life saber vaporizer reviews

Life Saber Vaporizer (LSV) Review

This is the Life Saber Vaporizer, or LSV, produced by 7th Floor. This company also makes the popular Silver Surfer and Da Buddha vapes, and they all share basically the same ceramic heating element.

The LSV is unique though for a few different reasons…

First, it’s a handheld unit, so even though technically this would be categorized as a “desktop” vaporizer (since it plugs in for power) you have to hold it in your hand while using it. The Plenty vape is another unit I’ve reviewed that works this way, and I actually find it pretty enjoyable.

The next thing that’s cool about the Life Saber is that it’s mostly glass. This is good because it helps the vapor taste clean and pure, but the downside is that this vape is pretty fragile. Especially the long, skinny mouthpiece/wand – you need to make sure you don’t smack that against any hard surface by accident.

What’s also interesting about this vape is that you’ll get a full draw of vapor the first time you take a pull after attaching the wand. This is not very common, most herbal whip-style vapes produce just a light vapor for the first couple of draws and then usually around the 3rd pull or so vapor production is at its max. Starting from your first draw the LSV is pretty much at full throttle.

This vape doesn’t have set temperatures or anything, it just has a heater intensity knob that you adjust until you find the temp you like best. The other 7th Floor models work the same way, and I don’t really consider this a negative because even though you can’t set your temperature on a screen like some other vapes you can still dial in the best intensity for you with the knob, and it works well across a fairly wide range.

One drawback is that you need to stir your herbs at least once or twice during a session to ensure that it’s vaped evenly. This isn’t that uncommon but the thing that makes this a little inconvenient with this vape is that you have to turn it upside down and take out the wand to do this. The unit itself and the wand are both fairly large so it does take a little maneuvering to do this smoothly (it’s 19″ long put together).

Overall I’m impressed with the performance and vapor quality of this unit, but the atypical design may not suit everybody. It does have some good things going for it, and the last advantage I want to mention is its efficiency, I would consider it above-average in this department. You can’t really use a tiny pinch with it because of the shape & size of the herb chamber, but all it takes is maybe 0.2g-0.3g to get a nice full session of roughly 10 good draws or so.


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Hey bud, hope alls good, seen the new vids. Ive added a few more to the collection since we last spoke, including the mighty(getting on with it much better than the crafty) so my s&b collection is now

I’ve had my eye on the LSV for quite a while and a lot of the stores in my area have dropped their prices lately. How would you rate the vapour quality of the LSV to the Plenty the Firefly and units like the EQ? Could there be a place for it in my dream vape collection?

I value you’re input as always. Thanks again. Peace!

I owned the buddha and loved how with a water pipe i could get milky draws and vape a bowl mostly in a few draws with a little tap. Based on comparison draws from the 2 will this satisfy my expectations or will i wish for the heavyweight buddha?

I’m actually pretty impressed with the quality and volume of vapor it produces, and I consider this one on the stronger side for sure. If you like the Da Buddha I’m sure you’ll like this one too.

I’m trying to decide between this unit and the silver surfer. My main concerns are the quantity of vapor, amount of material you can pack, and an easy non-restrictive draw. I had the solo and didn’t really like it; I found myself packing it 6-7 times before I was satisfied; also the draw was terrible. The similar design of the LSV makes me skeptical; however I like its portability factor. I’m leaning towards the silver surfer as it seems more reliable and better suited for heavier use. Any thoughts or opinions to help me choose?

Go with whichever design/look you like better, the actually both can produce good quality, strong vapor.

The LSV might even be a better choice if you want the strongest experience, it seems a little more potent.

Hey man,
I’m a big fan of your work.
I got the impression from your LSV review that you liked the vape but didnt love the long transfer wand. I concur. It makes the LSV too long and awkward. However, inverted on a glass bubbler with the shorty WPA, the LSV is damn near perfect, IMO. Huge, tasty rips on small amounts of herb, similar to the Cloud. I encourage you to update your review, using the LSV with a bubbler. I think you might change your opinion. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Cool man I’m gonna test it out thanx for the tip 😉

Is there a difference in taste between the SSV and the LSV?

Not a significant difference no

I find it gets so hot in about 7 minutes set at max that I burned my hand (painfully but not seriously) when I picked it up, holding it as you do. The placemat under it had partially melted. The LSV definitely needs a rack in which to place it horizontally. Aside from the heat, it can roll. If you forget to turn it off, or to reduce the temp, it seems possible that it could start a fire. In all, I like it, but don’t consider it safe in its present design.

I absolutely love your videos and have referee them to many of my friends who have hopped on the ‘vaporizing’ trend. I currently only have one vaporizer, the Magic Flight Launch Box. I was actually gifted this for free, from my sister because neither her nor her husband found it working for them, and they also combusted a fair amount. So after tons of experimentation and help from the massive and educated vapor community, I was getting very good results from the MFLB, and invested in their wooden secondary micro grinder, and a their 2.0 power adapter (which I had issues with that the company offered to solve immediately, although I tweaked it myself. The customer service was just phenomenal though.)

