet are easily absorbed by the plant, but are not broken down further once deposited within the plant tissue. This means that as new flowers develop they will contain small amounts of these natural esters which contribute to the overall flavor and aroma of the finished product.

They offer flavors such as grape, citrus, berry, and “raw” (which is just a generally sweet smell). These should be used throughout the flowering stage to help build smell/flavor in the buds as they mature. However, since these contain a small but significant amount of magnesium, they should not be used while flushing during last 2-3 weeks before harvest. At this point, the smells have already been deposited into the buds. Another cool thing about these supplements is they contain amino acids and some other enhancers, so it’s kind of like getting a lot of different products at once.

Other growers who’ve tried the “raw” version have said they can definitely notice an increase in the amount of “sweet” taste and smell in their buds, and it’s made me jealous. For my next grow I plan to use one of these Sweet products as my primary supplement for the flowering stage. I’ll report back whether they make as big a difference as they say 🙂

All these supplements have been developed specifically for enhancing plants like cannabis! Just be careful not to go overboard!

The more types of supplements you use, the bigger the chance you might end up burning or causing a nutrient lockout problem with your plants. If possible, always try to use all supplements and nutrients from the same nutrient company. This lessens the chance of unwanted interactions since the whole line is designed to work together. When in doubt, go for an established nutrient company that has been around for years over one that has just appeared recently!

Flush 1-2 Weeks Before Harvest

If you’ve been giving your plants extra nutrients in their water, then it’s recommended to stop using them 1-2 weeks before harvest time. This gives the plant time to use up any extra nutrients contained in the plant so they are less likely to come through in the taste of your buds.

If you’re not giving your plants extra nutrients in their water (for example if you’re growing in super soil) than there’s no need to flush before harvest because you’ve already been giving your plants plain water from the beginning. Your micro-herd is taking care of getting the nutrients to your plants without going overboard, and by this point in the grow you will have used up a lot of the extra nutrients.

In regular soil it’s common to flush for 1-2 weeks before harvest because there’s still some amount of nutrients contained in the soil.

In coco or hydro there are no extra nutrients as a buffer, so it’s recommended you flush for only a few days to a week. Giving a really long flush in a soilless medium can cause leaves to turn yellow and die too early. This hurts yields and can make buds look less attractive if the sugar leaves turn yellow too.

“Clearing” or “Salt Leaching” Solutions

These products are formulated to help remove extra minerals or salts when flushing the plant, which may reduce the chance that these minerals end up altering the smell or flavor of your buds.

They’re meant to be used if you’ve been giving your plants extra nutrients in their water; they aren’t necessary when the plant has been getting all its nutrients from the soil. If you’ve got an active microbial colony in your soil, these might do more harm than good, but they’re a great choice for growers in soilless mediums like coco or hydro where the plant is getting all its nutrition from liquid nutrients.

  • FloraKleen (by General Hydroponics)
  • Clearex (by Botanicare)

Harvest Using the Right Technique

The most important thing about harvesting cannabis is to…

  • Harvest at the right time. Smells (terpenes) build up throughout the flowering stage. If you harvest too early you will have far lower levels of terpenes, and your buds won’t be nearly as fragrant as they would be if they had been allowed to develop to maturity.
  • Trim buds on their stems so you can hang them upside down to dry. Compared to some other methods, drying on stems makes it easier to get it exactly right. Although not 100% necessary, drying this way gives buds a lot more of a water buffer and makes it much easier to dry buds slowly. Drying buds slowly during the first few days after harvest is crucial to producing cannabis that smells like it did in flowering.
  • Avoid handling buds more than necessary. Bad or rough handling can destroy terpenes and reduce the overall aroma of your buds. Of course you need to touch buds at times, but avoid touching them when you don’t need to. (This is tough one for me but I still try!)

How to Improve Flavor After Harvest

(CRUCIAL – don’t skip this!)

  • Dry buds slowly! Drying buds too quickly can give them a “green” or minty sort of taste and smell that doesn’t go away even after curing. It’s normal for buds to smell sort of like grass or hay immediately after drying, but if you dried them slowly the smell will come back after a few days into the curing process.
  • Maintain a temperature of about 70°F while drying. A good general range for drying is between 60-75°F. However, even though keeping the temperature lower helps prevent terpenes from burning off, the range between 60-70°F is perfect for mold. Because of those factors, I recommend keeping your drying temperature around 70°F if possible.
  • Try to maintain

50% humidity while drying. In the space where buds are drying, you’d like about 50% RH. Humidity that is 40% and lower tends to dry out buds too fast. Humidity that is 60% or higher makes it much more likely you’ll get mold, and buds often take a very long time to dry.

