how to split a blunt with your fingers

Compulsory Citizenship Behavior: Theorizing Some Dark Sides of the Good Soldier Syndrome in Organizations. Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour , 36(1), pp.77-93. Glass jars with an airtight seal, like mason jars, are the way to go.

They don’t have any static charge and limit oxygen exposure. Just remember that if there’s no actual phosphorus deficiency currently appearing on your cannabis plant, adding more phosphorus is probbaly not going to help plants grow better or make bigger buds – in fact adding too much phosphorus may actually hurt your plants by preventing the uptake of other nutrients! While it’s difficult to overdose your plants on phosphorus, adding too much compared to other nutrients will often cause other strange & unexpected deficiencies to appear. I believe this happens due to a type of “variegation” (wikipedia link) and may be due to “sectorial chimera”. Other plants besides cannabis plants can have this happen, too! The percolator can be filled from the top, usually about halfway is good as long as all the slits are in the water. -Cover, pouch of product accepts custom logo/color printing.

Please be cooperative and provide artwork as requirement when placing order. We supply commonly used material are PVC & acrylic if you have additional requirements, please contact us. We provide 2X 3X 4X magnification lens let you choose. Smoking session all pau (left to right): Smoked Small Squid Portuguese Sausage style, Smoked Squid Big Island style, Smoked Tako Big Island style, Smoked Tako Misoyaki style and Smoked Tako Charsiu style. Top row: Smoked Semi-Homemade Portuguese Sausage Stuffed Aburage and Smoked Semi-Homemade Portuguese Sausage (rolled in foil so it sets-up like a sausage) Get today’s need-to-know convenience industry intelligence. Sign up to receive texts from CSP on news and insights that matter to your brand. The term "specific gravity" refers to the ratio of dissolved solids (salts, for example) to volume in a urine sample. This is an indication of the dilution or concentration of the sample based on the ratio of urine weight to water weight. The normal range is between 1.003 and 1.030, but the majority of samples will be between 1.010 and 1.025. The samples given by diabetics and people with specific renal diseases will generally have low specific gravity levels. High specific gravity may indicate dehydration, hepatic disease, adrenal insufficiency or congestive heart failure. A urine sample will be regarded as abnormally diluted if it has a specific gravity under 1.003. Interviewer : What questions did the interviewer ask during the job interview? Kroger Courtesy Clerk : What made me want to work for Kroger? When you’ve finished vaping with one of the best weed vape tank devices, you need to clear out the vaporized weed (called “ABV”) before you can use it again. This part of the process is pretty easy, but you’ll almost always leave some residue in the chamber. The mesh screens used to filter the vapor before you inhale also often pick up small bits during the vaping process. This in particular can impact the performance of your weed atomizer by throttling the path from the chamber to the mouthpiece. It's in the aisle right next to the bottled Thai and Indian spices (find the Patak bottles, and it's right next door). It's quite a small bottle, like steak sauce, and it's a clear golden colour. Data from FEMA suggests that up to 80% of vape explosions occur when the device is charging. If you charge your vape at night and fall asleep, you run the risk of allowing it to charge for several hours longer than necessary.

This increases the chances of an overheated battery catching on fire. Upon donation to the museum, the information board in front of the tank that houses the dab says: Cover your tracks using tools like TOR browser or I2P Consider apps like Burner which give you a temporary phone number that you can get rid of once you’re done using it Stay away from mail order deals especially if the product is crossing state lines. It will return hundreds of results, but you’ll need to do a background check on your prospect. Check Instagram accounts tagged #420 #notforsale #weedin[name of country / town]. Instagram has recently become a good place for local growers to communicate with people interested in their crops. Use communicators like Wickr me or Signal for encrypted communication. This is to ensure that no 3rd-party app can read your messages. Familiarize yourself with slang substitutes for weed, but make sure they don’t come from the weed slang itself. There are other items and activities you can relate to when talking about your, hm, groceries.

Check different online communities and forums for cannabis aficionados. This way, you’ll be able to make yourself a network of contacts should one of your weed guys be out of reach. LeafedIn is a great source for people seeking a weed supplier. It’s a cannabis social network with an all-important list of scammers.


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