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Magical Butter Dream Machine

Everyone can be an accomplished cannabis cook with the Magical Butter Machine. The MBM extracts the cannabinoids from marijuana and infuses them directly into butters, oils, tinctures, salves, and topical skin care products — and that opens up a world of uses and benefits.

First of all, canna-butter is definitely the way to go when it comes to cooking with cannabis. Many of us can remember the sandy texture of pot brownies from our younger days; when the THC is infused into butter, texture is no longer an issue.

This microprocessor-controlled, high quality appliance comes with a comprehensive, reader-friendly manual, and extensive documentation and recipes online. The Magical Butter Machine was developed by Seattle entrepreneur Garyn Angel for a friend with Crohn’s disease who didn’t want to smoke weed, but had heard about the medical benefits of cannabis for people with his condition.

After a lot of experimentation, Garyn came up with the Magical Butter Machine. He calls it a “botanical extractor” because the current version, the MB 2, doesn’t just make canna butter. It also does oil and alcohol extractions (more about which, see below).

Step 1 of your Magical Butter Machine adventure needs to be decarboxylating your cannabis. This is very important, as you must do this to make the weed psychoactive. Otherwise, you’ll get medical benefits from the cannabinoids, but you won’t get high. Fortunately, decarboxylation is easy. It just takes 30 to 60 minutes in the oven at 250 degrees (don’t go hotter in an attempt to get it done more quickly, or you will destroy the cannabinoids).

Step 2 is to clarify your butter. Clarified (or “drawn”) butter is needed in the Magical Butter Machine, and besides, removing the milk solids from melted butter results in a richer product with better consistency and flavor. Just melt your butter in a saucepan until it divides into three layers: a big layer of clarified, golden butterfat between two thin layers of white milk fat. Skim off and discard the top layer, then slowly pour the yellow layer into a container. Leave the remaining water and whey in the bottom of the saucepan. Voila! Now you have clarified butter.

All you need is a from 4 to 10 sticks of clarified butter, half an ounce to a couple ounces of flower, shake or trim (Magical Butter recommends four to eight grams of weed per stick of butter; I recommend eight grams), a bit of lecithin (an emulsifier which increases the bioavailability of cannabinoids) and a couple of hours of free time, and you’re good to go for your next several psychoactive recipes.

You can use your imagination; the possibilities, of course, extend well beyond the de rigeur brownies, and include pretty much any recipe which includes butter or in which butter can be substituted for cooking oil. (For example, a Magical Turkey recipe is currently featured on the Magical Butter website.)

And butter, of course, is just scratching the surface. I personally know at least a dozen people who get great relief and therapeutic benefits from cannabis-infused coconut oil, used as a topical. That takes just a little longer than butter, but the oil is so wonderfully soothing that it’s worth the wait.

Power user hint: The infused coconut oil is also completely edible and effective when used, for example, in smoothies, or for cooking.

Once you have your Magical Butter Machine and are ready to experiment, the great news is that there are numerous recipes available on Allergy Tincture, Cocoa Butter Lotion, Massage Oil, Eye Cream, Lip Balm, Face Cream, Hand Salve, Insect Repellent, Healing Salve, Bug Bite Relief, Face and Body Scrub, Foot Lotion, Hair Conditioner, and Shea Butter Lotion are just a few of the exciting possibilities with the MBM — all infused with the herbs of your choice.

The Magical Butter Botanical Extractor is available for $174, tax included, at Uncle Ike’s Glass & Goods.

Everyone can be an accomplished cannabis cook with the Magical Butter Machine. The MBM extracts the cannabinoids from marijuana and infuses them directly into ]]>