  • Buds are dry when they snap off instead of bend. When buds feel completely dry and pop off their stems without leaving strings behind, they are done drying and ready to put in jars. At this point, the small stems on the branches will snap, but the bigger ones may still bend without snapping (bending means there is still water contained inside).
  • Curing Your Buds in Jars – Read the Full Curing Tutorial

    The curing process may seem unnecessary if you’ve never done it before, but it is going to significantly improve the taste, smell and overall smoothness of your buds. You simply cannot skip the curing process and get cannabis that lives up to its potential.

    There are chemical processes that happen in the buds themselves during the curing process that drastically changes their scent. These processes also increase the perceived potency of buds and many find the mental/body effects of buds to be much stronger and/or more pleasant after buds have been cured.

    • Put buds in jars. Place your newly dried and separated buds in quart-sized mason jars as this is the beginning of the “curing” process. Fill jars 80% full of buds and close them up.
    • Watch out for rising humidity levels! If you’ve dried your buds slowly and put them in the jars at the right time, the overall humidity in the jar is going to rise over time as the moisture from inside the buds works its way to the outside. If buds ever feel moist or are sticking together in the jar, it means there’s too much water contained inside and the jar should be left open for a few minutes to an hour to help dry things out. If this happens to you, check on buds frequently until the humidity has stabilized. Buds should always feel completely dry.

    If you’re interested in closely monitoring your humidity during the curing process, I like the Caliber IV hygrometer, which is small enough to fit in your curing jars and can be found online for cheap. A hygrometer is more of a luxury than a necessity, though it will take out a lot of the guesswork. In this pic, the Caliber IV hygrometers display both the temperature and the relative humidity in each curing jar.

    • At first, open the jars daily to let in air and check on buds. If using a hygrometer you want to keep the RH around 60-65% in the jars. For those who don’t want to monitor the humidity closely you can get specialized “humidipacks” that are designed for curing cannabis. These automatically maintain the humidity around 62%, which is perfect for curing!

    Boveda 62 humidipacks automatically maintain the humidity in jars around 62% RH for you during the curing process

    • Open jars less often after 1-2 weeks of checking daily. As long as buds have stabilized and never feel wet when you check on them, you can start opening the jars less often. You leave jars closed for a few days at first, then a week, etc.
    • Buds are considered “done” curing after 2-4 weeks, though many growers agree that bud quality and smell will continue to improve for several months of curing.
    • Again, it’s normal for buds to smell like hay at first. When you first put buds in the jars, they’re going to smell a little “green” like grass or hay. They will have lost a lot of their “cannabis” smell that was assaulting your nose in the flowering stage 🙂 This is completely normal and your cannabis smell will come back over the first several days to weeks of curing.
    • Watch out for the smell of ammonia or an unpleasant “funk.” Whenever you open your jars and take a little whiff, watch out for the smell of ammonia or a bad “funky” kind of scent. That could mean that extra moisture in the jar is causing anaerobic bacteria to grow when it’s sealed up. If you smell something that doesn’t seem right, keep the lids off your jars for an hour to help buds dry out a bit, and check again tomorrow to make sure the smell has cleared up.

    How Can I Create Flavored Marijuana? “How do I flavor weed?” is a common question by new growers. While I truly believe that the best marijuana flavor is achieved from a properly cured bud, the


    dab bowl piece for bong

    How to Use a Bong as a Dab Rig

    If you’re just starting out dabbing, you may not know what to look for in a dab rig. Furthermore, you may not want to go and spend your money on a dab rig if you’re not sure you will like it. But. News Flash: YOU WILL! However, for these common reasons, we are going to give you a quick guide on how to use your bong as a dab rig. Now, if you are just learning about dabbing and don’t want to buy another pipe, we have a few suggestions. Some bongs will be more adaptable to becoming a dab rig. And, there are a few essential accessories you will need to convert it.

