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The Quick and Easy Way to Dab.

Let’s face it. Dab Rigs require quite a bit of work. A Glass Dab Straw gets you up and running with ease. The portability allows you to take your dabs with you when you are on the go. They are fast and easy to use and thus an extremely popular choice for dabbing.


Dab Rigs are expensive. Bangers are expensive, and then you will want to have a carb cap. It can be overwhelming for someone who wants to find out if they enjoy dabbing. And while you consider the cost of a banger alone, you could just get a couple Dab Straws and get at it.

Important: Please Read

It is vital to the longevity of the Dab Straw to pre heat it. Always heat a cold Dab Straw outside of the flame. Placing boro glass in to a direct flame when it is cold can stress the glass and thus lead to cracking. Always let it warm up outside of the flame first, and then move it in to the direct flame.. This will help keep your Dab Straw in working order. Do not heat the Dab Straw to the point where the glass is red hot. If its red, let it cool. The glass is soft at this point and it is easy to close the tip completely, rendering the device useless.

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Dab Straws

When it comes to fast and simple it may not get any more simple than a concentrate dab straw. Designed to be heated with a torch and simple pushed into your concentrate allowing the hot tip to vaporize the concentrate.

Inexpensively priced dab straws are made of borosilicate which is fine as long as you remember to heat the dab straw slowly and evenly by rotating the dab straw while you heat it to heat all around and uniformly. The next step up is the quartz dab straw. Because of the thermal resistance quartz possesses you can heat the tip up with less care. Going up the ladder in quality is a dab straw with a removable tip. These tips can be made of Borosilicate, quartz, ceramic or titanium. They can then be hooked up to water filled bubblers designed to work with a dab straw. When looking for a dab straw with a removable tip, it is best to find one that the heated tip is made on a female joint. Because of the laws of thermal expansion and transfer when you heat a female up it will not expand and break the male. The Elev8 Glass line of dab straws focuses on the build of the tip being made with the female gender. Elev8 Glass Gallery also carries the most famous brands of dab straws call the Nectar Collector.

To use a dab straw you simple heat the tip up and insert it into your concentrate while you inhale. Always remember that the tip is still hot. Hold on to it and keep it away from anything that could be burned like your skin or table. We recommend a silicone dab mat to work a dab straw over so as you will not burn a table.

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Dab straws by Elev8 are amazing affordable tools to consume your dabs on the go. We stock both boro and quartz dabs straws as well as the one and only Dab Bat.