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G Pen Elite vs. PAX 2: Products Comparison

If you’re in the market for a dry herb portable vaporizer, you might have come across the PAX 2 and the G Pen Elite. Both offer a variety of features that make vaporizing dry herb material discreet and easy. Which one is right for you? Let’s compare the two devices side by side so you can clearly see the features and benefits of each.

Design and Aesthetics Comparison

The PAX 2 is a compact portable vaporizer designed to be discreet and mobile. At 4″ tall and 1.2″ wide, the PAX 2 is easily carried in a bag, pocket, or the palm of your hand. Despite its small size, the device is tough and built to last, featuring an anodized aluminum body that protects the device from damage and distributes heat evenly, so it is warm, not hot, to the touch.

Designed with functionality in mind, the PAX 2’s stainless steel oven can hold up to 0.35 grams of material. The oven is located directly opposite the mouthpiece, keeping the heating element as far as possible from your lips. Between the mouthpiece and oven runs an isolated vapor path of surgical-grade stainless steel that offers quick delivery of high-quality vapor that cools while en route to the mouthpiece.

The G Pen Elite is bulkier than the PAX 2 at 4.5″ tall, 1.5″ wide and a full inch thick. While it is less compact than the PAX 2, the G Pen Elite does feature an LED display that shows chamber temperature and battery life. It also boasts a large oven that can hold up to 0.5 grams of material. The ceramic oven heats material evenly at a full 360° and achieves vaporization quickly, in as a little as 30 seconds.

How Both Vaporizers Work

The PAX 2 is a dry herb portable vaporizer that uses conduction heating, a method by which your material is warmed directly by physical contact with the heating element. PAX 2 employs lip sensing technology to avoid overcooking your material; when you remove your lips from the mouthpiece, the device lowers oven temperature to preserve its contents. Temperature continues to drop by about 9°F for every 20 seconds of inactivity in order to not waste the dry herb material inside. The PAX 2 heats to your selected temperature in less than a minute, as indicated by the four-petaled LED display on the battery. The device consistently provides smooth draws and a pristine vapor quality session after session.

The G Pen Elite features a ceramic oven that surrounds the material to achieve even heating and rapid vaporization. The device employs conduction heating. Unlike the PAX 2, the G Pen Elite does not feature an automatic cooldown function. It will power down after 40 seconds of inactivity, but you must watch to ensure you don’t overcook your material by pumping up the temperature prior to automatic shutdown. However, the wide temperature range allows you to experiment with a variety of flavor profiles and vapor quality.

Ease of Use

The PAX 2 is designed with user experience in mind. It is a highly intuitive device from start to finish. Simply pack your ground dry herb material into the oven and replace the oven lid. Power on your device and allow it to heat to your selected temperature setting. Once heated, the device’s LED indicator will turn green to signal it’s time to inhale. The PAX 2’s temperature will change dynamically based on whether you take big “rips” or light “sips,” providing enough vapor based on the temperature of the material itself. All of the PAX 2’s functionality is controlled by a single button located under the mouthpiece, making it easy to power the device on and off, as well as cycle through the available temperature settings.

The G Pen Elite relies on three buttons: a power button on the front panel and two temperature setting buttons on the side of the device. The oven is located beneath the mouthpiece, which must be completely removed to pack your material. Once your ground dry herb material is loaded into the chamber, you can replace the mouthpiece and power on the device by clicking the front panel button five times. If you fail to initiate heat-up after powering the device on, it will shut down after 40 seconds; if heat-up is initiated, the device will automatically power off after five minutes of inactivity. To select your temperature setting, use the side buttons to cycle degree-by-degree through the temperature range. To vaporize your material, hold down the front panel button for one second, release, and wait for your device to heat. The LED display will indicate when the selected temperature has been reached.

Battery Capacity and Life

The PAX 2 features a lithium-ion battery that lasts for multiple sessions on a single charge. Once the battery is depleted, you can easily recharge the device by placing it on the cradle at the end of the USB charger that came with it. The device is held in place on the charger by a magnetic connection. The PAX 2 takes about two hours to fully charge.

