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MicroG Pen: Where to Get It, How to Use It & What to Expect

Nugg Team | March 22, 2016 | 1 Comment

This post takes you behind-the-scenes for an in-depth Grenco Science MicroG Pen review. Learn everything you need to know about this vape pen so you can determine if it’s the right vape for you.

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Behind the Brand: Grenco Science

Until the advent of cannabis concentrates, choosing a marijuana vaporizer was tricky. Lower-end vaporizers were generally prone to breaking, and high-end vaporizers, while effective, were often bulky and expensive, and were often confined to a room with a spare outlet.

Once concentrates caught on with cannabis enthusiasts, demand for an easy way to smoke this potent but demanding form of marijuana was quickly met with the popularization of the vaporizer pen (or more commonly, “vape pen”).

Inspired by the sleek design of e-cigarettes, vape pens are meant to be equally discreet and effective. While vape pens have reached such a level of popularity that some have been optimized for vaporizing ground herb, they are traditionally designed exclusively for use with concentrates, most popular amongst which are oil, wax and shatter . These concentrates are often found in liquid-THC form, and packed in small cartridges, some of which are interchangeable among the different vaporizer brands.

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And trust us, there are many brands, most of which have become successful at creating minimal and effective vape pen products. However, no company has become synonymous with the vape pen trend as much as Grenco Science. Though that name may not ring a bell to some smokers, anyone with a current knowledge of marijuana is familiar with their flagship product, the G Pen.

The G Pen has become a success due to a winning combination of great looks, brand ubiquity, and affordability (not to mention it was one of the first vape pens available). Though it has its fair share of rivals, it has more or less set a standard against which other vape pens are compared.

Since reaching this level of success, Grenco Science has released a few counterparts to the classic G Pen. One of these is the microG Pen, designed as a smaller alternative to their classic design. Those looking for a small and discreet vape pen should consider the Micro G Pen, though a number of caveats should be considered first.

The MicroG Pen: a Rundown

E ven for those unfamiliar with how the G Pen, or vape pens in general tend to work, use of the microG Pen is pretty straightforward. Of course, you have to have your own concentrates first, so if you aren’t fully-stocked, head over to Nugg’s website and order delivery from a cannabis dispensary near you that carries concentrates.

How to Load the MicroG Pen with Oil, Wax

To load the microG Pen with either oil or wax, use either the branded metal tool contained in the microG Pen kit, or your own tool with a curved metal tip, to grab a small amount of your concentrate.

Then, use the tool to place your concentrate into the metal chamber, located underneath the removable mouthpiece (which screws off). Make sure your tool is making contact with the lower portion of the chamber (on and around the coil), as that’s the part that tends to get hottest. Just be careful not to be too forceful with the coil itself, as it’s pretty delicate and can be dislodged with too much pressure.

How to Use the MicroG Pen

The microG Pen can be turned on or off by pressing the button located at its center five times. To activate the heating element located beneath the metal chamber, hold down the button for up to 15 seconds. At 15 seconds, the button will blink, deactivating the heating element, requiring a pause before it can be reheat, which prevents overheating.

By holding down the button, you activate the pen to work by drawing air through the holes located on the pen’s silver band, past the coils, and over your oil on the screen. When the oil heats up, it melts down through the screen and onto the heating coils, vaporizing it.

Hint: hold down the button for 5 to 10 seconds before taking your first inhale. It will allow your oil time to heat up, which packs a larger hit since the oil melts down onto the coil instead of sitting on the screen above it. By this token, the third and fourth hits are often best.

How to Charge the MicroG Pen

Charging is as easy as inserting the included charging cable into the microG Pen itself, and then plugging it via USB into a computer, or into a wall outlet via an included adapter. Once the red light on your microG turns off, it’s charged and ready for use.

Also included in the kit, which retails online for $69.95, are three additional metal chambers (also referred to as “tanks), five sleeves that fit over the mouthpiece to keep the pen protected while transporting it, two round glass containers, and three cotton swabs pre-loaded with isopropyl alcohol for cleaning.

