kingdom hearts bong


Behold a stoners dreams come true lol

My little goth sister wanted me to draw a bong keyblade so I did lol

Its name is HIGH ON LIFE.

efects. makes you see funny coullers and pass out and when you wake all your foes are stoned and sitting beside you as you pass it arownd lol


done with ms paint and a mouse

Unless you’re joking, there is so much incorrect info in the artist’s comments I don’t even know where to begin xDD


It’s hilariously ridiculous. I’d love to see someone in battle with this. xD

“-holding keyblade- LET’S FIGHT. -pulls out lighter”
“What. are you doing?”
“Come smoke man, this is some dank shit.”
“Dank. what?”
-five minutes later-

BONG KEYBLADE Behold a stoners dreams come true lol My little goth sister wanted me to draw a bong keyblade so I did lol Its name is HIGH ON LIFE. efects. makes you see funny coullers


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Double Strike
Doubles the damage dealt by an attack card.
Duration Cost
20 attacks 99 CP
Location HP Strength Defense EXP
The World That Never Was 1300 45 26 0
Physical Fire Blizzard
×1.0 ×0.25 ×0.25
Thunder Dark Neutral
×0.25 ×0.25 ×0.25
Location HP Strength Defense EXP
Radiant Garden
Garden of Assemblage
3168 86 51 0
Physical Fire Blizzard
×1.0 ×0.25 ×0.25
Thunder Dark Neutral
×0.25 ×0.25 ×0.25


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Strategy [ edit ]

Attacks [ edit ]

  • Continuous Swing: Roxas swings his Keyblades wildly in left-and-right sweeping combos, and then dashes straight ahead with a powerful dual-outward strike after a delay (leaving shockwaves in the process). Guarding the final dashing slash causes Roxas to stagger and kneel down for a bit, after which Sora can get in a free combo. Roxas will always use this move to counterattack normally on the ground when his retaliation point occurs.
  • Whirlwind Swing: Assumes an offensive stance by twirling and drawing back his Keyblades, and performs a dual-outward slash, unleashing a whirlwind of light and darkness in the immediate area. Roxas always begins the battle with this attack. Can be blocked normally in anyway possible and can even be jumped over.
  • Aerial Spin Swing: Spins vertically forward in midair and falls forward onto Sora’s location. This is his main instant-retaliation attack when he’s knocked into the air at any point.
  • Keyblade Throw: Throws Keyblades like a buzzsaw up to five times, and afterwards unleashes a wave of dark power that draws Sora in. If above 40% HP, only two iterations of the “throw” are used and the “dark power” phase does not occur. He can also use this as an instant counter upon reaching his retaliation point (especially in the Data Rematch), where merely getting clipped by this attack can lead into a full combo against Sora without any invincible-bypass against it.
  • Counterattack: Dashes straight ahead. This attack is only used if Roxas is staggered after a guarded Continuous Swing and Sora fails to react after several seconds.
  • Duel Attack: Initiates a duel between Sora and Roxas, similar to the Samurai’s Duel Stance Reaction Command. “The End” must be selected within 0.8 seconds; if successful, Sora deflects Roxas’s blow, sending him into the air as he steals his Keyblades (which deal additional damage after a finisher); if failed, Sora takes significant damage.
  • Instant Recapture Attack: Roxas steals back his Keyblades from Sora; damage can be prevented with the “Reversal” Reaction Command, and Roxas always has his back facing toward Sora at the end.
  • Spot Beam: Roxas sends out his thirteen light shields to attack Sora. At lower health, Roxas will use his light shields in conjunction with his Keyblades.
  • Arranged Beam: Roxas arranges the shields of light to form a laser array.
  • Keyblade Release: Roxas’s desperation move when he reaches a certain amount of HP. He dashes to the middle of the battlefield, rises a few feet into the air (changing the background in the process), and unleashes fourteen orbs of light that home in on Sora. This attack is used after reaching 75% HP, 40% HP and randomly thereafter; it is unblockable with the standard Guard, and must be either Reflected or dodged in some way, especially through moving along the edge of the arena in a circle. An array of small short beams appear around Roxas during this time like a cage, and he cannot be touched in any way during this attack (either through running up to him as the beams as the area they block off will damage Sora, or trying to hit Roxas himself as he remains invincible during the attack).

