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Slides are always a favorite on playgrounds, since they offer a unique sense of freedom and joy that is fascinating to kids and adults alike. As one of the first images that people think of when they imagine playgrounds, slides tend to hold a special place in people’s hearts. Much like other structures on a playground, however, they require routine maintenance and part replacement. At PlaygroundEquipment.com, we have all of the playground slide parts you need to keep your slide smooth and safe.

In our selection of replacement slide parts, you will find a large selection of slides, brackets, mounting kits, and hood panels to give your slide a finished look. All of these components in our selection of affordable playground slides for sale are available at low prices and with quick and easy shipping and installation. Buy slide parts and even entire play structures from us and you will see why so many trust us for all of their playground needs. DAB's NKV S pumps are AISI 304 stainless steel multi-impeller vertical centrifugal pumps with coupling; designed for pressurization, conditioning and heating in civil environments, they can also be us. The Savinelli billiard style Italian Smoking Pipe is one of the best in class for those who love briar wood pipes with skilled artisan looks. The Savinelli brand has been around since 1876, so they know what they’re doing when it comes to building a superior pipe. This pipe has a lovely look to it and feels good in your hand with a straight Billiard shape that lets you go hands-free.

This Smok Alien 220W skin is made in the USA using high quality vinyl by It's A Skin. For those ready to move up to a slightly bigger battery size (meaning longer life and better performance), the Wulf series of vaporizers is phenomenal. With variable voltage options built-in to the cartridge systems, they are designed to allow users to customize their vaping experience. Dry herb burning mods with pin-point accurate temperature control options take all of the guesswork out of the operation, ceramic burning chambers ensure even heating of products every single time. When we said that Wulf made it a habit to ensure that the products it offered were state of the art and designed with the end user in mind, we weren’t joking. For the true cigar aficionado, or at least the guy who wants to make an impression, the Alec Bradley The Burner Tabletop Cigar Lighter is a true statement piece. A large, 1.4 oz fuel tank holds enough butane to light nearly 1,000 cigars. If you consume raw weed, use either the fan leaves or flowers that have been freshly-picked. Raw marijuana can be stored in your refrigerator just as long as other greens like kale or spinach. It is important to monitor your raw cannabis, however, because it is prone to wilting and mold. This is particularly true for densely-packed flowers that contain a high moisture content. Overall, brass pipe screens are the middle of the line. At the end of the day, I can’t see an argument as to why you would choose brass over stainless steel or glass. It’s not that they are bad, but they are noticeably less durable and long lasting than stainless steel, and are barely cheaper, if at all. On the lockable zippers it can lie flat when opening: Butane Extraction. If their grinder is usually the centerpiece of their coffee table, may as well make it a sexy rose gold one. The unit seems to run a little hot especially with the short vapor path, so my preferred temps are around 350-375 and then bump it up a bit more towards the end of the session. The technician will usually instruct you to urinate in the provided container and then return it. Sometimes the technician will also supervise the urination to make sure there is no tampering. It really takes you on a wild journey of the mind and will leave you feeling satisfied and a bit exhausted at the end. At 13.5×11” this sexy upgrade to the classic RAW tray comes at only $10 apiece. Classic, timeless- sometimes a tray is all you need. The Supreme relies on preheating a massive (by vaporizer standards) aluminum block and then pulling air through it and the biomass. The Stickybricks is scary close to combustion since you use the flame to heat up the air being inhaled. Sticky bricks look sweet, but I have two vapes on order as it is. At this stage you can add a personal touch to further customize your very own rig or water pipe by adding ash catchers or logos.

Have strep throat and have been on the antibiotics for more than 24 hours and want to know if I can kiss my boyfriend? The reason I think a review of UPass is overdue is that I’m concerned people view it’s old reputation online, and assume it’s going to still pass them a drug test. In an ideal world, with rigorously regulated dispensaries and organic pot at shoppers' disposal, would a healthy person be healthier if she used marijuana? For any type of change (color, placing etc) or correction, don't hesitate to contact me.

More to love: When you’re stoned, you never know what thoughts might come to your mind. It could be worthwhile to call up an old friend and chat with them for a while while you’re feeling a little less inhibited than usual and see if you can reconnect with them. Or, if there’s no one you feel like dredging up old business with, start a Facetime chat with someone you have talked to recently, like your siblings or your best friends and see what they’re up to. Spending time chatting with loved ones is something we take for granted nowadays, so it’s always nice, even when you’re stoned, to check in with someone outside of your regular touchpoints. And if you’re really desperate you can go for the chocolate flavored “Ultimate Pack” for $465, which includes the wraps, “defining gel,” 60 tabs of “Fat Fighter with Carb Inhibitors,” packages of chocolate-flavored “superfood nutrition,” more pills, “weight loss energy bars,” and some green shit.


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