This vaporizer has provided me many good sessions. However my partner and my friends just don’t seem to like it too much, they either end up combusting or feeling like it’s just not working (which in my opinion is BS because it’s very obvious about ten minutes later just how effective the vaporizer is on them).

My question to you is what vaporizer should I get? I’m still in school and pick up my work hours at a Deli when I don’t have class; therefore unless I find extreme cause- I’d prefer a vale under $275. I originally was looking for a portable, but decided the batteries and car charger for the MFLB is sufficient for on-the-go vaping. But if you find a unit like the pax or davinci sounds like it would be something I’d enjoy I’m open to getting one.

My vaporizing is done about 55-60% of the time alone. And about 35-40% of the time on the go. I really need a unit that wow’s with vapor quality, doesn’t have a heat up time over about 2 or 2 and a half minutes. I love how I can plug my MFLB in, which is why I’m thinking a desktop unit is best and seeing as to how they perform better; however I have found myself in a few situations wishing I had batteries on me because I couldn’t vape due to no outlet. What I’m looking for is a reliable unit, that is either portable or at least transportable (7th floors units carrying cases are nice), that can produce vapor that is powerful. I also would like less harsh of [draws], or maybe the option to adjust temperature so I’m not coughing and in case anyone with a sensitive set of lungs can inhale the vapor (however I also really enjoy higher temps since I feel I get more of the effects I’m looking for). Currently I’ve been considering The Life Saber vape, that seems to be my favorite as well as Da Buddha and SSV. I’ve looked at both the Pax and the Plenty and the Arizer solo also but my problems with those were: draw resistance for the portables and pricing for the Plenty. Whip, balloon, doesn’t matter. I just really need some advice when you get the chance.

On another note I would love your opinion on THE UNDERDOG vaporizer and other such ‘log’ units.

Thanks man, you’re great!

I also prefer maintaining and cleaning the unit to be left to a minimal.

Life Saber Vaporizer (LSV) Review This is the Life Saber Vaporizer , or LSV , produced by 7th Floor. This company also makes the popular Silver Surfer and Da Buddha vapes, and they all

Life Saber Vaporizer Review:

From the makers of the Silver Surfer and the Da Buddha vapes comes the Life Saber Vaporizer by 7th Floor, a plug-in handheld device for dry herbs. The design is something of a cross between a traditional desktop and a portable vaporizer, so it’s a good option for someone who wants to be able to kick back and relax, while enjoying the vapor production efficiency that comes with a desktop design. One of few models available in vape shops today to be sold with a water pipe attachment, it has a straightforward design that is relatively easy to understand and use. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of the LSV, and to find out about some of the downsides to choosing this hand-held vape.

  • Great tasting vapor with no impurities
  • All glass vapor pathway
  • Economically priced
  • Produces large amounts of vapor right away
  • Glass components can break, so you need to handle the LSV carefully
  • No numbers on the analog dial
  • Can heat herbs unevenly or cause combustion, making it important that you stir frequently

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  • In-Depth Review
  • How to use the LSV
  • How use the Water Pipe
  • How to use it as a Lighter
  • How to Replace the Screen
  • Important Safety Tips
  • Basic Operation

Breakdown of the LSV

Life Saber Vaporizer (Being reviewed) Da Buddha (Other model by 7th Floor) Silver Surfer Vaporizer (Other model by 7th Floor)
Price $180 $190 $270
Materials Type Convection Convection Convection
Heating Style Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic
Oven Material Glass Glass Glass
Vapor Path No No No
Power type Wall outlet Wall outlet Wall outlet
Bluetooth / APP No No No
Heat-up Time 90 seconds 90 seconds 3-5 minutes
Easy to Load? Moderate Yes Yes
Draw Resistance Low Low Low
Vapor Production Excellent Excellent Excellent
Vapor Smoothness Excellent Excellent Excellent
Flavor / Taste Excellent Excellent Excellent
Odor Level Moderate Moderate Moderate
Precise Temp Adjust / Temp Range Unlabeled heating knob Unlabeled heating knob Unlabeled heating knob
Warranty 3 years (Limited) 3 years (Limited) 3 years (Limited)

In-Depth of the Life Saber Vaporizer

Price – Prices on this unit can vary, but most stores sell it for around $190 to $220, making it very affordable when compared to other plug-in hand held vaporizer options.

Reputation – This device is known for producing great-tasting vapor that is free of impurities. The quality of the vapor produced by this model is due largely to the fact that this herbal vaporizer has an all glass vapor pathway.

Guarantee – 7th Floor warranties the LSV for 3 years, but it’s important to note that only the heating element and the electronics are covered by the warranty, which is about the same as what’s offered on plug-in handheld vaporizers that are sold for higher prices. All of the fragile glass components are not backed by a warranty, and they can break if you don’t handle it with care.

