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Loot Recycler

The Loot Recycler lets you recycle all those useless bows and golden boots you get from your mob grinder.

To do so, just place the offending item into the top slot on the materials page (or pipe it in). It will be processed and the results get stored in the internal buffer.

Please note that this is not an universal recycler. It only processes vanilla and Ender IO tools, weapons and armor However, it also strips the enchantments off those items.

Putting those enchantments back on items (or books) fails quite often. It also tends to yield low level enchantments. Some experimentation seems in order to find out how to get better odds. (Hint: Remember the crafting recipe. )

When reporting issues or asking for help: Always include the versions of Ender IO Addons, Ender IO, Endercore and Forge you are using. When reporting a crash: Include the error log; at least the full stack trace and mod list must be included.

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