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Grav Labs Helix

The Helix series by Grav is pure innovation. From a Helix dab rig to Helix glass pipes, these elegant pieces deserve a place of honor in your collection of smoking essentials. For over a decade, Helix by Grav has been redefining glassware with its revolutionary system of air intake. There are Helix bubblers and other assorted glass pieces to fit every budget, and each device satisfies Grav’s high standards.

Popular products in this series include the Grav Labs Helix Beaker and Helix Spoon Pipe. These pieces are defined by three air intake holes and a Venturi chamber mouthpiece. Using a Helix provides a smoother, purer inhale. The spiral action of the smoke culminates in a draw that is cooler and more aerated. This also means there is less waste and every draw is more satisfying. Many pieces in the line have undergone redesigns to make them even more efficient.

The true embodiment of innovation in scientific glass craftsmanship, the Helix series by Grav Labs introduces the Venturi mouthpiece that spins smoke into a unique pattern. ]]>