iolite vaporizer instructions

Wispr & Iolite Users Guide. Hints, tips and cleaning advice.

The Iolite and Wispr are two classic vaporisers, after many years of using them, and selling them, we have come to love the simple design and stoner-friendly features. The Iolite was one of the first true portable vaporisers, the Wispr2 offers some great improvements on the proven original design.

Above, the Wispr 2. We offer it with a free 55mm Dutch Passion Pro Herb-grinder

For many owners the best feature of the Wispr / Iolite is the ability to refill them with butane gas inside a few seconds and use it straight away. Many electrically powered vaporisers use Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, these give great performance but do require recharging which can take an hour or two. Sometimes you just want to pick up a vaporiser and use it straight away without waiting for an electrical recharge, the flexibility of the Butane powered heating system puts the Iolite/Wispr into their own league of stoner convenience. Whilst some vaporiser manufacturers dislike the use of a Butane-heated herb chamber, many people disagree. Butane may not have the same clean elegance as rechargeable batteries, but butane is quick, reliable and instant.

Here are our two top tips for Wispr / Iolite users:

1. Cleaning the vaporiser. Cleaning the mouthpiece is easy and ensures that you can easily enjoy the vape experience without having to suck ‘too hard’. If you don’t keep the unit clean it becomes harder to suck and therefore less effective. Cleaning the unit is easy and takes under 5 minutes. Ideally clean herb chamber twice a month to keep it in top condition.

Using the tool set that comes with the unit, push out the metal gauze, the metal ‘O’ ring and the small circular support disc (with 3 holes in it). Put them in a small pan, add some kitchen oil and heat for a couple of minutes. The hot kitchen oil dissolves any residues/resin on the gauze and other metal surfaces. Drain away the oil, dry the metal components with a kitchen towel and re-assemble. Some people prefer to rinse the metal parts in boiling water to remove all traces of kitchen oil before reassembly.

2. Using the vapourizer. Taking small, slow sucks is the best way to get stoned fast. Small, slow sucks removes the psychoactive vapours without dramatically dropping the temperature of the herb chamber. Around 10 minutes seems to be an optimum session time.

And here are answers to the most frequently asked ‘vapouriser’ questions

Is the Wispr/Iolite silent? No unfortunately not, thats one of the few drawbacks to it. Electrically powered vaporisers are silent, whereas the Iolite and Wispr2 use a small butane heating chamber to warm your herbs. The butane does give an audible noise, so its not completely silent, but on the other hand it is not excessively noisy.

What about the use of plastic tubing? Some vaporisers use glass pathways for the purest taste, but glass vaporisers are not for everyone, they will break more easily if dropped. The Iolite and Wispr2 use less expensive plastic and rubber parts, but the herbs still taste great and get you just as stoned.

Whats better, the Iolite or Wispr2?

The Wispr2 is easier to ignite (usually it lights on the first attempt) and appears to have a slightly larger herb chamber than the original Iolite which is a welcome bonus. The Wispr2 also has a butane chamber which allows you to see when you need to refill it. Refilling takes a few seconds with a can of butane. Both the older Iolite and the newer Wispr2 are both good vaporisers, but the Wispr2 is more refined and worth the extra cash.

Could the Wispr be improved? It’s hard to improve on such a solid design. There may be more advanced (and more expensive) vaporiser designs available but the Wispr still remains popular despite the fact that it does not have e.g. adjustable temperature control or some of the other features found on more sophisticated designs. But if you are looking for a solid, reliable, proven vaporiser design then the Wispr is a great choice.

Above, the Wispr comes complete with its own bag and cleaning kit. It is a solid proven vapouriser design at an affordable price.

There are many advantages to vaporising instead of smoking. Vaporising is healthier, and because it does not produce any smoke its a very discreet way to enjoy your cannabis. Vaporizing also allows your weed to last 2-3 times longer, this is because the vaporising process is much more efficient than smoking. Less of your precious weed disappears in smoke and more of it is used to get you high. This makes vaporising an increasingly popular, economical and healthy way to enjoy your recreational / medical cannabis. Many vaporiser owners feel that the vaporiser pays for itself within a few months thanks to the way it allows your pot to last longer.

If you have not yet switched from smoking to vaporising then it may be something you wish to seriously consider. At the moment we offer the Wispr2 together with the famous Dutch Passion 55mm herb grinder , it’s a solid combination which we think you will be very happy to own.

Wispr & Iolite Users Guide. Hints, tips and cleaning advice. The Iolite and Wispr are two classic vaporisers, after many years of using them, and selling them, we have come to love the simple

Iolite vaporizer instructions

The iolite vaporizer was the first portable – butane powered – vaporizer. It measures the size of an average mobile smartphone and weighs only 81 grams.

What’s in the box?

– carrying case
– cleaning device
– maintenance tool
– moisture condenser
– extendable mouthpiece
– 7 dot herb chamber screen
– replacement heater mesh screen
– instruction manual

As of 2011, the manufacturer, Oglesby & Butler, offers an additional part called the ‘optimizer’. It is however not included with the vaporizer. This is a little metal plate with three small pins that goes inside the herb chamber. It is meant to create more air space inside the filling chamber to allow for bigger, more flavorful hits.

Butane gas is also not included. Make sure you use only purified gas! A good way to find out if the brand of butane you are using contains impurities is to spray some butane onto a mirror. If any residue remains after 5 minutes the gas is not suitable.


Straight from the box, the iolite looks very sleek and compact. It is available in 9 different colors, excluding some limited edition colors.

When picking it up, I must admit that the unit itself feels a bit cheap and not very solid because of all the plastic.

Previously, problems with plastic tubing that melted have occurred, and for that reason the mouthpiece is now made of metal.


To open and fill the vaporizer, the top (where the stem is attached) can simply be taken off. Reattaching it is easy, as you can pop it right back on. Filling the iolite with herb can be done in seconds, especially when you have some pre-ground herb ready.

The advertised loading capacity of the bowl is .5 gram, but in reality the iolite holds about .25 grams of grinded herb. Which is still not bad since vaporization is much more efficient than smoking. Once loaded it is time to let it heat up.

After turning it on it automatically starts to heat up to the fixed temperature. The thermostat can be heard hissing during heat-up. The thermostat cycles it on/off, and you hear it a little after turning it off, as it dissipates the butane that’s already been dispensed. The sound is not disturbing however, and during a concert or at a movie theater it would be very hard to notice.

A few minutes after turning it on you’re ready to inhale. The hits are very decent for a portable vape and the temperature seems to be accurate – no burning at all. Using the mouthpiece extension allows for the vapor to cool down even more. It does make things a bit less stealthy however.

Iolite vaporizer instructions The iolite vaporizer was the first portable – butane powered – vaporizer. It measures the size of an average mobile smartphone and weighs only 81 grams. What’s in ]]>