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Honey Dabber 2

Check out the new Honey Dabber II. It is a cherry wood concentrate straw for wax or concentrate. Just heat the straw with a torch or flame then dip in to your favorite waxy oil concentrates. The Honey Dabber II is great because you don’t have to wait for the hot tip to cool down after use. It has a removable wooden sleeve that safely covers the heating tip after you’re done.

Honey Dabber is made with care in Northeast Ohio. Made of high quality materials such as cherry hardwood, CP2 Titanium, and neodymium magnets, Honey Dabber II boasts solid build quality and longevity. The titanium used in the Honey Dabber II are free of chemicals or residues and the titanium straw is press fitted with no adhesives used. The quartz crystal straw preserves the essential flavors and aromas of waxy oils. The Honey Dabber 2 is ideal for wax concentrate enthusiasts who prefer simplicity and convenience without breaking the bank.

Comes with Titanium tip or quartz tip. Choose from drop-down menu Ready for heating Hand-Finished Wooden Box Amazing natural cherry wood sleeve Magnetic connection Ease of use Economic Silicone container Cools quick Made in USA Check out the new Honey Dabber II. It is a cherry wood concentrate straw for wax or conc

Honey Dabber Mini

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Simple and Natural Nectar Collector

The Honey Dabber Mini is everything you need to enjoy your concentrates wrapped up in one slim little package. The wooden body of the Honey Dabber Mini is sculpted to be ergonomic, and is fitted with your choice of straw between Quartz or Titanium.

  • The Quartz Straw will give you a clean, flavorful hit of your favorite wax, imparting no unpleasant flavor or smell.
  • The Titanium Straw conducts heat better so expect larger clouds than its Quartz counterpart.

Thanks to the silicone friction mount inside of the Honey Dabber Mini, the straws can be removed, cleaned, replaced, or swapped!

The Honey Dabber Mini is made of 4 parts and can be easily disassembled for cleaning. There is, of course, the wooden grip and also the straw, but at the top is a silicone mouthpiece, which can be removed, and further inside is a silicone friction mount which any thin straw can be attached to. Simply use a clean swab to clean out the interior of the handle and your preferred cleaner on the straw and silicone, then place it all back together!

Choose your straw from the options above to get the perfect match for you- or add one of each for the ultimate versatility!

When fully assembled the Honey Dabber Mini nectar collector is about 4.5″ long. Included with each order is a 4″ straw of your choice, half of which gets inserted into the wooden grip.

If you’re interested in a Honey Dabber but wish it had a cap to conceal the straw during travel, you’re in luck! The Honey Dabber II features a magnetically-attached cap to cover the straw. We offer the Honey Dabber II as a single nectar collector with your choice of straw, and also as a Honey Dabber II Kit which includes the Honey Dabber II, one Quartz and one Titanium straw, as well as a divided silicone container! Check them out if you’re interested in an upgrade!

Honey Dabber Mini nectar collector is everything you need to for concentrates wrapped up in one slim little package. Available in quartz or titanium straws. ]]>