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Spare parts and accessories for the Hot Box Vaporizer, makers of the the world’s coolest vaporizers.

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Spare parts and accessories for the Hot Box Vaporizer, makers of the the world’s coolest vaporizers.

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Hot Box Vapors Vaporizer Replacement Parts

Hot Box Vapors produces one of the best tabletop vaporizers on the market. It is remarkably simple, both in form and in utility. The box-style vaporizer is made from a single seamless cube with a glass attachment on the front of the device. The controls on the rear are limited to a single dial that acts as an on/off switch. Not only is the device intuitive, but it blends in well with most decors without drawing attention to its true function.

The Hot Box Vapors Vaporizer is one of the most effective methods of vaporing any ground aromatic blend. The device uses a heating method that draws hot air over the source material, so the material never comes in direct contact with the element. This prevents any combustion, which is what creates smoke. The company that built this amazing tabletop device understood there was no need for additional expensive components like a digital temperature gauge or a preset temperature unit, because the device works as fast the user needs it to. How quickly the user takes advantage of the device in succession is the deciding factor for the temperature.

The brand is often used by those who have higher standards for their vapor, and those with discerning needs. The Hot Box, which is the brand’s flagship product, has been tested for its quality by several third-party entities, and it has been certified for its efficiency. One of the best features of the device is there are no truly consumable items that must be changed out in order to use the system. The manufacturer of the product, which is located in Orange County, California, only hires American workers and uses parts primarily made in the United States.

The company also produces several premium accessories that can be used to upgrade their primary device. These parts are made from durable materials like Pyrex glass and silicon rubber. Each of these accessories are built with the same care and attention as their vaporizers.

Hot Box Vapors Components

We at stock a wide selection of accessories that expand the utility of the Hot Box Vapors. Some Hot Box Vapors Vaporizer replacement parts include things that aren’t required for the device to function, but can simply make the device run smoother and more efficiently than it already does.

One of the first Hot Box Vapors Vaporizer replacement parts is the Standard Aromatherapy Bulb, which is ideal for relaxation and study. It functions as a standard aromatherapy diffuser and is compatible with most other standard vaporizers. We also carry a ground glass version of the same device.

Our selection of Hot Box Vapors Vaporizer replacement parts also includes Heater Covers, which are OEM parts made to help protect the element from disturbance. It slides on and off with ease and is made from durable Pyrex glass, and it includes a screen within the piece. The screen protects the material from moving through the air channel as the air passes over it.

We also carry two kits for expanding the Hot Box into a whip-based device. One is for standard devices and the other is for ground glass devices. They each contain a 2pc whip, several replacement screens, a pick tool, and an extra rubber grommet. These kits are ideal for using in a shared experience, or for those who prefer to sit back and relax while enjoying their vapor. The whip for these devices includes a glass stem that attaches to the heating element within the device, and the whip itself attaches to a second glass piece the fits into the stem. This separation prevents the user from experiencing any burns while handling the device or whip.

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