green water pipe

Green water pipe

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Aquatherm Green Pipe

Keep Drinking Water Clean With Aquaterm Green Pipe

Clean drinking water is a necessity in life. The Aqautherm Green Pipe system is designed to keep drinking water and other water for food processing free of heavy metals and toxic chemicals that cause contamination. The Green Pipe accomplishes this by setting the standard for potable water systems around the world. Potable water, aka drinking water, must be must be free of chemicals and contaminants so that it is consumable for humans and other living things. However, some potable water piping allows trace amounts of chemicals to pull from pipe walls thus contaminating the water we drink. The Aquatherm Green Pipe system will never allow this to happen. How? Green Pipe is built of a polypropylene material that is hydrophobic, which means it will never corrode or leach into our drinking water.

Why Choose Aquatherm Green Pipe?

With food grade components, sanitation is key. The Aquatherm Green Pipe is a recyclable polypropylene-random (PP-R) system that is meant specifically for potable water applications and has been proven successful around the world for over 20 years. Because it comes in a variety of sizes, up to 18 inches in diameter, Green Pipe is an ideal choice for everyone from small restaurants and breweries to water mains and high rise buildings. Take a look at this case of study to see Green Pipe in action.

Installing Aquatherm Green Pipe

Installing the Green Pipe is fairly simple and extremely similar to installing Aquatherm’s Blue Pipe. Rather than bolts, clamps, and/or pipe fittings, the Green Pipe joins together through a process known as “Heat Fusion.” As mentioned earlier, Green Pipe is made from PP-R plastic which in addition to being hydrophobic, is also made of a thermoplastic material that changes to a “melt” when heat is applied. The resulting connections are leak, and contaminate free, and should last the life of the pipe.

The Aqautherm Green Pipe system is designed to keep drinking water and other water for food processing free from toxins and contamination. Take a look!