linx hypnos zero not heating up

Ok, I think that sums up the overall picture of this company pretty good. I cannot give a higher rating than the low 2,5 simply because the negative complaints are there for anyone to see. Also, the fact that they pride themselfs in having such a great sales team is a bit of a warning sign to me.

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Sheldon’s curiosity and passion for smoke culture led to his development of two United States Patents [Combined Tobacco Smoking Pipe Bowl and Receiving Stem, USPatent, 1999] that have revolutionized the way people smoke the world over. For over 25 years, Sheldon Black ® has literally created the American Smokeware Industry with almost perfect anonymity and continues to redefine the standards of the commercial market through his innovative American manufacturing processes. Most importantly, Sheldon wishes to tip his hat to all of his associates and advocates who have joined him in the contemporary smoke revolution. Links to other websites are current at date of posting but not maintained. For these discharge tests we use a custom-built Arduino-based discharging unit with a special dock for 18650 batteries.

It receives power through USB, with the computer plugged into A/C while testing. This enables us to record the and chart the discharge curve of the batteries.


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