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Glass bowls 18.8mm

Glass bowls, 18.8mm are parts of water bongs where you put the smoking substances. All made from durable and health safe Pyrex glass. Most of our glass on glass bowls with joint size have a little handle for easier manipulation. Glass bowls are quite deep and come in all different shapes, colors and designs. These replacement glass bowls are intended for glass on glass bongs only.

Boost your bong with a new glass bowl with 18.8mm joint size

Glass bowls are made in lots of different designs so they can boost your plain bong and give it new look. We have some classic shapes and elegant designs, but also offer some funny bowls like Bart Simpson head or cobra head.

Replacement glass bong bowls fixed with a stem

We also offer spare bowls which are fixed with a stem, made as one piece and that is designated for the majority of cheap glass bongs.

Bowl slides 16mm

Bowl slides for bongs with 16mm joint size are spare parts for cheap glass bongs. All replacement bong slides come as one piece, which means that the bowl is fixed with the stem. Bowl slides 16mm are made only as glass on glass and not with a rubber grommet. The stem can end either with one hole or have few small holes at the end. The stem ended with few small holes is called a diffuser.

Important parameters of 16mm joint size bowl slides

Replacement bong slides 16mm are made from the pure Simax glass. Its only up to you, which bowl you get for your water bong unless the length and joint size meets your requirements. You need to know the lenght of the stem /measured from the bottom of the milk white part/ and the joint size.

Cleaning the bowl slides for bongs

It is important to clean your glass bong regularly so you can enjoy nice smooth smoking. Our special thin pipe cleaners will help you, or you can use also the cleaning pipe liquids.

Bowl slides 14.5mm

Bowl slides, 14.5mm are spare parts for glass on glass bongs with joint size 14.5mm. All replacement bong slides come as one piece, which means that the bowl is fixed with the stem. The stem can end either with one hole or have few small holes at the end. The stem ended with few small holes is called diffuser. Almost all bowl slides are equipped with a small handle for better manipulation.

Important parameters of replacement bong slides

Replacement bong slides 14.5mm are made from the pure Pyrex glass and might be also silver or gold fumed, so you can see the slow color changing effect. Its only up to you, which bowl you get for your water bong unless the length and joint size meets your requirements.

Cheap glass bowl slides with 14.5mm joint

The cheapest spare bowl and downstem in this category fits in few different glass on glass bongs made from laboratory glass.

Rubber grommet bowls

Rubber grommet bowls are spare parts mainly intended for rubber grommet bongs with a carb hole. As the title says, the main feature is a rubber grommet, which tightens the bowl with the bong. Rubber grommet bowls are made as one piece, so the bowl is fixed with the stem. All our rubber grommet bowls fit into our water bongs, but can be surely used with any other bongs.

Rubber grommet replacement bowls for glass bongs

All our products are made from durable Pyrex glass by our handy glassblowers. We offer really wide selection of all assorted colors, shapes and designs. Before buying one of our rubber grommet bongs it is very important to know the joint size and the stem length. Rubber grommet bowls from our online smoke shop come in two diameters – 9mm or 14.5mm. It is also possible to buy pack of 3 spare rubber grommets.

Handling a downstem in rubber fitting

It is good to lubricate the rubber with silicone oil occasionally to preserve flexibility and ensure that the stem will be easily detachable. Be careful when pulling the downstem out of a rubber grommet bong, use a screw motion and pull. Bear in mind that it is glass, quite fragile material.

Oil domes

Oil dome is an accessory for a water bongs that allows using smoking concentrates. Made of borosillicate Pyrex glass in our carft shop. Oil domes fit in the bigger thick glass on glass bongs with a joint size 18.8mm. Its a very good attachable spare part for all those, who changes the smoking dry substances from time to time to the liquids. Another experience for real smokers!