Prep Time – After you have turned on the Life Saber, the unit can reach operating temperature in under 3 minutes, making it a very fast model. Many people like that you can take large draws from the hand-held vaporizer right away, rather than having to prime the vape with the first one or two draws. It is fairly easy to load dry herbs into the heating chamber.

Portability and Size – In pictures, it may look rather small, but in actuality it is 9 inches long. Although it’s not a very compact vaporizer, it is still very light in weight and can be handy for using on the go, provided you take steps to protect it from damage.

Ease of Use – The wand attachment on the 7th Floor Life Saber Vaporizer fits tightly and will stay in place with every draw. There is little to no learning curve for getting thick clouds of vapor from the LSV; however, you will have to stop and stir your vaping materials frequently in order to ensure that they vaporize completely.

Heating and Temperature Regulators – The LSV has a very powerful ceramic heating element. In fact, it is so powerful that it can combust herbs if you’re not careful. Keeping the heat setting low and stirring frequently can cut down on the risk. The temperature is adjustable, but the dial does not have markers. This can make it challenging to get the handheld vaporizer to the ideal heat level for each session.

The Life Saber is a popular choice among vaping enthusiasts who are looking to invest in a premier quality desktop vaporizer.

How to Vape with the LSV

Keeping in mind that this model has a tendency to run a little hot. It is a good idea to turn the heat down lower than you anticipate needing it to be until you have tested the device with your blends. Ideally, the ceramic heating element should be light orange in color. To use the Life Saber with the transfer in the traditional method. Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn the Life Saber Vaporizer on and adjust the power to high heat for around two minutes
  2. Grind your dry herbs or other herbal blends while you wait for LSV to reach optimal temperature
  3. Fill the bowl on the transfer to a maximum of 75 percent capacity
  4. Use your fingers or suck into the transfer to pick up the blend
  5. Adjust the temperature to 25 to 50 percent power
  6. You may need to experiment with these settings to find the perfect level
  7. If you find that your blend becomes discolored and appears black or a very deep shade of brown, turn down the heat or try inhaling more slowly
  8. Turn the unit on and insert the transfer
  9. Inhale through the transfer and enjoy
  10. Stir your herbal vaping material every three to seven draws
  11. It is recommended that you store it and transport it inside of the included padded vape case. Also, use caution when cleaning, and never force the wand into the heating chamber.

How to Vape with the Water Pipe

If you are planning to use the Life Saber Vaporizer with the water pipe attachment

Follow these simple steps:
  1. Take the top cap off of the unit while leaving the heater cover in place
  2. Turn it on and adjust the power to high heat for about two minutes
  3. While you wait for the Life Saber Vaporizer to reach optimal temperature
  4. Grind up dry herbs and/or other aromatherapy blends in a herb grinder
  5. Fill the water filter bowl with your preferred herbal vaping material
  6. Add ice and water to your favorite water pipe
  7. Assemble the pipe
  8. Adjust the temperature to 24 to 50 percent power
  9. Put the pipe on top of the vape
  10. Inhale, and enjoy

How to Use the LSV as a Flameless Lighter

The Life Saber can double as a flameless, butane-free lighter.

Making a few simple transformations as follows:
  1. Remove the cap and heat shield components from the top of the vaporizer
  2. Take off the glass heater cover (Use caution – this piece is very fragile)
  3. Turn the LSV on and adjust the power to high heat for approximately two minutes
  4. Once the unit is preheated, hold it 1/4 inch away from the material to be heated using the lighter
  5. Turn off the vaporizer when you’re finished
  6. Allow everything to cool for at least 30 minutes before reassembling

How to Replace the Screen

When it is time to replace the vaporizer screen

Follow this procedure to make the task as simple as possible:
  1. Take the screen out of the transfer with the pick that comes included with the LSV
  2. Put the new screen on top of the transfer
  3. Use the pick to push the screen until you reach the bottom
  4. Flip the screen to attach it one side
  5. Push down the other side with the pick

Important Safety Tips

To avoid accidents and injuries, keep these safety tips in mind when you vape:

  1. The Life Saber Vaporizer should always be turned off after use
  2. When turned on, the surface of the LSV becomes very hot
  3. Coming into contact with the heater could result in serious burns
  4. Never place this model near paper, plastics, fabrics or other flammable materials during use
  5. Do not leave pets or children unattended around these devices
  6. Keep your hair and clothing away from the heater during use
Basic Operation of the Life Saber Vaporizer

Like all dry herb and aromatherapy vaporizer models, the LSV uses an integrated heating system to turn herbal blends into vapor that can be inhaled. The white vapor made by the vaporizer does not contain the toxic additives found in cigarettes and other products that are combusted and smoked. Vapor is inhaled through an included transfer or using the water pipe provided with the product.

We’ve helped numerous customers better understand the fine details of their dry herb vaporizer product. If you require any additional assistance with your Life Saber, we’re here to help! Contact our customer service team today! We look forward to helping you maximize your enjoyment during vaping!

Life Saber Vaporizer is a hybrid between Desktop and Portable Vaporizers! Check Out our product review to find out why this Herbal Vaporizer is a good choice.