male downstem

4″ Downstem, 14mm Male to 14mm Female

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Make sure your pipe needs a 4″ Downstem before you buy!
An improperly-sized downstem may result in damage to your pipe.
Also, this downstem requires an additional 1.5″ of clearance.

Update your water pipe with this high-quality diffused downstem. The 14mm joint will rest neatly in its socket as its downstem reaches 4″ inside. Unlike its Flush Fit cousins, this downstem, with equal sized input and output joints, has a small bubble to facilitate the dual 14mm joint sizes, so the incoming 14mm female joint sits about 1½” beyond the pipe.

The frosted joints on this diffusing downstem create a friction seal to keep smoke contained with no leaks, and the 6 slits along the bottom help diffuse smoke evenly for complete filtration.

Downstem length is measured from just below the joint to the tip of the glass stem, so when choosing the appropriate length be sure to measure correctly! Most of the pipes on our store are labeled with their appropriate downstem, so feel free to double-check before purchasing.

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Extending 4" into your pipe, this 4" Glass Downstem fits 14mm joints and holds your favorite 14mm accessory. Browse our site for other lengths to fit your bong. ]]>