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Does a goldenseal detox help you pass a drug test?

The herb has been widely used for centuries to treat the common cold and digestive disorders

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So here’s the situation. You’re at work and it’s just been announced that there will be employee drug tests. You recall the previous weekend when you and your pals smoked a few bowls of the incredibly potent Hawaiian Mammy Whammy strain. However, before you start to panic you recall one of your friends had mentioned that goldenseal detox was a good remedy to use for passing a drug test. But does it actually work? Let’s examine.

Goldenseal is a naturally occurring herb in the buttercup family with a large yellow root that is indigenous to Canada and the east coast of the United States. The herb has been widely used for centuries to treat many ailments such as the common cold, respiratory infections and digestive disorders such as hemorrhoids, colitis, diarrhea, ulcers and constipation. goldenseal can also be used as a pain deterrent for conditions such as menstruation and chronic conditions such as cancer, anorexia, jaundice, pneumonia and internal bleeding.

The effective chemical in goldenseal is berberine. When treating fungi and bacteria, this chemical is thought to possibly have positive cleansing effects. It is believed that berberine protects the urinary tract walls from being infected due to E-coli bacteria. In two recent scientific studies, it was shown that goldenseal Detox tea had no effect whatsoever on urine drug tests. Subjects who drank large quantities of water had the same urine drug levels as subjects who took goldenseal tea with a side glass of water.

In passing a drug test, there is the right way to go about this and the wrong way. There are a few quality drug testing products on the market that provide the most reliable way to beat a drug test. The reason that bona fide and effective products are the best options if you want to beat a drug test is due to the fact that they are specifically designed by trained experts to perform the function of fooling the test.

If finding a test is a question of money, there’s no need to risk losing your job in order to save a few dollars. Despite being reliable and effective, inexpensive quality drug testing products can be effective. The most common drug test on the market is the urine screen. Costing less than approximately $50, the kit includes everything you need to beat a urine drug test.

Unlike other lesser quality kits, it includes powdered drug-free high-grade human urine. It also comes with a heater, which warms the urine to body temperature as an actual freshly produced urine sample. In conclusion, it’s not wise to use goldenseal detox tea to pass a drug test. The best and only way to truly effectively and honestly pass a drug test is not to do drugs at all in the first place within days or several weeks from your examination date.

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