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Whether you’re looking for a heady gift or want to treat yourself to an elevated smoke break, here are the best cannabis accessories to pick up right now

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It’s almost 4/20, in April of 2020, which is more than enough reason to sit back, light up and celebrate.

The official pot smoking holiday — whose origins have been (incorrectly) linked to rock star death anniversaries, the police penal code, and the number of chemical compounds in the THC-rich plant — has grown from a small event on society’s fringes, to a nationally-recognized event.

Roughly 12% of adults smoke pot according to a recent poll conducted by Gallup, and 11 states have legalized it for recreational use. Many others have legalized it for medical use, and weed is currently totally prohibited in only three states. Reefer madness, it seems, is alive and well.

If you’re over the age of 21, and live in a state where weed is legal, you’ve probably got rolling papers, labeled jars, and a pocket-friendly herb grinder ready to go. There’s nothing wrong with the classics, but technology has evolved, and you can toke up more discretely and efficiently as ever. We’ve found 13 tools and accessories that can help you get high without turning your place into the set of Pineapple Express 2 (Seth, are you listening?)

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It goes without saying, but be sure to understand the potential health risks that come with smoking and vaping, and enjoy responsibly if you’re of age and in a place where it’s legal. Whether you’re looking for a heady gift or just want to treat yourself to an elevated smoke break, here’s what makes our cannabis list this year.

1. LEVO II Herbal Oil Infuser

Step away from the stove, LEVO’s second-generation oil and butter infuser takes all of the guesswork out of brownies (and more).

Place your herbs in its mesh, metal pod, and prepare them with the LEVO II’s dry and activation cycles. Once they’re ready, fill the machine’s reservoir with the oil or butter of your choice, and put the pod inside. Set the cook time and temperature with buttons on the front of the LEVO II, and let the machine take over the rest. When it’s ready, the LEVO II will dispense your infused liquids, which you can use in your favorite recipes.

If you’d like to monitor its progress from outside of the kitchen, you can connect the LEVO II to your WiFi network, and download the LEVO app (available on IOS and Android). Once you’re done cooking, remove the herb pod, silicone stirrer, and reservoir to clean. All three pieces are dishwasher-safe.

If you’ve been afraid to make your own edibles because you’re afraid of screwing up main ingredient, this is a set-it-and-forget-it solution.

LEVO II Herbal Oil Infuser, $199.99, available at Amazon and $249 on

2. HEIR Water Pipe

Made out of thick glass and a glazed ceramic material, Heir’s water pipe is a classier way to get high. What you get: a precision-made smoking accessory with a modern design.

The pipe passes smoke through a downward stem via an eight-slotted percolator, which diffuses smoke more evenly through the water and enhances filtration. A splash guard built into the bottom of the pipe keeps water from interrupting your hit.

The pipe has a tapered design that makes it easy to hold and tilt, and it was designed for easy cleanup. You can pour water directly through the grinder, and unscrew the top piece to reveal a storage space large enough for your lighter. The HEIR gives a much-needed makeover to one of the most popular smoking devices — no more makeshift hits here.

HEIR Water Pipe, $260, available at HEIR

3. Summerland Terracotta Bong

Summerland’s Pleasure Point Terracotta Bong is handmade in California. It’s made out of lead-free, food-safe glazed ceramic, and a silicon grommet, which the company says ensures clean hits every time. Prefer something a little more luxe? The company makes the same bong in a glossy white or “marble” finish too.

Pleasure Point Terracotta Bong, $224, available at Summerland

4. Ardent Nova FX

Described by Ardent as the “easy bake oven for cannabis,” the Nova FX is a portable, all-in-one solution for making edibles.

The Nova FX’s core function is decarboxylation, a process that heats cannabis up to a set temperature to “activate” the THC. As you can see in the picture above, you’re able to pour dry herb directly into the stainless steel cavity, and decarboxylate it in under two hours. Multiple sensors inside the Nova FX keep its temperature consistent to avoid scorching your pot.

Once that process is done, you can use the activated cannabis directly in your baked goods without infusing it into butter or oil. If you prefer using “enhanced” versions of those ingredients, you can also use the Nova FX as an infuser — add your activated cannabis into a bottle filled with butter or oil, place it into its stainless steel cavity, and hit the “infuse” button.

Finally, the Nova FX can also be used as an oven to actually bake single-serving edibles by combining the ingredients in a cupcake liner, and baking them. Having all three of these functions in a single device allows you to make high-potency edibles without taking up a lot of counter or shelf space. It’s an efficient way to maximize your pleasure without sacrificing any quality.

