mix and match bong

Blaze Glass Mix and Match

If you like switching things up and about, then the mix and match system will be ideal for your neuroticism.

Mix and match pieces include:

Glass Beaker Base for 7mm Bong

Part of the Pipe Builder’s Kit, this glass Glass Beaker Base for 7mm Bong with Diffusion Chamber can be used with any tube from the mix and match series. It is made, of course, with high quality borosilicate glass. Inside contains a slitted diffusion chamber. It has a reinforced 18.8mm bi-stable joint at the front and 45mm glass joint at the top for a tube.

Buy The Glass Beaker Base for 7mm Bong with Diffusion Chamber

Mix and Match 8-arm Perc Base

The Mix and Match 8-Arm Percolator Base has an extra wide cylinder base for stable footing. This base holds a slitted tree percolator with 8 arms. Like the gflass beaker, it has a 45mm top joint and an 18.8mm front joint.

Buy The Mix and Match 8-arm Perc Base

Mix and Match Glass Slide Bowl

The Mix and Match slide bowl can be used with any water pipe that has an 18.8mm glass-on-glass joint. As with all Blaze Glass, it is made from high quality thick borosilicate glass.

Buy The Mix and Match Glass Slide Bowl

Liquid Cooling Spiral Tube

The liquid cooling spiral tube is 50mm in diameter and 35cmm in length, It can be used with any base that has a 45mm glass-on-glass joint. It has a unique cooling chamber which is pre filled with non-freezing liquid. You can replace this liquid with any non-freezing liquid. The tube should be replaced in the freezer before use so you can encase your smoke in freezing cold liquid for an icy smooth smoke.

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The Blaze Glass Mix and Match allows you to customize your bong how ever you like! Choose from a range of different bong parts and accessories and get the best from your smoking experience.

Mix & Match Bongs

Not happy with the bongs on the market? Need that special bong just for your needs? Try our mix and match bongs. Create your own personally styled bong and mix and match it so that it becomes your very own personal bong.
The mix and match bongs category contains lots of parts to build that unique bong nobody has in stock. Mix and match bongs are gaining much popularity nowadays because of their customizing nature.
For example compose your own bong by buying your Percolator, Water Chamber and glass bowl right here at our online shop. All parts are made from the same quality glass and are definitely worth the money !
Don’t forget to order the additional Bong Clips with your Mix & Match parts, these clips will hold your bong firmly together so the parts won’t come off while moving your bong.

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