    Choosing the Right Bong to Make into a Dab Rig

    1. Size DOES Matter
      But really, it does. Bong aficionados will say “the bigger the better!” However, larger bongs are not good for dabbing. We don’t recommend using anything over 15”.
    2. Themed/Novelty Bongs
      While these are fun for chilling with friends in your bud cave, they will not do so well as a dab rig. The joint angle size probably won’t be right and the wacky designs will probably get in the way. The same is true for animal pipes. The shapes get in the way of the banger and dab nail.
    3. Bong Shape
      A beaker bong with a straight tube is probably your best bet. The simple structure and the removable downstem make it easy to adapt into a dab rig.
    4. Percolators
      Percs in bongs are OK, but you want them to be small and simple. Bongs with multiple percolators or complex systems are good for cooling the smoke and providing extra filtration. However, too many percs will filter out the sweet taste of concentrates and decrease potency.

    What You Need to use a Bong as a Dab Rig

    Quartz Banger Nail

    A quartz banger is used in place of the bowl piece of a bong. Another option would be a titanium banger. Since your bong is likely to be glass, a quartz banger will look better than its metal counterpart. The choice is up to your preference, though!

    18mm Male to 14mm Male Glass Adapter

    Adapter (sometimes)

    Depending on the size of your downstem and your banger, you may need an adapter. You can figure out what size banger you need for your bong prior to buying it. But, if you have these on hand already, you may just need the right adapter to connect the pieces.

    Dabber Tool

    Toker Supply has a ton of options for choosing a dabber. The dabber is used to take a small amount of the concentrate and place it on the heated banger. These come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. But, the choice purely up to preference! Some dabber tools have extra features. Some have a scooper at one end for extracting the concentrate. Others (like the one pictured here) have a carb cap on the end, which helps you get the most out of your concentrates.

    Carb Cap

    Of course, you can dab without a carb cap. However, you don’t want to dab without a carb cap. Carb caps are these small magical items that ensure efficient dabbing. There’s a ton of styles and options to choose from. Novelty or themed carb caps are our personal favorites. Carb caps like the Rubber Ducky are a good juxtaposition to the simplicity of most dab rigs.


    The last thing you will need is a torch, which is a must! Gas station lighters will not work, so don’t even try. Proper heating your dabber needs to come from a powerful heat source. Otherwise, the dabber will not be hot enough to take a proper dab. You will only waste your concentrates!

    Should You Use a Bong as a Dab Rig?

    Turning a bong into a dab rig is fine for a short term solution. It’s always best to buy a separate dab rig, so you keep your dry herbs and oils separate.

    The main reason is for cleanliness purposes. The reclaim from dabs is easy to clean. However, the reclaim from dry herbs like resin and charred particles are hard to clean and will change the flavor of concentrates. Some people are diligent enough to thoroughly clean their pipe after every use. But let’s be real. ain’t nobody got time for that. Therefore, having a dedicated dab rig is the way to go!

    Some bongs will be more adaptable to becoming a dab rig. And, there are a few essential accessories you will need to convert it.


    how to get rid of pot smell

    How to Get Rid of Weed Smell

    Last Updated: November 18, 2020 References

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    You just smoked and now everything smells like weed—don’t panic! This article includes a variety of tried-and-true methods you can use to get rid of weed smell so you don’t give yourself away. Plus you’ll find tips on preventing weed smell in the first place the next time you smoke and storing your weed so it doesn’t stink up your room. Now you can smoke in peace!

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    About This Article

    To get rid of weed smell, first open up your windows to get some fresh air circulating. Turn on any ceiling fans and set up a box fan so it’s blowing air out of an open window if you have one. Light some scented candles or incense to help cover up the smell. You can also try spraying an air freshener throughout the room you smoked in, and wiping down hard surfaces with a strongly-scented cleaner. Don’t forget to brush your teeth or rinse with mouthwash so your breath doesn’t smell. To prevent weed smell the next time you smoke, stuff dryer sheets into an empty toilet paper roll and secure a dryer sheet over one end using a rubber band. Blow smoke through the open end of the roll to mask the smell. For tips on how to prevent the smell of weed from developing, read on!

    You just smoked and now everything smells like weed—don't panic! This article includes a variety of tried-and-true methods you can use to get rid of weed smell so you don't give yourself away. Plus you'll find tips on preventing weed smell…


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