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Should I Be Smoking Out of a Cracked Glass Pipe?

Can you still smoke out of a cracked glass pipe? The short answer is YES, but there are some caveats and exceptions.


  • Cracked glass pipes still work (sometimes).
  • Repairing a glass pipe is not recommended.
  • Nobody likes bloody lips from chipped glass.
  • When the going gets tough, improvise!
  • Get a free pipe by mail for a good backup plan.

When Your Glass Pipe Cracks

First off, if you are reading this post, I’m very sorry that you glass pipe is cracked.

Let me paint you a picture of what happens all too often:

You’re sitting on your couch looking at your beloved glass smoking pipe lying broken on your coffee table. It’s a thick glass pipe that survived falling off of tables, slipping out of your hand and at least one instance where it bounced off of concrete.

You have watched countless times as inconsiderate weed smoking companions smashed it on top of tables and counters while deep into some story that had no point. But, it survived it all, yet you are still sitting there thinking about smoking out of a cracked glass pipe anyways. After all, it has been your friend for so long.

W TF! You look around the empty room looking for the culprit and trying to break down the mystery of the cracked glass pipe. Stressed, you put your hand through your hair and think, a smoke session is what I need, but how?

Trying to Repair a Cracked Glass Pipe

So your glass pipe is cracked. Instantaneously you become a seasoned glass pipe repair-person and start hunting around to find some possible solutions.

If you feel a breeze when you are pulling air through, then you might think that getting the superglue out will solve the problem.

News Flash: Glue is toxic. Don’t even think about inhaling it.

Grrrr. It’s not working the way that you planned, but what can you do?

If it is a little crack and there is no water flowing through, then you might be okay to use it as is, but only temporarily until your new glass pipe comes in the mail.

Acceptable Cracked Glass Pipes

These two examples are mainly cosmetic, but if you feel any sharp edges, just throw it away.

Non-Acceptable Cracked Glass Pipe

It’s pretty obvious if the glass pipe is shattered that there is no chance of repairing the glass piece, but I tend to think any chip in the mouthpiece is a big no-no.

Who the heck wants to have a bloody lip from a broken pipe? Certainly not the person you might be passing your glass pipe to.

Getting Creative

So do you try and make do with what you have, or evaluate another option?

Option A: Your ex took that beautiful glass water pipe when they left, so that’s out.
Option B: You ran out of your RAW rolling papers, so that’s out.
Option C: Dig out that old school metal bowl and remembering its metal, so that’s out too.

No good options. So the question is: would I be an idiot for smoking out of a cracked glass pipe ?

Answer: Not really. Desperate times call for desperate measures friend.

Perhaps there are some apples in the kitchen and you could go really old school. Who needs a glass smoking pipe when you have an apple? No, making a bowl out of an apple is actually a project and you have always found that it wastes your herb.

You could make a smoking pipe out of aluminum foil but you’re not sure if you even have foil, plus you have heard that it’s bad for your lungs to smoke weed out of aluminum foil.

It’s Make or Break (further) Time.

You look back down at your cracked glass bowl. Why would smoking out of cracked glass pipe be so awful anyways? Would you cut your lips? Would you inhale small shards of broken glass? Would your thick glass pipe break further if you handled it?

Oh yea, you remember that Me Time Box Products offers free pipes by mail, but it certainly doesn’t solve the problem right now.

BTW – we ordered from some of the other free pipe sellers if you are interested in reading about FreePipeFriday or Free Pipe Frenzy.

You pick up the cracked glass pipe and examine the mouthpiece. There is this one jagged sharp shard of glass staring right at you. You actually touch it with your index finger, and yep it’s confirmed, it’s sharp. But otherwise, it seems good to go for now.

Hopefully you were able to get a decent, safe pull.

Just Order a New Free Glass Pipe

Now it’s time. Take your broken glass pipe and toss it in the trash. If you are having a tough time saying goodbye to your friend, then close your eyes and remember the good times.

In the end, you manage to get through your smoke session and your routine stays uninterrupted. You even get excited about shopping for the next unique glass pipe you will be adding to your inventory. Maybe you will go back and take advantage of that free glass pipe offer.

My suggestion: Claim a glass pipe (or two) from the free pipe giveaway, while supplies last and stop risking your lungs, lips and fingers on cracked glass pipes!

Should you do it? Is it safe? Even if you want to attempt to repair a broken glass smoking pipe, learn if it makes sense fix a cracked glass bowl or trash it.

Glass Repair – Water pipe, bong, dab rig, pipe or any borosilicate glass

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Glass Repair – Water pipe, bong, dab rig, pipe or any borosilicate glass


So your favorite piece had an accident. Well, look no further because Elev8 has you covered. We work directly with Elev8 Premier and their 20+ years of glassblowing abilities in doing repairs.


To help save your time and our time you can fill out this form . Please add any images you have.

Our team of blowers will always try their best to repair each bong or rig we receive, with love and attention to detail, but there are unknown unknowns that we can not foresee. Sometimes leading to a piece that may not always make it. The good news is we are over an 80% success rate, which is very high for the glass bong or water pipe repair industry.

  • If you purchase this product and the repair costs more, you will have to pay the added fee to get it fixed. We recommend that you fill out this FORMand send us images before you purchase this product. You will also need to pay return shipping. We can not know what the shipping will be until we package it and get it ready for shipping. Sometimes we must use a larger box than what the item came in as it could have been broken needing a smaller box.
  • There is a $60 minimum charge to fix a water pipe or rig and must be paid before work is performed. If the glass does not make it, 2/3rd of the deposit will be refunded. We hope you understand that even if we take in the glass and it does not make it, we had to put in the labor to try to fix it along with all the energy and fuel to get the glass to an end point. Again this is a minimum charge. If when we get it and it will need more work, we will let you know. We are not responsible for shipping back to you if you send it and it costs more to repair, and you opt to not repair it.
  • Our turn-around period for repairs is 2 weeks, however, we usually get things fixed in much less time.
  • There is a chance that there will be marks left on the glass due to repairs. We will always do our best to minimize repair marks, but sometimes it is unavoidable.
  • All glass MUST be cleaned of all oils, resin or anything else that makes the glass dirty. We can not repair a piece that is dirty and we will refuse to repair if we receive dirty glass. Please make sure all the glass is clean when sent in or brought in for repairs.

If your glass is dirty there is a $25 cleaning fee. Do not send any dirty glass in the mail.

Glass Repair – Water pipe, bong, dab rig, pipe or any borosilicate glass Write a Review Glass Repair – Water pipe, bong, dab rig, pipe or any borosilicate glass Description So your