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Honey Straw (Dab Straw)

Dab enthusiasts love the cool, strong hits that dab rigs are able to provide due to their large bodies and extensive filtration systems. However, while dab rigs can provide those great hits for those who have the time to sit down and go through the process, most dab enthusiasts want something that can provide a similar experience without all of the work that goes into taking the traditional dab.

One response that has garnered attraction from many is the honey straw. But what exactly is a honey straw and why may you want to consider one for dabbing. If you have heard of a honey straw but aren’t exactly sure what it is, let’s break down these products so that you can receive a comprehensive overview of them before you begin your own personal hunt for these products.

What Is a Honey Straw?

Aptly named, a honey straw (AKA dab straw or nectar collector straw) is a dab tool designed to make dabbing easier for everyone. Rather than having to wait for your device to heat or use a blowtorch to heat the nail, you simply heat the bottom part of the straw, apply it directly to the concentrates you wish to vape, and inhale the vapors produced as the heat melts the wax concentrates, much like you would drink a liquid through a straw. This simple design has made the honey straw a popular product amongst dab enthusiasts everywhere.


Thin and Compact

Dab rigs are clunky and difficult to carry around. Although they are great for at-home dab sessions, they are near impossible to use on the go. Additionally, should you drop or bang your dab rig while you are traveling with it, there is always the possibility that it could break, resulting in a major bill as you shop for your next rig.

Dab straws, on the other hand, are slim, providing you with a tool that you can carry and use absolutely anywhere. Although manual products will still require a small blowtorch, electronic dab straws are much like other handheld vapes in the sense that all you have to do is pull them out, turn them on, and take a hit. If you want something you can carry around with you to use for dabs, deciding to purchase a nectar collector straw is an excellent choice.



Going through the process of pulling out your dab rig, tools, blowtorch, and going through the process of taking a hit just takes too long, especially if you are doing it somewhere else other than your home. The solution? A dab straw is a convenient tool that you just have to pull out, heat up, and take a hit from. No mess and no fuss required to use.

How to Use a Honey Straw

Using a honey straw is very similar to using a dab rig, with the exception that the honey straw is a much smaller product. Simply fill the designated water chamber with water, heat up the tip of your straw until it is red hot, wait a couple of seconds, then dip the tip into the concentrates and inhale! If you have an electronic device, you will have to turn it on first, let it heat up, then take a hit. Either way, honey straws are very easy to use.

How to Clean a Nectar Collector Straw

Most nectar collector straws, both digital and manual, are capable of being taken apart. When you do this, you will find that the nail section can be quite dirty, as well as the borosilicate body that leads up to the mouthpiece. Once this section has been removed, you can use an isopropyl alcohol solution to clean off the residue that has built up on the surface. It is important that you do this as often as possible as waiting can make it harder to get off the residue that sticks to your nectar collector straws.

While honey straws are popular, some people may not have yet run into these types of products. If you are considering buying a honey straw, the guide above will provide you with all the information you need to know about their use so that you can find the perfect match for your needs!

A honey straw (dab straw or nectar collector straw) is a skinny and thin nectar collector designed to make dabbing easier for everyone.