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix [ edit ]

Roxas possess extraordinarily high magic defense, and as such, Sora should not rely on offensive magic other than Reflect in this fight for defensive purposes. Even if Reflect deals damage to Roxas, it will only deal roughly 1/10th worth of damage to one of Roxas’s HP bar.

The battle will always begin with Sora directly in his attack range. Just as the battle commences, Roxas will immediately use a variation of Whirlwind Swing that covers a large portion of the field. He will then run behind Sora and use either Aerial Spin Swing, Whirlwind Swing, or Continuous Swing. Roxas may use Duel Attack every now and again, and should Sora win, will start using Spot Beams and Arranged Beams relentlessly until he gets the chance to close in and use Instant Recapture Attack.

When Duel Attack is completed successfully, several of Sora’s actions (not just his attacks) all have Roxas’s stolen Keyblades react each in a special manner dependent on the type of move Sora performs (such as spiraling around him during ground combos or piercing through Roxas from multiple directions if he gets launched into the air). However, this may also cause Roxas to retaliate sooner as more specific types of hits are landed on him, so be wary of being combo-happy on him. Eventually, he’ll perform his Instant Recapture Attack and inevitability reacquire his stolen Keyblades, so while Sora has Roxas’s Keyblades in his possession take advantage of the situation in a careful and quick manner, dealing as much damage on him as possible while avoiding retaliation. When Roxas attempts to retake his Keyblades, Sora can quickly use Reversal to escape his counterattack, but failure will result in Roxas knocking Sora away for heavy damage. Either way, both results will end up with Roxas’s Keyblades back in his hands.

After a quarter of his health is gone, Roxas gets even more aggressive. Duel Attack is used less frequently, and Roxas also adds several light-based elements and extra beams during several of his actions, causing him to have a more erratic attack range. Be on guard and do not try to block on misjudgment if possible (due to the light beams being unblockable), as Roxas’s physical moves can still be blocked and countered normally.

However, regarding moves that come with the beams, it’s possible to have Roxas turn around if Sora ends up behind him, altering the locations of the beams and allowing for easier room to block his physical attacks. Blocking any of his physical moves will at least always allow Sora to bypass his beams with Guard’s invincibility from successful blocking.

Once he is down to 40% of his HP, Roxas enter his desperation state will use his “Keyblade Release” attack frequently, and light beams will even be launched simply from him dashing around.

If Roxas is knocked into the air during his retaliation point, he will retaliate with an Aerial Spin Swing. However, on ground he’ll retaliate with random moves if Sora lets up on his assault somehow, especially during the later phases after using his desperation move, Keyblade Release.

Data Rematch [ edit ]

In the data rematch, Sora should use exactly the same strategy he used when taking down his Nobody in the World that Never Was, but there are some differences, apart from Roxas’s higher HP.

Roxas retaliates sooner from Sora’s combos, and can now retaliate after just one finisher, though it may be hard to tell if Sora has Finishing Pluses and uses them on his Nobody. The projectiles in Keyblade Release now fly at faster speeds, requiring Sora to use Glide (Quick Run and Dodge Roll are not as advised due to the recovery on such movement options) to evade them.

Furthermore, said retaliations can now involve Roxas’ Keyblade Throw under certain circumstances, which tends to be near-instant and can allow Roxas to extend into a full combo if he even merely clips Sora with this attack. This can easily lead to a huge chunk of damage if not foreseen with a well-timed invincibility option.

The best strategy is to activate (and win) his Duel Assault whenever possible to steal the Oathkeeper and Oblivion and bombard Roxas continuously, preventing him from using his best retaliation attacks as often as possible. As long as Sora heals when necessary, the battle can be cleared with few problems.

Another method is to use Limit Form and use Sonic Rave constantly; Sora will heal back the bits of damage he is dealt in between the limits, and do decent damage. Strike Raid is not advised due to the inconsistent invincibility frames, and as it puts Sora in a stationary position; Infinity and Last Arcanum however, work wonders provided if Sora can connect onto Roxas properly, with the latter being exceptionally solid if Sora drops the extra Reaction Commands to prevent Roxas from reaching his retaliation point sooner than usual.

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