glass daisy pipe screens

10 Hand Blown Glass Pipe Screens Daisy Small

  • Hand Blown
  • Reusable
  • Material: Glass
  • Count: 10

High quality glass pipe screens discretely delivered to your door.

Nothing ruins a good smoke like a dirty pipe screen; except maybe a hot ember to the back of the throat if you don’t use one. Both are unpleasant and completely avoidable. We offer both jack and daisy style glass pipe screens in a rainbow of colors for all types of tobacco pipes including wood, metal, glass and stone. They also work great when using your favorite vaporizer. Easy to clean and reuse.

Grab a pack today and make sure you always have one on hand to help provide pure smoking pleasure when you need it.

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10 Glass Pipe Screens. Find the perfect size for your water pipe or vaporizer. ]]>