honey straw dabber

Honey straw dabber

Posted by Honey Dabbers on Aug 20th 2018

A “Honey Straw” is a new trendy way to smoke concentrates instead of a dab rig or oil rig. These tools are unique among smoking gear in that they vaporize but they are not vaporizers. They are portable, but they’re not hand pipes. They can use water, but are not water pipes or bubblers.

Honey Straws are entirely different; their own animal, you might say! They’re gaining popularity exponentially based on its effectiveness, ease of use, and for the fun times that you can have sharing with your friends.

Honey Straws are much more portable than an oil rig in that they are smaller and designed to be held and moved around. The main function of Honey Straws is that they can be dragged over concentrates to be inhaled.

With a glass dish, your Honey Straw can be fully portable! Honey Straws also make pacing yourself much easier since you’ll be able to sense early when you’ve had too much or when you need more.

Anatomy of A Honey Straw

Honey Straws, like most pipes, are comprised of a neck, body, and tip. They can be made from glass, silicone, wood or quartz. The neck is where the glass whip is, and is the end you will be using to inhale from. Necks can be detachable and can be connected via a joint.

The body is where the smoke travels through, and on a wet Honey Straw, it is the chamber where you can fill the water.

Not all Honey Straws use water. Dry Honey Straws, also called wands, just have straight bodies without water chambers at all. When using a wet Honey Straw that does have a body chamber, make sure you fill the water before attaching the tip so that water doesn’t get trapped in the joint. Generally the water chamber should be kept less than halfway filled.

On a good Honey Straw, you may find a diffused downstem inside of the main body water chamber. This adds extra percolation and smoke diffusion as well.

The tip of the Honey Straw is what the Nectar Collector uses as a kind of nail. The tip connects to the base and can be made of titanium, quartz or glass. Often a keck clip is used around the joint to keep the tip from falling off. Generally, titanium is sturdier than glass, and quartz usually offers the best overall flavor.

The Honey Straw In Action!

The first step in using a Honey Straw is to heat the tip using your butane torch until it is about red hot. If you are going for a low temp dab, you may want to wait 7-10 seconds to let the tip cool down.

Next, lay down your concentrate on a heat resistant surface. If you have a glass dish, you are good to go! Finally, press the tip of the Honey Straw gently against your oil or wax and inhale! It’s as easy as that.

Since Honey Straws are an easy, portable, and fun way to inhale concentrates, it can be a good idea to invest in a high quality one. But, investing in quality doesn’t have to break the bank. Get to sipping’ on some honey.

Learn about the ins and outs of the Honey Straw

Honey Dabber 2

Check out the new Honey Dabber II. It is a cherry wood concentrate straw for wax or concentrate. Just heat the straw with a torch or flame then dip in to your favorite waxy oil concentrates. The Honey Dabber II is great because you don’t have to wait for the hot tip to cool down after use. It has a removable wooden sleeve that safely covers the heating tip after you’re done.

Honey Dabber is made with care in Northeast Ohio. Made of high quality materials such as cherry hardwood, CP2 Titanium, and neodymium magnets, Honey Dabber II boasts solid build quality and longevity. The titanium used in the Honey Dabber II are free of chemicals or residues and the titanium straw is press fitted with no adhesives used. The quartz crystal straw preserves the essential flavors and aromas of waxy oils. The Honey Dabber 2 is ideal for wax concentrate enthusiasts who prefer simplicity and convenience without breaking the bank.

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