The Good & the Bad

The biggest selling point of the microG Pen is its portability. Not only is it small and easy to carry in a pocket, but Grenco Science recognizes the importance of portability to buyers, and includes protective mouthpiece covers specifically to protect the pen while in your purse, pocket, backpack, or whatever other dark-space it’s hiding in.

Additionally, one of the biggest selling points of Grenco Science’s line of products, including the microG Pen, is an unrivaled aesthetic design. Though this may not be a concern at all to some, for anyone who would like their vape pen to be both portable and cool-looking, the microG Pen is a strong choice. Foregoing the metal sheen most often seen on vape pen products, the microG Pen is given a softer and easier to grip matte black finish.

Some users, however, have reported a build-up of old wax that’s very hard to clean from the metal chamber. Parts of this get vaporized with each successive use, however they only contribute to making the smoke harsher. You’re essentially smoking oil-reclaim at this point, which sounds nicer than it is.

Additionally, some users have reported that the pen has a tendency to disassemble itself when carried in a pocket. Considering that portability is one of the biggest advantages to its smaller size, this may be a detriment to those without other means to transport it.

Grenco Science offers a customer service line for product owners experiencing issues with their pen, however some users have reported a failure by Grenco Science to follow through on shipping the new parts they promised. Some have reported needing to get in touch with Grenco’s customer support up to 12 times before their issue was finally addressed, which is unacceptable in today’s age of customer-comes-first mentality.

Its battery life is also less than ideal. For most habitual users, the battery will last between one and three days. It then takes about an hour and a half to charge. While charging is as easy as plugging it into a computer or wall outlet, this may not be feasible in a public place where discreteness is also a factor, so be wary of short battery life if you’re someone who travels often, since it could get in the way of an otherwise good experience.

Hint: reduce battery-life pains by keeping your two batteries on alternating charge schedules.

Customer Testimonials

“For the stealthy and ease of use it is nice, but I will be honest, if you pack it up big a couple times it gets clogged, but in general nice vape pen.” —Beth K.

“The coil in it breaks after a couple weeks and needs to be replaced.” The site admin replied: “I have not had this issue before. I have owned my Micro G Pen for over 6 months now. My coil has lasted. I think it’s all how you clean your vape pen. I just use alcohol and let it sit for 5 mins and it’s as good as new.” Dave

“Great Pen, very sleek and satisfying. Small and it packs just what’s needed, easy to use! What more can any of us ask for. Sincerely, a very satisfied Micro G Pen customer… I am giving it 8-9 out of 10.” Anonymous

What to Know Before Buying a MicroG Pen

  1. Beware of counterfeit merchandise! Due to its recognizable brand, and scarcer information available on medical marijuana-related products, some scammers sell knock-off Grenco Science products for prices that are too good to be true. If you’re buying from a website, make sure you know it’s reputable.
  2. The coil in the microG Pen will last, on average, six to eight weeks. Replacements will cost $15
  3. The microG Pen is NOT intended for use with thicker concentrates. Though it may work, the lifespan of the coil may be impacted if used to vaporize thicker waxes.
  4. If the light on the pen flashes three times, there’s a problem in communication between the battery and the coil. This may indicate a problem with one of these two components.

Should I Buy the MicroG Pen?

Those looking for a pen that’s easy to transport that looks great should consider the microG Pen. While users have had mixed results with Grenco Science’s customer service and functionality itself, parts are under warranty, and can be replaced.

However, small and well-reviewed vape pens that may be easier to use at both higher and lower price points are also on the market, so prospective buyers should do some research first to find the vape pen that’s right for them.

Where to Buy the MicroG Pen

While we love sharing awesome content on our blog to help cannabis patients better understand the plant they love, and the products that help them enjoy it (like the microG vaporizer pen) we’re also pioneering the way for easy, quick, and professional cannabis delivery.

Nugg lets you find and order delivery online from local cannabis dispensaries in more than 60 California cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Think of it like GrubHub for cannabis. It’s free to use, every order is backed by 24/7 Customer Service, and you can choose from thousands of marijuana products across hundreds of dispensary menus.

