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This is an acrylic steam roller by Graffix. It is new, and a neon green color. I will ship Friday after the auction ends with tracking. If you’re not familiar with what a steam roller is the end is the is like the carb hole. You can youtbe a how to video on steam roller pipes. This is not a bong. I will not refund credits because of not knowing what a steam roller is, so please Google it if you don’t know. Thank you and Happy Bidding!!

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Graffix 12″ Steamroller, Assorted

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  • 12″ Long
  • 2″ Diameter Mouthpiece
  • Built-in Glass Bowl
  • Many Colors Available
  • Made in America

Do you love enjoying a good smoke but don’t want the hassle of cleaning dirty water or a deep chamber that’s hard to reach? Grab a Steamroller to enjoy your favorite smokes without any such worries! Built at a traditional 2″ diameter, these steamrollers are fun to use and the perfect piece to pass around at a party.

This Graffix 12″ Steamroller is a 12″ long tube capped with soft rubber pieces. One end acts as the mouthpiece and the other as a large carburetor. Simply use the built-in glass bowl to load your favorite herbal blend, and enjoy perfect hits on this unique take on a hand pipe!

Available in Assorted Colors

We carry our Graffix Bongs in a wide assortment of colors! Pick the perfect one for your style from the “Preferred Color” option* above. If you can’t decide, just pick “Randomly Awesome” and we will pick one at random for you.

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A Word from Graffix

Here’s what Graffix has to say about their steamrollers, straight from their site:

The Graffix Steam Roller takes the hassle out of constantly changing dirty pipe water, or worrying about spilling it on the floor. This piece provides the same robustness of any item on the Graffix line and ensures the simple, enjoyable ease of smoking from a steam roller.

Made in America Since 1988

Graffix has been producing high-quality yet affordable water pipes for over 30 years! In fact, Graffix claims themselves as “the original waterpipe,” and all of their pieces are built to last a lifetime. So keep an eye out for the 420 Joker, Graffix’s brand mascot, to know you’ve got the real deal!

For the perfect party piece, grab a Graffix 12" Steamroller! No water, easy to clean, and easy to enjoy. Many colors available. Grab one today! ]]>