grav labs 7 inch steamroller

Grav Labs Steamroller Review – 7 Inch Model

I love my Steamroller Pipe. It is the perfect go to, everyday, portable pipe. I don’t particularly care for fancy ornate pipes and bongs that cost a fortune based on looks. Of course, I like a good looking piece. But, I am looking for a good smoke. I want a good and consistent hit from a quality pipe at a fair price. The Steamroller is just that and more. A Grav Labs Steamroller Review is on order and I am happy to be the one to writing it.

These are sharp portables with one purpose, to give a good hit. I could care less about gimmicks and hokey extras that almost always take away from my toking experience. The Steamroller Pipe suits me fine. My bandmates don’t fool around either. These guys take toking the weed more seriously than they take our music. In fact, these guys are so hard core that if we do not have weed they will not come to rehearsal. I mean this is crazy. I bet Bob Marley would still practice even if they were temporarily out of scooby snacks.

So for our big CD release party I bought one of each color. We are a five piece band. So it worked out perfectly. I handed them out to the boys, and the one girl. And they loved it. We hit the green room before the gig and each of us lit up our new toy. The gig din’t turn out so well. We hit the stage. And it turned out we were “steamrolled.” Thanks guys.

Grav Labs Steamroller Review

Grav Labs produces The Steamroller. So, you know she is a solid quality glass work. We have purchased lots of different things from them over the years. And, we’ve never been dissapointed. I have also seen tons of reviews from their clients over the years. I have never seen a bad review. That alone is enough to convince you to take the chance and buy one.

Hell, for 18 bucks you could use it two or three times and have gotten your money’s worth. Best of all, the glass is branded and clear. And it has the Grav Logo painted on the stem. My favorite feature is the two glass feet that keep it from rolling off the table. That is big deal for me.

Grav Labs Steamroller Review – Conclusion

The Steamroller is the perfect little portable. Its only 7 inches. Hide it just about anywhere. Its a simple and well functioning pipe that has a small bowl. That is great. So, you won’t be wasting any weed. The best part is the price. Therefore, you can buy one for every member of your band like I did, and not have to take out a mortgage. Get one today and party all night long. Long live Rock n Roll.

I love my Steamroller Pipe. It is the perfect go to, everyday, portable pipe. I don't particularly care for fancy ornate pipes and bong. ]]>