hypnos linx zero

Hypnos linx zero

Replacement Hypnos Atomizer.


1 x Hypnos Atomizer


14 mm (Diameter) x 24.5 mm (Length)


Linx Hypnos, Linx Hypnos Zero

” data-regular-description=” Replacement Hypnos Atomizer. INCLUDES: 1 x Hypnos Atomizer DIMENSION: 14 mm (Diameter) x 24.5 mm (Length) COMPATIBLE WITH: Linx Hypnos, Linx Hypnos Zero” data-images=”4595775471703 || Replacement single coil ceramic chamber atomizer for Linx Hypnos and Hypnos Zero ||” data-collection-handles=”accessories,cyber-monday-2020-sales,hypnos-accessories,hypnos-zero-accessories” > Quick View


Linx Ares, Linx Hypnos, Linx Hypnos Zero

” data-regular-description=”Replacement USB Charger Compatible with the Linx Ares and Hypnos. INCLUDE: 1 x USB Charger (Compatible with the Linx Ares and Hypnos) COMPATIBLE WITH: Linx Ares, Linx Hypnos, Linx Hypnos Zero” data-images=”4595825016919 || Replacement Linx Hypnos Charger, compatible with Linx Hypnos and Linx Hypnos Zero ||” data-collection-handles=”accessories,ares-accessories,cyber-monday-2020-sales,hypnos-accessories,hypnos-zero-accessories” > Quick View


1 x Hypnos Case


132 mm (Length) x 73 mm (Width) x 20 mm (height)


Linx Hypnos Zero

” data-regular-description=”Protect your Hypnos Zero and accessories with our new black carrying case. INCLUDES: 1 x Hypnos Case DIMENSION: 132 mm (Length) x 73 mm (Width) x 20 mm (height) COMPATIBLE WITH: Linx Hypnos Zero” data-images=”4595852050519 || Linx Hypnos Zero Carrying Case ||4595852345431 || Linx Hypnos Zero Carrying Case When Opened ||” data-collection-handles=”accessories,cyber-monday-2020-sales,hypnos-accessories,hypnos-zero-accessories” > Quick View

Choose from accessories compatible with Hypnos Zero wax vaporizer pen.

Hypnos Zero


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Most awarded



“The best vape for extract.”

“Best portable extract vaporizer.”

Extract the taste

Zero fibers, plastics or paints, the Hypnos Zero utilizes its ceramic plate and chamber along with the glass mouthpiece to deliver toxin free vapor.

The powerful ceramic plate heats up instantly and evenly across the surface, offering unparalleled pure flavor.

The uniquely designed heating plate effectively vaporizes, leaving little to zero waste.

No exposed coil makes for safe and easy filling and cleaning, and increases atomizer life span.

Measuring in at 10.7cm (with mouthpiece attached), the Hypnos Zero packs tremendous power in a small body.





1 Hypnos Zero Atomizer
2 Glass Mouthpieces (with 1 filter section)
1 Hypnos Zero Rechargeable Battery
1 USB Charger
1 Hypnos Zero Carrying Case
1 Linx Tool

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Why does my Hypnos Zero keep flashing white? The Hypnos Zero flashes white 10 times when the battery is depleted. Charge the battery fully before next use.

The battery will also flash 10 times when the power button is held for 15 seconds. This indicates that the overheat protection feature is triggered and your device will be shut off automatically. Press the power button 5 times to turn back on the device. My Hypnos is not working, why is it not producing vapor?

Be sure to use stable extracts that are hard or wax type extracts for best results, runny oils are not recommended.

Apply a small amount (0.05 – 0.1 grams) of extract on the bottom of the atomizer, DO NOT try to fill the chamber, less is more! Hold down the power button while inhaling until you are finished with your hit. Always keep inhaling for five seconds after releasing the power button to draw cool air in to the device.

Store upright with the Cap on when not in use. Always turn the device off when not in use to prevent accidental activation by pressing the power button five times quickly.

For optimum vapor quality, always keep your Linx Hypnos Zero clean. You can find the cleaning video here.

Can I use my own 510 battery? Our atomizers are compatible with most 510 batteries, however some may not make a connection. My plate has dark marks after a few uses, is this normal? It is normal for the plate to turn dark at times. The device will function the same way and it will definitely not affect your vaping experience. Do not try to poke, scratch, push, pull or move the ceramic plate in any way with any tool as this may permanently damage your atomizer. What is the warranty for Hypnos Zero? Hypnos Zero is covered by one year limited warranty. If you have warranty questions or need support, please contact us by submitting a ticket, select “Warranty”. Make sure to include your order number (LNXVPR followed by numbers), product and a detailed description of the issues so we can start the warranty service. Videos or pictures are recommended if available. Please do not tamper any parts of the device as tampering will void your warranty. Also check out our warranty page for detail coverage.

Featuring four temperature settings, Linx Hypnos Zero is constructed with medical grade components and a uniquely designed ceramic plate atomizer for pure taste