how to use a rolling mat

Roll kitchen chores away with our roller mat

Easy, quick and versatile, the Franke Roller Mat is a wonderful kitchen accessory with a host of applications, from a dish drainer to a trivet.

Pure Swiss innovation

Simply roll out the stainless steel mat, and you’re ready. It’s an ideal solution whether draining glasses or protecting surfaces from hot and heavy cooking pots. And when you don’t need it, just roll it up. Not only can the Roller Mat be used on any countertop, it also fits precisely over the basins of many of our undermount sinks or on the integral ledge of your Franke sink giving you an added surface for cleaning and prepping.

Keep surfaces spotless

Our Roller Mat is a great way to protect kitchen countertops and tables from marks caused by pots and pans.

Ready for a Franke Roller Mat? Protect your kitchen worktop and table from hot pots and pans with this Franke Kitchen Systems innovation. Roll out the magic! ]]>