how much is a weed plant worth

How much money can you make growing weed?

Growing weed is lucrative, as you may already know. But just how lucrative?

How much money can you for instance make with a spare room? Remember some UK police forces have pretty much claimed they are no longer pursuing small scale cannabis growers. There are even cannabis clubs operating with the agreement of progressive thinking local police.

A program on the BBC ‘hash in the attic‘ revealed all. This is quite an old program now so you can probably add a little to the projected income figures.

You could have 3 or 4 plants in a wardrobe, generating £2-300 every 3 or 4 months.

Using a spare room you can generate £10-15k ($16-24k) ever year.

You could generate 1 kilo every ten weeks, selling a little to friends (that’s what the program said!)

If you used a whole house you could have 5 crops per year at around £15k per crop – adding up to a pretty massive £70k ($116k) per year.

Industrial operations can easily make £400k ($663k) per year. That would be generating 30-50 kilos per crop. Each crop could be worth around £120k.

Another interesting fact the program brought up was that 1900 cannabis plants can make a huge £500k ($829k) every eight weeks!

And it’s so easy to buy your own cannabis seeds! Maybe they are trying to tell us something.

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is this a joke? this is more illegal than rape.

I’m not quite sure how one thing is more illegal than another – it is either legal or it is not.

I think if you look at the harm caused to people from either one rape is a whole lot worse than growing some weed.

It’s a plant, and if you have some space I would encourage you to grow some. It can save you having to come into contact with those ‘criminal elements’ that the government force us to go to by making a plant unlawful.

So no, it’s not a joke, it’s quite useful information actually.

And obviously, growing it is one thing. Moving it all, in such large amounts is a completely different affair (though certainly not impossible).

very nice blog DP
soon to come a website for activism – incredible how slow we all got politically here in the uk. look at norml in the US… – Nu labour has betrayed the pot people

@dope smoker
true shit, I like to save my weed seeds and put them in the dirt at random places I go. I’m kind of like a modern day Jonny Appleseed, if you will.

Thanks anon, I’m ready to help fight the good fight!

I grew some hydroponicly (6 plant crops a few times in my cupboard)
the cuttings were from a top quality Big Bud mother plant and those fuckers yielded huge returns.
Kept them small and compact via pruning/cutting back and they ended up as 1 massive bud
bout 2 oz a plant 😀

Hydropnics is easy to set up and maintain.real anal growers will say you have to have the PH at exactly 7,you must clean and re-feed the water every few days and have temprature control & fans etc

Yes this is true but for a small scale operation in a cupboard then it really isnt an issue.
Afterall weed and most variants are actually weeds and will thrive as long as they have light/CO2 and nutrients (either via hydroponics or the old fashioned potted with compost type)

Illegal does not = wrong, Legal does not = Right

Never a truer word (or two) spoken.

@Dick Smallington
Is it still good bud thou?

And if they made the wardrobe legal, problem solved, everyones happy. 😀

arrrrrrrrr the romance. i think most smokers like to ponder the idea of growing, but sit and think carefully, have u a loose tong, do u like showing off, have u got warrants, have u got gas/electric checks, do u have a private landlord? the list is endless, growing in this economic climate is risky stuff, also there are plenty of random events that can bring your grow to the attention of the law. what im saying is just flirt with the idea of doing a bit of jail, cause dude u gotta be prepared to do the crime and do the time (like me)and to finish this little chapter of realism if u own your home and have alott of STUFF they can confiscate the Lot under proceeds of crime(twats leave u with nothing)in it great growing, wait theres some one banging on my door……………………………………

Haha that’s funny u can make 12.grand every 3 months from just 2md100 trays and 2 600 watt lite in a decent size bedroom.

It’s such an established illegal market now, thanks to prohibition.

If you have a big private back garden you could probably do the same with virtually no costs..

More illegal than rape….I don’t think you would be spouting that if your sister, mother, or wife was brutally raped. Nothing to joke about a-hole.

I think he means that you would get more jail time if you were caught growing than you would if you actually raped somebody. Yes our priorities and justice system are pretty screwed up when growing or selling weed is considered more serious and more deserving of jail time than raping somebody.

How much money can you make growing weed? Growing weed is lucrative, as you may already know. But just how lucrative? How much money can you for instance make with a spare room? Remember some

How much is a weed plant worth?

So often now we hear another depressing headline:

Cannabis with a street value of twelve zillion pounds was recovered by the police.

Gosh, didn’t the police do well to get soo much weed. Or it’s:

£10 million of marijuana seized at port.

It’s an interesting idea to explore, the value of a weed plant. Or some weed. The BBC did a fab job of showing how much money you can make selling it.

The thing they – ie the police and authorities get wrong again and again is that they come across say 20 kilos of weed. Like this story for instance which just popped up in my Google news page:

So, according to these clowns, 20 kilos of weed is worth €200,000!

All this is so wrong, let me explain why.

When the police work out the ‘street value’ of a drug, they work it out as if the entire amount of cannabis was all bought at the price it costs the guy on the street, which is, of course not how it works. Ever. (Unless of course it was legal!) It goes through middlemen first. And that changes the cost/profit situation somewhat. I have been one of these middlemen most of my life at some point. The people who keep this economy going. The person you get your bit of weed from.

So, in reality, how much is a kilo of weed? As in how much were these drugs really worth by uk standards? Well I have bought half kilos before, not many though. I remember nine bar prices many years ago (that’s 9 ounces, or a quarter kilo) in the North of England were as low as £250 for a bar of imported hash. And that was a long time ago too. And that’s imported – so say a grand a kilo on crap hash. Locally grown weed is not going to be that far different.

I think an estimate of £1-3k would be fair for a kilo of weed in the UK. I dare you to disagree. (Added – up to £5k apparently, for ‘Cheese’.)

Buying in bulk is so much cheaper when you know the right people. 🙂

So the Irish story – not what it appears – the cops found maybe £20k of weed. Not their utterly unbelievable story which would put the weed at a price of €10,000 per kilo!! Not that far off the price of a kilo of cocaine. Total fairy stories.

Does this deserve coverage by a major Irish newspaper? Absolutely no. But it helps to show what a marvelous job the police are apparently doing by so efficiently saving us from this terrible killer plant. Well done chaps. Keep up your good work. Work that will never ever ever end as long as you live. Sound good?

How much is a weed plant worth? So often now we hear another depressing headline: Cannabis with a street value of twelve zillion pounds was recovered by the police. Gosh, didn’t the ]]>