Description of the Oil domes for bongs

Oil domes for bongs normally consists of three parts. One is required for reduction glass joint from female to male end. The second is so-called nail, that looks like a small stick with flat round end which has to be placed inside the dome. The third part is a dome that covers the nail flat end. The dome has a female glass joint so it can be easily placed and cover the inside vaporizer stick. Dome has one larger hole, smoking material is inserted through the hole to the hot end of the glass stick inside.

Glass Oil domes for sale online

Glass oil domes for sale in our online smoke shop come in two different sizes so you can choose the right one for you. The stem part is ended with few little holes, so called diffuser. Diffuser provides smoother and more pleasurable hits. Bowl has a small handle for easier use.


Precoolers/ashcatchers are extra chambers intended for glass on glass bongs. They consist of two pieces. The first is a classic one piece glass on glass bowl ended with a diffuser and the second is an extra chamber, which can be added to the bong. The main advantage of having a precooler is that it cools the smoke and provides better filtration, therefore you can enjoy smoother smoking experience.

Precoolers/aschcatchers for bongs with great features

Our online smoke shop offers glass precoolers in different shapes and designs. It is possible to get either simple one in pure glass or silver fumed piece, if you want unique color changing glass. All precoolers have a small handle for easier manipulation and some of them have also a diffuser at the end of the stem.

Why to own glass precoolers?

As the name indicates precoolers cool the water in extra chamber even more. It also catches the ash so the water in the water bong is cleaner (that is why we call them also ashcatchers), the smoke is cooler and the hit is much smoother. Made of hard borosillicate Pyrex glass.


Downstems for glass bongs are the female parts of the sliders. Made from strong, heat-resistant and absolutely health safe Pyrex glass. These replacement downstems fit into the glass on glass bongs with a joint size 18.8mm and are compatible with our glass on glass bowls and bongs. They come in three different lengths and all stems are ended with few small holes called diffuser.

All about downstems for glass bongs called diffusers

Diffuser is a glass stem with few small holes at the end. These holes break up your pull into lots of bubbles that cool and filtrate the smoke. The water bong with a diffuser stem is also more quiter.

Replacement downstems for cheaper laboratory bongs shaped as spiral

We also offer two spare spirals for the cheap glass bongs made from laboratory glass. These spirals have really unique design. They come as two pieces set together with a small glass on glass bowl.

Bowl slides 12 mm

Bowl slides 12 mm are the smallest glass on glass slides from our offer. Our online smoking shop sells this bowl slides 12 mm especially for our three laboratory glass cheap bongs – Mini Lab Glass Bong Mushrooms, Mini Lab Glass Bong Rasta and Mini Lab Glass Bong Amsterdam. They surely fit in any other mini bongs with the same joint size 12 mm, but be aware that important is not only the joint size but also the lenght.

Main features of the bowl slides 12 mm

Bowl slides 12 mm are made from laboratory Simax glass, that is also very strong and durable. Bowl slides 12 mm are made only as glass on glass, not sealed with the rubber grommet. All bowl slides 12 mm end with a simple hole. As they are too small, they can not end with a diffuser.

How to clean the bowl slides 12mm

To enjoy nice smooth smoking, it is important to clean all parts of your smoking device after each use. We recommend to use our set of 5 Pipe Cleaners that are intended especially for the slides. Their lenght and shape will reach in very narrow spaces so they are just perfect.

Quartz bangers

Quartz bangers for oil rigs are special bowls for oil bongs/dab rigs, made of very hard borosilicate glass that is absolutely health safe and heat resistant. Quartz bangers for oil rigs are neccessary for all smokers who prefer dabbing concentrates to smoking dry herbs. Quartz bangers can be used instead of classic oil domes. All smokers can enjoy fresh taste that comes with dabbing.

Quartz bangers for oil bongs in two different sizes

Quartz bangers for oil bongs sold in our online smoke shop are made in two different joint sizes. The most used 18.8 mm and also popular, smaller 14.5 mm. Quartz bangers for oil rigs come only as glass on glass and are compatible with our spare oil dome stems, ended with a diffuser. 2mm thickness ensures fast heating up, but still holding the temperature in the low zone.

