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The snail knows a lot.

In the modern market there is a large number of all kinds of hookahs: from classics to the most modern design units. But this is not enough, because the current youth all over the world are moving away from the dreary sit-rounds and arguments about how “the ships plow the expanses of the universe.” But traditional hookahs are forced to be attached to the place of smoking, which creates some inconvenience, because life is boiling and you do not want to miss a single moment. This is what prompted the idea of ​​creating a unique mini hookah Hookah Snail, which makes it possible to be mobile and independent.

Mini pipe

Miniature desktop pipe Hookah Snail Mini. Incredibly stylish, defiant and smoky hookah. A wide variety of flavoring solutions that can be implemented with its help are almost limitless, and the aroma of smoke itself turns out to be very rich! Ideal for smoking on a company of 2-3 people.

Hookah glass

Exclusive pipe Hookah Snail Glass. A fundamentally new product on the world market. Thanks to its mobility, you absolutely will not be limited in dynamics. The design is designed so that nothing prevents you from enjoying active communication or even dancing in a nightclub. Designed for 1 person.

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What do those who want to deliciously smoke, but does not want to be tied to the place of smoking? The answer is elementary: with a pipe in a glass Hookah Snail, there is no binding to the place, it can be smoked in the speaker. In addition, both compact units, like “Mini” and “Glass”, are easily placed in a backpack or bag, so with them you can easily travel to nature, to visit a friend and in general to anywhere!


A special two-level design of the bowl will ensure a very economical consumption of tobacco and coals. For 45-60 minutes of full-fledged smoking, only 7-10 grams of tobacco or fruit mixture (. ) is needed, which is 2-3 times less than on classic hookahs (depending on the method of piling). At the same time, heating up 2-3 pieces of coal will be a sufficient solution.

Simplicity in everything

The assembly and preparation for smoking takes only a few minutes – even a girl without relevant experience can easily collect and smoke our hookahs. Simplicity can be traced in the care: all parts are easily disassembled and washed (can be washed in a dishwasher), in addition, even after the most “odorous” and spicy tobacco (for example, Afzal Pan Raas or Pan Masala), an unpleasant smell in a stem made of heat-resistant laboratory glass Simax, completely missing!

Smoke and taste

Immediately try to dispel the popular myth that the hookah is higher and bigger, the more qualitative, smokier and tastier the process of smoking will be. All this is real nonsense – because the smoke when smoking miniature hookahs Hookah Snail is not less than with the smoking of their older brethren, and the taste itself is perhaps even brighter than in the classics. The aroma itself is very saturated and without a luscious aftertaste!

Time for experiments

Tasteful solutions that can be implemented with our hookahs are practically limitless! We suggest you experiment: fill the flask with water, and with an interesting cocktail with the addition of syrups, pieces of fruit, berries (nobody forbade freezing them into ice cubes), mint leaves, etc. All this, to all other things, clearly gives smoke an extra taste. Why not make a mix of filler appropriate to the taste of tobacco (for example, tobacco: mandarin + ragweed, filler: mandarin slices + citrus syrup), creating the illusion that you smoke not with tobacco but with a cocktail? PSS, lad, these hookahs are perfectly combined with alcoholic beverages (as a filler), which compensate for the absence of nicotine in the stones or fruit mixes.

Style and aesthetics

Mobile pipes Hookah Snail are packed in designer minimalistic tubes, which makes them very presentable and very original gift, which for sure will suit the owner of any celebration, whether it be a young girl or a solid business man. Accurate and stylish look of hookahs is able to give unusual emotions, because during hookah smoking is important not only the process itself, but also its aesthetic component. This formula has been tested already many times, try and you!

Hookah Snail World The snail knows a lot. In the modern market there is a large number of all kinds of hookahs: from classics to the most modern design units. But this is not enough, because ]]>