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Joker 1 1/4 Rolling Paper

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The classic Joker brand has been a staple for smokers for a very long time. Featuring a colorful jester on the cover of each package, everyone around you will know that you’re a fan of Joker rolling papers.

The next time you’re thinking of rolling some tobacco with your own hands, trust the quality of Joker.

Ordering a quantity of 1 will get you 1 booklet containing 24 leaves of rolling paper. Ordering a quantity of 24 will get you a display box containing 24 booklets each containing, again, 24 sheets: totaling 576 sheets of rolling paper!

Order 24 for a Display Box

When you order 24 you will receive a display box containing the 24 booklets.

Joker 1 1/4 Rolling Paper is the original classic rolling papers that have been perfected and are now a part of the smoking culture. Finest quality rice papers. ]]>