how to load glass blunt

How to Use a Glass Blunt

As an alternative to rolling papers or regular blunt wraps, glass blunts are a more eco-friendly way to smoke your favorite herb. Glass blunts are easy to use, easy to clean, and won’t break the bank no matter what your budget is. Learn how to pack a glass blunt here at SMOKEA®.

We’re experts who have spent a lot of time finding the best products for smokers like you and we’ve spent even more time coming up with ideas to teach you how to use them. Glass blunts are unlike any other smoking product which means you may need to learn exactly how to use a glass blunt. If you’re a seasoned smoker or you’re brand new to smoking, learn the best best way to use these glass blunts!

The Basics

Glass blunts are made to load product like a rolled cigarette, just inside of glass instead of paper. To load the product and dispose of the ash, the glass cigar will either operate using a slide system or a twist mechanism.

Sliders, like the ones by Ooze and GRAV, will include an inner tube that slides back and forth during operation. This allows you to get as much product as possible loaded into the blunt while also maximizing the smoking experience.

You don’t need to be an expert in how to pack a glass blunt: simply slide it back, load the chamber with herb, light the product, and inhale. As the product burns, users can slide the inner glass tube forward to dispose of the ash.

The Twisty Glass Blunt by 7 Pipe works a little differently than the sliders. To learn how to pack a glass blunt like this one, all you must do is twist the screw as you’re loading. The product will gravitate down into the glass cigar as the device rotates. Then, light the end and enjoy! One benefit to the Twisty Glass Blunt is that it’s also designed to fit inside a 14mm or 10mm (10mm on Twisty Mini only) glass water pipe for users who like tamer hits.


After loving your glass cigar a few times, it will be time to clean it. Don’t be intimidated, though! If you’ve already learned how to pack a glass blunt, then cleaning one is even easier!

The best method for cleaning these devices is to use Formula 420 cleaning products. Some glass cigars even come with their own tiny pipe brush for cleaning out the mouthpiece. Remember to dry each piece well before reassembling and using it again. If you fail to dry it out, mold could build up in the inner workings after so many uses. Failing to clean and dry it properly could also negatively impact the glass blunt and cause it to malfunction.

So, there you have it! You’ve learned how to use a glass blunt. For many people, using a glass blunt is easier and more convenient than any other smoking method. We dare you to go back to a traditional pipe or, heck, even rolling papers after you’ve mastered the glass blunt.

Now that you know how to pack a glass blunt, grab yours from SMOKEA® today!

You may not know how to pack a glass blunt, but that shouldn't stop you from checking out these convenient wares. Learn how to use a glass blunt at SMOKEA®.

How to Fill A Glass Blunt – 7 Easy Steps

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As far as we know, blunts originated in the hip-hop culture of the 90’s. Basically, a blunt is a hollowed out, small cigar, with most of it’s tobacco removed.

What’s left is a leaf shell, which can then be stuffed with weed to make a kind of mega joint. The leaf wrapper burns slow, and the blunt is made for sharing; it’s pretty much too big, fat, and strong to smoke alone.

Blunts helped to differentiate the pot smoking culture of black hip hop artists from hippie culture, whose smoking tended towards joints and bongs. A blunt is a way of saying, “this is how we do it, our way”.

The big, smelly, over the top way. Smoking a blunt can be a lot of fun, but the tobacco wrapper means that you are smoking a lot of tobacco along with your weed, making it one of the unhealthiest methods of smoking.

But now that has all changed, with the invention of the glass blunt.

The glass blunt gives you the size and quantity of weed that you get with a blunt, without the tobacco wrapper. The result is a big, fat, strong blunt that is pure cannabis and no tobacco.

It’s super easy to use and fill, and the glass tube means that, unlike a joint or a blunt that keeps burning in between puffs, the glass blunt only burns when it is actually being hit, saving you a lot of weed from going up in smoke.

So basically, you get the bling of a blunt without the tobacco burn on your lungs and wasted weed.

Now for the practicum: How do you fill this thing?

We are going to focus on the “Twisty Glass Blunt”, a relatively new invention that is easy to use, and will get you and your friends very stoned indeed. The Twisty Glass Blunt basically has four parts:

  • The glass tube
  • The rubber cap
  • The twisting mechanism, which goes inside the glass tube and helps pack the weed while pushing the ashes of the smoked weed down and out.
  • The smoking mechanism, a metal cap at the end of the blunt with holes to smoke through, which functions as both a filter and a mouthpiece for smoking.

So basically, the glass tube is standing in for the outer layer of tobacco leaf in an original cigar based blunt, so you are smoking 100% weed.

  1. Start by getting yourself some marijuana and a grinder. Take a large sized chunk, put it inside your quality grinder (see article for our favorite and not so favorite grinders), and, well, grind.

You want to grind the weed well, but not too much, so that your weed doesn’t turn to powder and lose its beautiful and powerful crystals.

  1. Once it is all the way in, keep twisting until the smoking mechanism (that metal cap at the end of the twisty thing), screws all the way in to the blunt.
  1. Remove the rubber cap from the other end of the blunt and you are ready to roll!
  1. Once your weed is ground, make sure that the little rubber cap is affixed to one end of the glass tube, so that the weed won’t fall out as your put it in. Twisty Glass Blunt’s makers recommend filling, but not tightly packing the pipe.

Either pinch up the ground weed between two fingers and drop it inside the tube, or place your ground weed on a small piece of paper with a fold in it, and let the weed slide off the end into the pipe.

You can use the twisty mechanism to pack your weed in a little bit tighter in the pipe. Once the tube is full, take the twisty mechanism and twist it into the blunt pipe.

The mechanism with spin down into the tube, lifting up some of the weed to allow the twisty thing to go all the way into the tube, while simultaneously packing the weed down into the tube.

  1. Once it is all the way in, keep twisting until the smoking mechanism (that metal cap at the end of the twisty thing), screws all the way in to the blunt.
  1. Remove the rubber cap from the other end of the blunt and you are ready to roll!
  1. Once you have taken a few hits, you can twist the twisty thing to make the ashes you have accumulated fall out of the end of the blunt, keeping the next hits fresh and ash free, which is both tastier and healthier.

The glass blunt is easy to use, for an impressively large joint like smoke with way less hassle than a traditional cigar blunt and none of the tobacco.

The glass blunt gives you the size and quantity of weed that you get with a blunt, without the tobacco wrapper. But, how do you fill this thing? ]]>