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Toke Up for Tolkien With These Lord of the Rings-Inspired Cannabis Products

This edition of our Products Roundup highlights items inspired by the fantastic works of J.R.R. Tolkien. From Gandalf-worthy pipes to “keep it secret, keep it safe” stash boxes, these offerings should please any Lord of the Rings or Hobbit fan who enjoys “pipe-weed.”

The Lord of the Rings Engraved Metal Herb Grinder

This one grinder to rule them all from GrindTex will have you be the envy of anyone who takes a glimpse at this golden 4-piece grinder with the Ring inscription on the lid. With this grinder you’ll be able to grind your nug efficiently while also showing off your LOTR pride! Be careful though, for while this won’t make you invisible, the Nazguls can track your location while the grinder is in use.

Price: $22.04

Long Standing Black Footed Gandalf White Pipe

Now you can smoke in style just like the legendary Gandalf with this long standing black footed Gandalf white pipe from the folks at Everyone Does It. This 13-inch long pipe comes in a variety of different colors and speckles on the bowl, and is also designed to stand up on its own in between sessions.

Price: $39.99

Gondor Pipe

This beautiful and all-natural wooden pipe from FloggleWerks Pipes comes with an intricate hand-carved engraving of the symbol of Gondor, one of the last realms of the Men of the West to resist Sauron’s rule and where the classic Battle of Minas Tirith took place. Each pipe’s handmade quality ensures that it’s a unique treasure to call your own. Buy one to show your support for the realm of Gondor!

Price: $35.00

Joint Forces “The Sword”

While this massive flaming skull sword bowl from Smoke Cartel isn’t explicitly based on LOTR, this would totally be the type of bowl that someone like the Dark Lord Sauron would enjoy puffing on after returning from a long day of crushing enemies and casting his shadow over Middle-Earth (seriously, this thing is badass, and it’ll cost you a pretty penny, but again, badass). The skull grip contains the bowl, and the gold electroformed metal blade will ward off any enemies while you enjoy your herbs from atop the throne of Mordor.

Price: $1,900

Mathematix Gandalf Sherlock Pipe

This 8.25-inch long Gandalf-style Sherlock pipe from Dankstop comes equipped with a big bowl that will more than satisfy and relax you during your wizarding adventures. It’s made of a thick glass for durability and features two black feet on the bottom so that it can stand upright unassisted.

Price: $34.00

Mathematix Gandalf Sherlock Bubbler

This pipe is Dankstop’s bubbler take on the Gandalf-style long pipe. With a 12-inch long neck made of thick glass and 4-inch grippable downstem, it adds a nice twist to the classic wizard pipe and will surely help ease the stress of a long and perilous journey.

Price: $49.99

Moroccan Thuya Wood Secret Key Stash Box

Everyone Does It has just the right stash box you need to keep your precioussss herbs safe and sound from prying eyes and moochers. The box is made from beautiful and aromatic Thuya wood and also open with a little bit of “magic.” A little trickery is required to access the box’s hidden stash compartment, making this a great storage option for your buds and other items you need hidden out of sight!

Price: $23.95

“Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe!” Gandalf T-Shirt

You can wear this reminder from a red-eyed Gandalf to keep your stash safe with this stylish and funny t-shirt. The design is available for purchase in a variety of colors and clothing options from hoodies to v-necks, so be sure to pick up this shirt as a stoner’s ode to the classic series.

Price: $24.80 (as a t-shirt)

From Gandalf-worthy pipes to “keep it secret, keep it safe” stash boxes, these offerings should please any Lord of the Rings or Hobbit fan who enjoys “pipe-weed.”

The Hobbit Glass Pipe – 10in

Middle Earth-inspired glass pipe with long, curved stem for cool hits.

When you’re trying to share this Middle Earth-inspired pipe with just one friend, but he turns to pass it on to some other rando, you’ll be shouting “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” The Hobbit Glass Pipe is a 8″ long curved piece resembling the pipes used by the small inhabitants of Middle Earth. The elongated stem bridges the mouthpiece and moderate-sized bowl, allowing smoke to cool a little before it hits you, plus it gets your eyes further away from the smoke, avoiding that stinging experience that worsens the red-eye effect. The round ridges around the long stem not only give this piece a magical feel, but also help you keep a good grip on it as you smoke.

🧙‍♂️ LORD OF THE REEFER – Design Inspired by Gandalf the Grey

🧙‍♂️ CURVED LONG STEM – Cooler Smoke

🧙‍♂️ NO SLIP GRIP – Ridges for Better Traction

🧙‍♂️ XL PIPE – 8” Long

🧙‍♂️ STURDY – 6oz Weight

🧙‍♂️YOU DO YOU – Choice of 3 Colors

The Hobbits were well known for enjoying “pipe-weed” as was Gandalf, who would frequently take smoke breaks when he wasn’t fighting other wizards or armies of Orcs. So if you want to feel like you’re in the Shire, the Hobbit Glass Pipe will take you away to a magical world.

One does not simply pass up a pipe like this one… Click “Add to Cart” today!

The Hobbit Glass Pipe is long curved piece resembling the pipes used by the small inhabitants of Middle Earth. The elongated handle bridges the mouthpiece and moderate-sized bowl, featuring a twist of color between each end. ]]>