jack harrar weed

Jack harrar weed

Get baked, Smoke weed, try out the bikes, get high, watch the hustle and bustle of the city and traffic whilst pie eyed.

in all honesty it’s a gorgeous city and everyone is really friendly.
You will love it, I’m going again at the end of August.

I know, but they only showed one light of Van gogh, he did self potraits, paintings of farmers and the poor (which they showed)
but he also had —htmares that he put into his artwork and he also took drugs which he made art also from what h saw.

I’m interested in discovering him and what he was like, not just seeing the child friendly —-.
Christ he cut his ear off and all they have to show in the museum us that everything was fine and dandy. No! haha

It’s usually due to the govenment/religous properganda.

They made marijuana look like the drug of the devil to cut down on the hemp trade as hemp could put a LOT of business’ out of.. well business.

You can make clothing, housing, furniture, insulation, medication, grooming products ect.. it’s so versatile.

Yeah, mainly due to ——s being all like “Oh 4/20 blaze it —-uh”, “Smoke dat —- up brah”
—–es smoking for the scene and ‘rep’, pathetic.

I advocate my use pretty openly, if you can’t tell by my name haha

But, it’s more because I make music that’s pretty much just intended for me to smoke to later. so – the name fits the theme. Even in that aspect though, I try to just throw flips in like “smoke a blunt and ___” if I have one rolled while i’m writing for whatever. I don’t want the song to say nothing but “i smoke weed” because that’s not saying too much.

But, I grew out of that stage where like. if somebody turns down the bowl if I offer it I think I need to convince them they want to smoke or something. Some people don’t want to get stoned, and that’s fine.

As for me? Hey. Hashtronaut Airlines’ is always ready for take-off. If I have to choose between sitting on the riding lawn mower for an hour (i have a big yard) stoned, or NOT stoned? well consider me a slut under sharia law.

TLDR – Weed isn’t something to do, it’s just something that makes me enjoy the —- I already do a little more.

I totally agree with this mayn, I do the same. haha

it makes even gaming magical even if you’re playing a piece of —-!

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