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Linx Gaia Herbal Vaporizer

The Linx Gaia Vaporizer is a portable, dry-herb vaporizer with an all quartz chamber.

  • Modern Design (4 Sleek Colors)
  • Convection Heating
  • Variable Heat Settings 200-428°F (93-220°C)
  • Lithium-ion Battery: 2200mAh
  • All Quartz Heating Chamber

Winner of High Times “Best Portable Vaporizer”

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Linx Gaia Dry Herb Vaporizer

All quartz chamber. Convection heating. Variable temperatures. Welcome to the cleanest and most flavorful way to vaporize your flower. Winner of High Times “Best Portable Vaporizer.”

Pure Flavor: Incoming air bypasses internal electronic components and flows directly through the next generation quartz chamber and Linx’s signature Gaia Glass Mouthpiece. Gaia’s clean air path brings out the smoothest and purest flavor.

Convection Heating: Gaia comes with nearly 100% convection heating, allowing hot air to vaporize the materials in the quartz chamber thoroughly and efficiently. Also quickly reach your ideal temperature in around 40 seconds.

Air Insulation: Gaia uses 100% air, rather than synthetic materials from traditional thermal insulation, to insulate heat from the vaporization process. This unique air insulation makes for a more flavorful and healthy vape session.

Meticulous Craftsmanship: We believe in attention to details. The metal case is paint free and is meticulously crafted from top quality materials making the Gaia a sleek and elegant device that fits in the palm of your hand.


Atomizer: All quartz heating chamber. 10mm (diameter) x 20mm (height).

Battery: Lithium-ion battery recharges in 3 – 4 hours via USB. 2200 mAH.

Heating Element: Quartz chamber heats instantly and evenly.

Material: Quartz heating chamber, glass mouthpiece, metal casing.

Dimensions: 50 mm x 24 mm x 80 mm (mouthpiece unattached).

Weight: 146g

Voltage: Input: 5v


1. Pull downward on the micro USB connector to detach.

2. Plug USB Charger in Linx Gaia and a viable USB power outlet.

3. The Battery indicator on the OLED blinks while charging and turns solid once fully charged. Full charging takes 2-3 hours


1. Unscrew the mouthpiece from the Gaia.

2. Load ground loose leaf into the heating chamber.

3. Screw the mouthpiece back onto Gaia.

*Do no over-pack the heating chamber as it will restrict airflow, resulting in decreased vapor production.

Turning On/Off:

Press power button five times quickly to turn the device on and off.

The device will automatically shut off after forty seconds if turned on and heating mode is not activated. Device will also shut off if the set temperature has been reached for four minutes.

Temperature Setting:

1. Hold up or down button to select preferred vaporization temperature.

2. Choose any temperature between 200°F and 428°F

3. Hold power and up button simultaneously to switch to Celsius. Hold power and down button simultaneously for Fahrenheit.


1. Hold power button for one second and release to activate heating.

2. A flame icon will blink on the OLED screen while heating and switch to solid when the desired temperature is reached.

3. Inhale and enjoy!


1. Make sure the device is powered off and fully cooled down.

2. Completely dissemble the mouthpiece into parts. Use isopropyl alcohol and q-tips to swab all surfaces. Replace the filter screen as needed.

3. Gently scrub and sweep the inside of the quartz chamber with the Gaia cleaning brush.

The Linx Gaia Vaporizer: Portable, dry-herb use, all quartz chamber, sleek design (4 Colors), Convection Heat, 200-428°F Range, Lithium-ion Battery: 2200mAh

Linx Gaia – Dry herb vape

Uncle Tippy
  • Jan 11, 2017
  • #51
  • I’ve received my replacement unit from Linx. Very happy with the customer support.

    Unfortunately there a few things that annoy me about the new unit. The power button is extremely clicky and loud compared to the old one. And the draw resistance is greater, which is a drag since an easy draw is one of my most desired qualities in a vaporizer. Not sure why that would have changed from my old unit. Perhaps there is some variability in the air holes of the quartz chamber?

    So great service, vape works well, but I wish it had an easier draw like my first one.

    Well-Known Member
    • Jan 25, 2017
  • #52
  • Hey guys. Ive had my unit for about 2 & 1/2 weeks, and have had a great experience. I have used it every night and its giving very consistent results. I should preface that my only other portable herb vaporizer is the MFLB, which Ive liked very much.

    Cosmetically, its really nice looking and feels solid in the had. Nothing feels cheap at all.

    Great sized chamber. I have tried filling with different amounts, tight vs loose and all results have been great. Obviously, with a full chamber packed tight the draw resistance increased, but very little, and it was still very easy to pull from.

    Heat up time is just as advertised. fast! Not much more to say here.

    Since this is my first time using a vaporizer with 1 degree increments, ive have been testing different temps, how many draws i can get from each temp etc. its been a lot more than i expected. Your tolerance is a factor here, but I have been able to pull 4-5 rips starting around 360f and move up 20 degree increments up to 428f with 4 pulls each. This is all in one chamber load and usually will get me 2-3 days depending how heavy im going. Flavor does start to decline around 380f but never tastes bad. This leaves my abv very even and the color of coffee grounds. I may be pushing the limits here, but nothing has combusted or left any burnt taste. I was surprised how even the abv is. I think i stirred the chamber once during my initial use, but have not bothered stirring it past that one time.

    I have charged it twice so far. So the battery is great for my needs. I also have only cleaned it once. Cleaning was easy and straight foward. My herb has not been overly sticking, so my unit hasnt been gunked up at all.

    The high is obviously dependent on the temp im using, but all of my sessions have been great! Its nice to be able to choose what kind of affects i want.

    There is a slight smell of weed when heating a bowl that has been heated previously, but not any stronger than the odor of a MFLB. A cleaned unit with a fresh bowl does not present any noticable odor so far.

    I was really waiting for a full convection unit, but this was intriguing and the price wasnt too bad. But the flavor from this is amazing to me! That was the biggest surprise for me about the Gaia. My wife who does not get excited about anything weed related repeatedly told me how amazing the flavor was. At 360F the flavor is just great. At this temp the high is not as intense, but it is a very happy one.

    I've received my replacement unit from Linx. Very happy with the customer support. Unfortunately there a few things that annoy me about the new unit. The…