lock and roll safe

Under the Bed Safe with Lock and Chain

This low profile, locking mobile storage container from ECR4Kids is perfect for protecting your valuables with ease and efficiency. It’s great for college students that need to lock up their lap top computer, passport, wallet, and any other valuables.

I looked around for a locking underbed storage solution and this seems to be the best option out there. A little pricey but in the end….I think it’s worth it…’s a quality little piece that will keep young prying eyes out of your business. Sure…..a kid with a large screwdriver could probably break it……but if your kids are actually breaking into your locked stuff……you got bigger problems than this can help with.

The color of the box is atrocious and the wheels are even uglier. It is not such a big deal because it hides under a bed all day, but it just looks cheap.

The biggest drawback, however, is the cheap non-standard lock they used in conjunction with the proprietary lock bracket. This prevents you from easily replacing key lock with something useful like a Combi-cam numeric lock. Who needs yet another set of keys to keep track of! You need another hiding spot just for the keys!

Too bad about the locking mechanism, because this product is well built and otherwise a great idea!

All in all, it does the job.

It is very practical, very well made and I see no reason why it won’t be a huge security relief for you in a foreign place with people you don’t know.

Keep your valuables safe with this portable under the bed safe which includes a lock and chain so you can latch it on to your bed frame.