Nova FX, $350, available at Ardent

5. A Vegan, Gluten-Free Chocolate Edibles Kit

The best part of baking with pot (besides the end result), is getting to spend time in the kitchen. If you’re not an active home cook, Marijuana Group’s Chocolate Box is a fool-proof way to make tasty, good looking treats.

The kit comes with directions, dosing recommendations, enough ingredients for eight chocolates, THC extraction supplies, and a silicon cannabis leaf mold. All of the ingredients in this kit are vegan, gluten-free, and have low sugar content, so they’re a good choice for people with many common dietary restrictions.

You can only use the ingredients in this kit once, but the recipe and tools will allow you to make additional batches if you like the way they turned out.

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8 Must-Have Smoking Accessories

Common Marijuana Tools Every Stoner Needs

Fortunately there aren’t really any strenuous requirements or challenging procedures necessary in order to enjoy cannabis. That said, there are a few simple smoking accessories that can really enhance your cannabis experience. Below we’ve outlined some of the common tools every stoner should consider picking up.

1 – Grinder

A grinder is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about the best cannabis accessories. A grinder is typically a small canister with “teeth” that you twist to evenly grind up your flower. By grinding up your bud, you are creating more surface area that can burn resulting in a stronger high for you. If you are wondering how to get higher when smoking weed, you should consider getting a grinder.

2 – Rolling Machine

Although you can find a variety of high-quality pre-rolls available at your local Zips Cannabis pot shop, there is something to be said about rolling your own joints. A rolling machine is a simple device to help you easily and consistently roll a nice even joint. Whether you are trying to roll some joints for the first time or your a seasoned expert, a rolling machine will come always come in handy.

3 – Rolling Papers

If you are interested in rolling your own joints, you are going to have to pick up some rolling papers. Zips Cannabis always has some RAW rolling papers available to pick up. They’re cheap, high-quality, and pair nicely with every strain. A definite must have for every stoner!

4 – Odor Proof Bags

There’s no denying the smell of cannabis is strong, and trying to hide the smell of weed can be a tricky task. This pungent aroma can be particularly problematic when your trying to walk around in public. Fortunately these days there are several brands that now make stylish and practical odor proof bags that make transporting weed a lot easier! If you are looking for a backpack or practical commuter bag, check out Skunk Bags. Ladies, if you are interested in a stylish purse, be sure to give AnnaBis handbags a look!

5 – One Hitter Dugout

If you aren’t interested in a full bag, a dugout is a small wooden container with a space for only a lighter and one joint. They typically have a sliding top and almost look like a stylish, wooden cigarette box . A dugout is discreet and allows you to easily stash a joint in your pocket for later.

6 – Storage Containers

Along with an oder proof bag and dugout for carrying your weed in public, it’s important to have proper storage containers at home for keeping your weed fresh. Ball Mason Jars are an easy choice, and can be easily purchased at your local Target/Walmart or online on Amazon. There are plenty of more cannabis-focused storage containers as well. The Goodlife 3 Stack Jar from Cookies is an excellent way to keep your different strains organized. If you are looking for the best though, we suggest checking out the Cannador humidifier.

7 – Glass Piece Cleaning Solution

If you use a glass pipe or bong, it’s important to clean it on a regular basis. You can easily concoct a cleaning solution yourself with some rubbing alcohol and salt. If you use a glass piece a lot though, save yourself the effort and pick up some Formula 420 Original Cleaner. Having some cleaning solution on hand will help keep your pieces void of any gross build up.

8 – Nuggy Multi-Tool

Just like how the Swiss Army knife revolutionized the daily lives of soldiers, the cannabis-focused Nuggy 10-in-1 multi-tool will revolutionize your smoking experience. This little device is designed to assist in every little aspect of smoking pot. Some of the tools include a knife and tamper for helping to roll the perfect joint, a roach clip, a scraper and pick for your pipes and bongs, and even a small scooper for concentrates and extracts.

Shop Smoking Accessories at Zips Cannabis

Along with an extensive selection of flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, and edibles, Zips Cannabis stocks a variety of popular smoking accessories. Stop by Zips Cannabis today to see what we have in stock! Our budtenders will happily share with you their must-have cannabis tools as well!

8 Must-Have Smoking Accessories Common Marijuana Tools Every Stoner Needs Fortunately there aren’t really any strenuous requirements or challenging procedures necessary in order to enjoy