incredibowl m420 pipe

Incredibowl m420 pipe

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The Incredibowl m420 is the newer and more compact version of the highly successful Incredibowl i420 Pipe. It has all the same features that made the i420 so successful but at a much smaller and compact size. It is under half the size of the original i420 model for easier and more discreet smoke sessions on the go with the same ultra convenient experience. Though it is smaller, the m420 Pipe is just as durable as it’s predecessor. You have a heavy duty anodized aluminum casing protecting the glass bowl and a polycarbonate filling tube that is proven to be virtually indestructible. Using the Incredibowl is just as easy if not easier than any other smoke pipe. Pack your material into the glass section, light your pipe and inhale. When enough smoke collects in the tube pull the bowl section away from you to open airflow and easily clear the chamber. Right out of the box the Incredibowl m420 is one of the most unique pipes around. Incredibowl offers several upgrades and options that you can add on at a discounted price above to set yours apart from the rest. Features & Specs Mini Incredibowl Smoke Pipe Dimensions: 5″ Long x 1″ Wide Weight: 1.5 oz Anodized Aluminum Bowl Armor Removable/Replaceable Glass Bowl Innovative Spring Loaded Carb System Extremely Durable Polycarbonate Filling Tube Smoke Injection Nozzle: Cools smoke before reaching downstem Silicone O-Ring Seals Several Accessories and Upgrades Available Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty Included: 1 x Incredibowl m420 1 x Incredibowl Sticker

Incredibowl Pipe

Reviews and Info

Where to Buy

I’ve discovered a few things that you should consider when purchasing the Incredibowl and have listed them below. Read them carefully before you make your final decision on where to buy the Incredibowl.

Make sure the Incredibowl is in stock

Even if you see it says it is in stock on the site always call first and check because a lot of sites will post that it is in stock even when it is not. So know before you buy whether or not you are back ordering the Incredibowl.

Look for the best deal

And I don’t mean only price. Check around different vendors because some offer a lot of free stuff with your order. Some give nothing out for free but there are those diamonds in the rough that will have some deals on shipping, a free grinder, or something along those lines.

Test their customer service

Nothing is worse than not knowing what is going on with your order or not getting updates on whether or not the item has shipped. So ahead of time simply call or send the vendor an email. The quicker the response the better.

Suggested Vendors:

When you are buying the Incredibowl it is often much better to purchase from a vendor online rather than a local head shop. In my experience head shops rarely accept returns and also do not provide assistance with using the product post-purchase if you need it.

The Incredibowl is the best portable smoking device out there right now. I’m sure you have gone through many different pipes on your way to researching the Incredibowl and let me tell you now that this is where it’s at. Not only is it durable and easy to use, but it is not going to break the bank and it delivers one of the smoothest smoking experiences out there.

Incredibowl Pipe Reviews and Info Where to Buy I’ve discovered a few things that you should consider when purchasing the Incredibowl and have listed them below. Read them carefully before ]]>