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Today’s drivers and mechanics need to possess technical computer skills to operate or repair this modern equipment. Wider wheel bases mean sprayers are wider, heavier, and faster. This means that collisions have become more than minor fender benders. Another significant factor is the quality of the rolling papers.

First of all, the thickness of the papers will determine the burn rate. With thinner papers, a larger amount of air is able to pass through, causing the joint to burn slower. Second, smoking papers are made from different materials. Papers can be made from flax, hemp, rice, wood pulp etc. Third, the additives can cause the papers to burn fast, so if you want a slow burning joint and a healthier smoke, thin additive-free papers are a great choice. Some smokers add an extra paper over the joint to prevent sideburns and make the zoot last longer. You can also add a stock count and you can use it to your advantage because customers panic if they see that the product they are looking at is the last one.

Interplanetary Development makes amazing products if you want a classic smell-proof bag for your dankest nugs. They're made of heavy-duty black plastic and are sold individually or in quantities of 10 or 25 so you'll always have one on hand. They also come in five sizes, perfect for carrying as little or as much as you need. If you want something discreet you can keep in your pocket or backpack, these are a no-brainer. The first two are great for taste and produce light vapor, while the last two deliver thicker clouds and a bit more punch. Personally, I finish my sessions on the highest temperature, and not having a traditional shut-off timer lets me take my time here, which I really enjoy. A lower temperature will result in a better tasting, more flavoursome vapour that is less visible. The C ratchet perc is versatile as it can be used for dry herb but it works better with dabs. For the record, if you want a rig capable of burning weed better, you need a device with bigger pieces for additional filtration to cope with the extra harshness of herb. Low price or not, one of the most puzzling aspects of the ratchet per dab rig was the absence of a nail. You have to purchase one yourself if you want to dab, although it has a bowl for dry herb. Here is a short clip demonstrating both the diffusion and valved-stem function. Enjoy the preferred, first class treatment as a customer. All purchases made on are automatically upgraded to a 10 year extended warranty, free of charge. If your grow light is big enough to make it hot in your grow room, you will greatly increase your security by investing in a good exhaust system that pulls hot air out of your grow room and vents it outside (but make sure you don't forget Step 3, get a carbon scrubber to ensure you're not venting out the smell of your flowering plants). Good heat ventilation also makes growing less suspicious in your house. That being said, no amount of exhaust will totally offset the heat generated by a grow operation (smaller grows aren't as easy to detect). If you are a cannabis smoker that wants to use weed more efficiently, and you smoke blunts, then you came to the right post. Well, a blunt roach (or just roach for short) is the end of a blunt that typically does not get smoked. It is the part of the blunt that you hold and when the blunt is being smoked; the roach is usually thrown out. However, in most cases, there is still a small amount of weed left in the roaches. Now, it may be a small amount, and it may be resinated, but it still contains THC and can get you high. So, with that being said, here are some ways on what you can do to use those blunt roaches. Once you’ve reached week 8, buds are fattening quickly.

Trichomes and pistils are maturing, though new pistils may continue to develop on the buds as they grow. is an online head shop located in Orange County, CA.

Free & Discreet Shipping on total orders of $50 or more! You can use the red-hot coil of a car lighter to vaporize concentrates, but you’re most likely going to end up ruining your car lighter pretty quickly. The coil will vaporize most of it, but there’s always a chance of getting it on the sides. Once this happens you can’t put it back into the slot without getting goo inside. Unfortunately, due to current laws and regulations The Legion cannot sell directly to customers or ship our products.


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