how to hide weed from parents

How to Hide Weed From Your Kids

Marijuana is becoming legal in more and more places, which means that more and more people are bringing home weed. No matter if you prefer low-key vape cartridges, sticky nugs, tasty edible treats , or the myriad varieties of concentrates, one thing remains the same: You have to keep that stuff away from your kids.

New regulations went into effect this month in California mandating all products come in child-resistant packaging, which is a step up from the child-resistant go bags that dispensaries use to wrap up your entire order. Those can be tricky enough for kids to open, but the problem is, most people don’t keep the products in that bag once they get them home. As of July 1 , in California, “All cannabis goods must be in child-resistant packaging, only having exit or secondary packaging be child-resistant shall no longer suffice.”

So the industry is getting more creative —and relying on some old standbys, too. Pill bottles, for example, are popular since their child-resistant tops are easy for adults to open—you’ve opened hundreds of them in your lifetime, no doubt—while still thwarting most little kids. All Pax Era pods come in a package with a push-and-twist lid like a pill bottle, and sells a black glass stash jar with a similar child-resistant cap, like a high-end pill bottle that’s suitable for concentrates or flowers.

Crativ makes a plastic case perfect for edibles, that doesn’t lock but is very tricky to open—you have to press in on the sides and then push a latch on the front for the lid to pop up. When your edible treats are gone, you can recycle the case or repurpose it for any number of child-unfriendly items.

Of course, keeping your weed out of your kids’ hands isn’t up to the industry—it’s up to you, their parents. Luckily, there are a million ways to do that. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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Disguise it

You know what kids aren’t into? Cans of instant coffee. A big old box of prunes. You could repurpose some very boring, empty packaging into a hiding place for your stash, especially if that stash is still in its childproof packaging and just needs to be removed from sight. Or pick up a $12 hide-in-plain-sight personal vault that just looks like a can of meat. Want a hiding place that also locks? When’s the last time your kids borrowed a dictionary from your bookshelf? AmazonBasics has book safes that lock with keys or a combo lock for under $13.

Marijuana is becoming legal in more and more places, which means that more and more people are bringing home weed. No matter if you prefer low-key vape cartridges, sticky nugs, tasty edible treats, or the myriad varieties of concentrates, one thing remains the same: You have to keep that stuff away from your kids.

How to hide my pot smoking from my parents?

Chester da Horse
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It’s not a big enough deal to move out over?

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They prescribed you adderall and ritalin for depression/anxiety? You got a med license for depression/anxiety? C’mon.

Why do your parents think you are not ready? Sounds like there are more issues.

Like it or not you don’t really get to enjoy freedom until you step up to the responsibilities that go with it. So if you can’t talk it out you’ll have to hide it. Peanut butter and Visine are good for cloaking the effects and the ozium sprays are pretty good for masking the scent.

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My fathers wife says the smell makes her nauseous. He bought a Magic Flight Launch Box. (hand held vape) he can vape in the same room with her and she can’t tell.

The little box works for him, but my tolerance is too high to use it often. I’d have to roast like 2 trenches.

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The Smoke Buddy can help with the smell. Get the regular, not the junior.

Fluff Up
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you’re 21, I assume you’re parents are older than you (usually a safe assumption), therefore you’re all adults
Talking about it openly and honestly really is the best route, they need to accept you’re not a small child any more, as a young adult they have to leave you to make your own mistakes and be there when you need them.
Hiding it, concealing it and ultimately lying to your parents will just lead to more stress, arguing and bad feelings between you all
it may seem difficult now but is explaining that you lied to them about something they clearly feel strongly about will be a lot more difficult. It doesn’t have to be a fight, just tell them how you feel/what you need in a calm & reasonable manner, if they say something to upset you don’t ride on the anger/hurt, rationally think about what it is that made you angry, consider that they love you when they say something stupid to annoy you, and bare that in mind while you take on what they said.
The volume of your argument is inverse to the validity of your argument, the louder someones got to shout the less strength what they say has.

if you really need to hide it, pretty much the sprays etc. advised above and never smoke to close to when you’ll be around them for periods of time like dinner etc. give it 30-45 minutes, they’ll pick up on your “altered” behaviour

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Chester da Horse
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TBH, when I was 23 I started smoking weed and investigating the alphabet of drugs. I straight out phoned my ultraconservative control freak father and told him I love the ganja. I just explained to him that it was the key to stabilising my mental health and that the current social construct surrounding it was contorted away from the truth. It didn’t go down well, but if they see me smoke a J they just shake their heads instead of freaking out.

Underneath it all, love conquers the irrational fear of this helpful herb that the government has instilled in their generation.

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Edibles. Done. HMU if you want some sweet recipes. I make badass rice crispy treats. I have a few recipes that you can’t taste any ganja at all in them.

I can’t go without smoking personally, because I LOVE the taste. The flavor was my primary motivator all those years ago. I like a vap and concentrates from time to time, but the sweet flower has no equal. If you can deal with edibles, do it. If not, just be honest. It may sting for a sec, but it will pass.

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OK the truth of the matter is tell your parents strait out . my own father hates drugs but seen how weed effects me compared to the pills doctors will put me on

good thing u got out of the doctor pills . mess up all kinds of things

as for hiding it Vape works well they sell several pens u can load up with oils gotten from the shops or u can by premix/packaged pens like Ovape

if u are like me and rather have a strong bong hit u can use a short bong stash it anywhere or can get a longer (but this requires u think out a space use it and then put away)
this here is to blow tho to let the hit out
that is the main stream product . u can make one out of papertowel roll and dryer sheets shove a bunch down in the tub on one side put a sheet over the end with a rubber band to hold the sheet in when u blow hard . toss out every 2 weeks

other choice if it fits your style is a gasmask filter . just blow tho the end that should take in the bad air other end nothing will come tho no smell or anything good for 6/8 months then replace it

as for smoking indoor and killing any and all oders
this thing is a great it has a ozone choice this will kill the smell of anything just do not run it all the time . as for a excuse it cleans the air of everything it has a UV light to kill bugs so u got it (400cfm it should handle a 10x12x7 room in 2 mins ) just using a large room for bed room

joints and stuff like that u blow at the back of the fan . if u have 5 mins u can clear the smell/smoke
i have one and cut just under 8 oz in under 3 hours jarred them up and got rid of stems . turned the fan on got 20 mins of run time and buddy shows up could not smell anything and if knew had HP on me would of been all over my ass for a free jar

No i'm not 14 i'm 21. I'm a college girl. My parents pretty much begged me not to move out this year because they dont think im ready. I was going to move…