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The appearance of the figures and their clothing in the two is very similar, and the brushwork for the screen painting and flower vase even appear as if cutout from the print and applied to the bamboo. The four-panel screen, however, has been reduced to one panel, and the table display added to provide a setting for Hung-niang hiding behind the screen and to fill out the rounded surface of the holder with a continuous composition. Carving was done into the flat surface of the bamboo, making Hung-niang, the screen, and Ts'ui Ying-ying stand out slightly while also giving depth to the scene and variation in the carving. On top of the figures and screen carved in high relief is engraving for hair, lines, and low relief, concealing the process of carving while also giving full play to the talent of the carver.

The artist here paid particular attention to the composition, creating a painterly atmosphere while also seeking to portray sophisticated and complex techniques in carving. The result is a brush holder that can be considered as an exceptional example of the Chia-ting School of bamboo carving. Chu Chih-cheng, who went by the style name Shu-tzu and the sobriquet San-sung, was a native of Chia-ting in Kiangsu. Coming from a family of bamboo carvers, he and his grandfather Chu Ho (Sung-lin) and father Chu Ying (Hsiao-sung) were known as the "Three Chu's of Chia-ting". Also gifted at painting landscapes as well as donkeys, Chu Chih-cheng often paid particular attention in potted landscapes and bamboo carvings to the creation of painterly scenes. Passing through three generations, Chu's technique was exceptionally refined, for which he became famous and attracted many students. Gradually, Chia-ting became known for bamboo carving, with families specializing in its production. Another common method is using a bowl of charcoal in your car for a couple of days to absorb the cigarette odor. This method eliminates smoke smell rather than masking it. Reviews of the Best Glass Bongs For Sale: Final Thoughts.

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- I had a really bad experience on mushrooms when I took them for my 2nd time. The first time it was incredible I had uncontrollable laughter and fun visuals. About 20 mins after taking them my tongue startedto vibrate inside my mouth. About 20 minutes after that I felt as though I was going to faint and I droped to the floor.

For the next 5 or 6 hrs I was lying down feeling as though my brain was being squeezed and the maddest things were coming out. I was quite literally in another realm rolling about and acting insane. 2 weeks after the incident I started getting panic attacks which lasted for about a week. I often feel faint, sick and paranoid with a racing heart beat.


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