Cleaning up quartz bangers for oil rigs

As any other smoking device, also quartz bangers for oil rigs need to be cleaned regularly so you can enjoy nice dabbing. As the oils become solid at lower temperature, we recommend to clean it after each use once the quartz banger for oil bongs is not too hot,but only warm. You can finish the cleaning with our special liquid cleaners.

Carb caps

Carb caps are special accessories used with a quartz bangers for oil rigs. It is basically a carb hole for your dab rig. Although it is not necessary, it is recommended as it will ensure great smooth dabbing at lower temperature. Carb caps for bangers have a small hole on both sides. These holes ensure to restrict airflow in the centre of the cap. Other important function of carb caps is heat retention. Get the most of dabbing with carb caps for bangers and enjoy flavorful dabbing.

Characteristic of carb caps

Our online smoke shop offers two types of carb caps for bangers. One bigger carb cap hand blown of pure glass – ball carb cap and a smaller color one – “ufo” carb cap. Carb caps are made of very hard borosilicate Pyrex glass and fit nicely in the quartz bangers for oil bongs, which can perfectly upgrade your dab rig.

How to use carb caps

The main purpose of using a carb cap is to low temperature. Do not put the carb cap on the quartz banger before or within heating it up. Firstly heat the quartz banger filled with oil and heat it underneath with a butane torch. Once the quartz banger is hot enough, start to inhale and put the carb cap on.

Our online smoke shop offers wide selection of all different spare parts for glass bongs and bubblers – bowls, downstems, precoolers and oil domes. 100% hand blown, Pyrex glass, good prices.

Downstem Size Guide – Tips on How to Measure The Downstem of a Bong

What is a Downstem?

A downstem is the long tubular piece of glass that connects your bowl piece to the main water chamber of your bong. Creating an airtight seal between the glass pieces, it facilitates suction pressure that’s required to pull the smoke from your bowl piece down into the water chamber as you inhale. Without it, your smoke would simply climb through your piece without first passing through the water.

These glass pieces can be removable or fixed to the piece. Fixed downstems are built right into your piece and connect to your percolator. While it’s one less piece to worry about, if broken, you can’t easily replace them like you can with detached downstems.

Measuring for a Downstem

When buying a new downstem, you’ll need to know two things: Joint Size and Length . These are the two standard measurements that headshops use when selling. Downstem sizes come the same way joint sizes do, in the standard sizes of 14mm, 18mm, and the less common 10mm for mini rigs. If you need to figure out your joint size, check out our easy guide here. All you’ll need is a penny and you can find your joint size in seconds.

To determine the length you’ll need, we recommend using the pencil method. Simply grab a pencil or pen, your bong, and a ruler of some sort and you’re ready. The length of the downstem is measured from the bottom of the frosted joint to the bottom of the stem like photographed below. Usually the bong’s joint will also be frosted to help you more easily determine where to start measuring.

Once the pencil is down far enough into the water chamber, remove it carefully and measure the length you’ll need with a ruler.

Types of Downstems

There are several types of downstem beyond your basic natural downstem. The same way that bongs have percs, some downstems, referred to as diffused downstems, have the ability to help break up your smoke. Some may have tiny slits the way that a tree perc does whole others have holes like a honeycomb perc. While they all serve the same purpose, to help your smoke travel

Downstems can also work as adapters! You most often see this in 18mm pipes that come with a 14mm/18mm Low Profile Downstem, meaning that it fits into an 18mm joint, but uses a 14mm bowl piece or slide. 14mm is the most common size of bowl piece, so unless you have a specific 18mm slide that you’re really attached to, we recommend getting the LoPro downstem.

Learn which downstem size is right for your bong. We put together a helpful little guide to help you measure the length of your downstem and figure out which joint size to get. Downstem sizes can be a bit tricky at first, but with the help of this guide you will be an expert in no time! ]]>