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Roy Mason

I first purchased a G pen Pro upon the advice of some friends, sounded great, get results w/o smell or bad taste, who doesn’t want that? Well I tried it many times (wasted a lot of very expense tobacco) to find it proved useless, no matter what I did I never felt like I was getting any results, because I wasn’t. I figured I got a bad unit, I then purchased the G pen Elite with it you can vary the temp and have more control over the process. After wasting that much more herb, I determined, at least for my wife and I that even though this is a great idea it actually doesn’t work at all . I even went so far as to remove the so called spent herb and put it in a pipe and guess what the pipe actually worked something I already knew but just wanted to see if it was just in my mind. All I can say if you are having good results bravo I’m glad some of you are getting results, my question is are your results just the placebo effect in action. Totally worthless product that is for those that have so much herb they don’t mind wasting it in order to look cool. I don’t care how I look I just want the pain to go away.

This in-depth Grenco Science MicroG Pen review offer instructions how to use it, how to load it, how to charge it, where to buy it, and more.

Snoop Dogg G & Micro G: Pros & Cons

Grenco Science is known for developing innovative models, and for collaborating with celebrities and fashion designers to make vape pens that are unique and stylish. The Snoop Dog Micro G is one of the latest Grenco Science collaborations, and is a mini dry herb vape pen meant for aromatic blends. Read our complete Grenco Science vaporizer review to find out what’s great and what’s not about this model for dry herbs.

  • Very inexpensive vapor pen
  • Ultra compact vapor pen that’s easy to carry
  • Simple to load and to use
  • Cool blue and silver design created by Snoop Dogg

  • Not a true vaporizer; combusts herbs and has poor vapor quality
  • Smaller capacity than other herbal vape pen models due to its size

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Basics of the Snoop Dogg G Models

Price – the price of the Snoop Dogg Micro G is very affordable. You can typically purchase the vape pen for less than $80, making it one of the least expensive models on the market today.

Vapor Quality – this Grenco Science vape is a conduction vaporizer, in which the heating coil comes in direct contact with your aromatic blends. This proves to be problematic in the Micro G. The high temperature of the heating coil tends to burn herbs rather than vaporizing them, so you are inhaling smoke rather than vapor. The vapor quality with the vapor pen is low, making it really only a great choice for those who need a very inexpensive model, or who want to smoke with a device that looks like a vapor pen.

Guarantee – the Micro G has a 1-year warranty on the battery, which is about what you would expect for a dry herb vaporizer pen of this price.

Prep Time – the Grenco Science unit is very easy to fill and heats up fast due to its conduction vaporizer heating system. You can load it and start vaping in just a few seconds.

Portability – another area where the Snoop Dogg microG excels is portability. The device is much smaller than many other herbal vaporizer pens, so you can definitely carry it in your pocket or in a bag without any worry.

Ease of Use – anyone can use the Snoop Dogg microG easily. There is only one button featured in the design, and the model does not have any major draw resistance to get in the way of vaping.

Heating and Temperature Regulators – there is only one temperature setting for this device. As previously explained, the temperature of this vaporizer for sale is hot enough to cause combustion rather than vaporization.

Power Supply – with this Grenco Science vape, you receive a high quality lithium ion battery that lasts through about 2 hours of continuous use. This is better than or the same as most vape pens available for this price.

The Snoop Dogg microG has a major problem with vapor quality due to its conduction design, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t benefit many users. People who take only a few draws from their device at a time may not experience combustion, and this model is also a possible choice for those who want a convenient, easy way to use on the go, and aren’t concerned about smoke. You can learn more about the G Pen collection here on the product’s home page at

Snoop Dogg has long been associated with the vaping lifestyle, so when Grenco Science wanted to design a new vape pen lineup unlike anything else on the market today, they knew who to turn to. The Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal is the result of their collaboration. The G Pen by Snoop Dogg is a herbal vaporizer pen made for all types of aromatic blends. The best G pen for anyone who wants a stylish vape which is built to meet the high standards of Snoop Dogg himself, so you can be certain you’ll be satisfied with its design.

What is a Vape Pen?

