mendo grinder

Mendo Mulcher

420EDC Offers a Single Choice in Grinders that we feel work best for the products we carry in aluminum. Mendo Mulcher was originally sold in raw aluminum and we have a limited supply of stunning anodized variants in six colors. Save a step on a 2 Piece and load your stems with a 3 Piece setup of any size as they are all similar in terms of thickness. “Grind It as you need it!” is our mantra for the best flavor and potency.

Accept No Imitations!

Locally owned and operated since 1998, the Mendo Mulcher has incredible grinding power that you can feel every time you use it. The strength and weight of the metal, combined with elegant precision makes the Mendo Mulcher the perfect grinding tool. The Mendo Mulcher provides you with the perfect mulch.

Twice the number of teeth over the competition

Magnetic lid keeps the grinder together

Grinding teeth curved to avoid sticking

Originally manufactured in Mendocino County, California, they are now produced in Shasta County.

Shown Above: 4-Piece 1.75″, 2.25″, 3″ 2-Piece 1.5″, 1.75″ DoubleThick GRIP, 2.25″ DoubleThick GRIP, 3″

Mendo Mulcher has been grinding cannabis flowers since 1998. ]]>