A vape pen is a portable vaporizer that is designed to be compact and easy to use on the go. Shaped like a writing pen, vapor pens are used to heat a material until it becomes hot enough to release the active compounds inside of it in the form of vapor that you can draw. It’s cleaner than traditional smoke and contains a higher concentration of active ingredients. G Pen model, produced through the collaboration with Snoop Dogg, features one-button operation, so it’s very easy to use. First, you fill quality ceramic tank with your material. Then, you press the power button and hold it down. The battery supplies power to the state-of-the-art heating element, making it a Conduction Vaporizer, which in turn heats up your material and releases the vapor within 5 seconds. While you hold the button down, you just draw through the mouthpiece. After you’ve finished vaping, press the button 5 times to lock the battery for safety, and when you’re ready to vape again, push it 5 more times to unlock.

Snoop Dogg G Pen vs the Snoop Dogg Micro G Pen

While the Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal and the Micro G Herbal are made from the same types of top quality parts and are used the exact same way, there are some major differences between them. The biggest difference is that the G Pen Herbal is larger in size, at 5.25 inches in length, versus the 4-inch length of the G Pen Micro. The reduction in size made the Micro more compact and easier to carry in your pocket. Because the G Pen micro is smaller, and is still a Conduction Vaporizer, it does have a smaller capacity, so you’ll need to refill it more frequently. The batteries also differ between the two models. The Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal has a 9000 mAh lithium ion battery, while the Snoop Dogg G Pen Micro has a 4500 mAh lithium ion battery. This means that the full-size G Pen can go for longer between charging than the Micro. Because the G Pen is better then the Micro G, the Micro G Pen by Snoop Dogg has been discontinued.

Why you’ll Love the Snoop Dogg G Pen

There is truly a lot to love about the Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal. The vaporizer pen features an exclusive blue finish with a map of Long Beach, Snoop Dogg’s home town, engraved on the front. The parts are of the highest possible quality, so each pen carries a 1 year warranty to ensure your satisfaction. The devices have LED indicator lights that allow you to easily monitor progress during charging, and come with USB chargers and wall adapters, to give you flexibility as to how you charge.

The G Pen Snoop Dogg Herbal Vaporizer was crafted with simplicity in mind. Grenco Science used as few parts as possible to make the dry herb G Pen as easier to clean and maintain. The parts that the G Pen vaporizer does include are all of true luxury quality. A scientifically hardened glass sleeve ensures vapor purity and is strong enough to resist wear and tear. The nickel aluminum alloy skillet heating element is so powerful that the chamber reaches working temperature in just 2 seconds. Completing the design are the ceramic crucible and fiberglass wick, which keep contaminants out of your materials and offer unparalleled resistance to wear and tear.

In dry herb vaporizer reviews, the size of the Snoop Dogg G Pen is frequently praised. The device is just 5.25 inches long and measures only 0.5 inch in diameter. Weighing only 0.09 pounds, the vape pen can be slipped right into your pocket and carried wherever you go.

Quality is Assured

With the G Pen by Snoop Dogg, you can be sure that your herbal vaporizer will only engage when you’re ready. That’s because it features a 5-click safety mechanism that prevents accidental firing and the burns and damage that can come with it. Until you push the activation button five times in a row, the G Pen battery cannot be engaged. Once you have pushed the button appropriately, the battery will unlock, and the LED indicator light will flash three times. After vaping, push the button five more times, and you can lock up the battery to ensure safety.

The G Pen by Snoop Dogg features a top-of-the-line 900 mAh lithium ion battery that is optimized for use. The battery is capable of powering the vape pen through multiple uses, and when the battery needs recharged the flashing LED light will let you know before you’re unable to vape. After the first three to four cycles, you can have the G Pen battery charged fully in just 1 hour. You’ll know it is charged when the indicator light changes from red to green.

With the Snoop Dogg G Pen Vaporizer, there are no screens to replace, so maintenance is incredibly simple. Grenco Science includes both a cleaning brush and cleaning tips as well as full instructions on how to clean your new G Pen. The Snoop Dogg herbal pen vaporizer is warrantied for 1 year.

Snoop Dogg Micro G Herbal Vape Pen by Grenco Science, is the original Micro G Pen vaporizer. Click Here for our Vape Review to see if this is the right fit! ]]>