The G Pen Elite instruction manual recommends charging the device for a minimum of three hours. To charge, connect the USB charger that comes with the vaporizer to the base of your device. Once fully charged, the G Pen Elite can last multiple sessions.

Temperature Settings

The PAX 2 offers four different temperature settings across a range of 360°F to 420°F. Lower temperatures help preserve flavor and conserve material, while higher temperatures excel at producing large, dense clouds.

  • Low: 360°F (180°C)
  • Medium-low: 380°F (193°C)
  • Medium-high: 400°F (204°C)
  • High: 420°F (215°C)

The G Pen Elite boasts a wide temperature range of 200°F to 428°F (93°C to 220°C). The device can be set to the precise degree using the two side buttons; the currently selected temperature will be displayed on the LED indicator adjacent to the temperature select buttons.

Maintenance and Warranty

The PAX 2 requires cleaning every few uses, which is a straightforward and easy process. Remove the oven lid, screen, and mouthpiece and use the included pipe cleaners or brush to clear out the vapor path. The oven lid and oven can both be cleaned with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol. Never submerge your device or oven lid in alcohol or any other liquid; instead, gently clean the oven and oven lid with the cotton swab. Allow all components to dry fully before reassembling your vaporizer. Each PAX 2 purchase comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

The G Pen Elite must be cleaned immediately after every use. Use the cleaning brush included with the vaporizer to brush off residue that gathers around the connection of the mouthpiece and over the filter screen. Consider pre-heating the device before cleaning to make it easier to scrape off any residue. To clean significant residue buildup, remove all three components of the device’s mouthpiece and soak them in rubbing alcohol or run them under hot water. The G Pen Elite comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

G Pen Elite vs. PAX 2: Products Comparison If you’re in the market for a dry herb portable vaporizer, you might have come across the PAX 2 and the G Pen Elite. Both offer a variety of features


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Hi guys, its Vaporizer Guru here again the self proclaimed King and Lord of all vapes. Today we’re going to be discussing the G Pen Elite and the Pax 3- two of the most prestigious vapes every to hit the marketplace. These two portable vaporizers are leading the charge of a revolution in vaporizing technology. The clash of the Pax 3 versus the G Pen Elite truly is a case where an irresistible force meets an immovable object. Two vaporizers of astonishing capabilities that are sure to provide users with many precious vaping moments.

When it comes to the Pax 3, vaping enthusiasts throughout the globe waited with bated breath for the release of this brand new device – and when the Pax 3 burst forth it was glorious! It was a day where the sun was shining and all with life was good! The Pax 3 truly is an all terrain vaporizer that dispenses elite level buzzes with the click of a button and is a machine that comes with a sense of reliability that is unmatched.

Similarly, The G Pen Elite is another vaporizer that when it hit the scenes people where gob smacked by its performance. This vape was a machine that came, it saw, and it conquered. One of the things that set the G Pen apart from the competition was the smoothness of vapor that it produced. Another aspect that made the G Pen stand out from the crowd was the units discreet and sexy style. There are so many positives about both devices that I could go on all day. So now I’ll try and get down to the nitty gritty and try to determine which vaporizer is superior.

In this blog I’ll attempt to get deep inside both the Pax3 and the G Pen Elite in order to determine which vaporizer will rule supreme in the battle of the vapes. Its important to take note that neither of these two machines are cheap, but with the extra price comes real quality and as you’re going to find out below both vaporizers will be well worth the price.

Pax 3

The Pax 3 comes in a very smooth and polished finish that exudes a sense of pure class. The unit comes in 4 separate colors, and the Pax has a flat mouthpiece and chamber cover which are already incorporated into the device. A magnetic charger comes with the machine and this can be a very handy piece of equipment when charging your vape. When you open the box you’ll discover an instruction manual which will provide you with good advice in getting your machine up and running. The machine also comes supplied with a few cleaning tools which will help you keep the Pax in tip top shape. The pipe cleaners and the small brush are essential to keep the air path clean and ready for action. You’ll also be supplied with concentrate insert which will allow you to use wax and other materials.

Three replacement screens will ensure that you’ll also have some backup in case of any nasty accidents. Now lets take a look at how the Pax 3 is designed. The Pax 3 comes with a mouthpiece which you’ll insert directly into the unit., unlike other mouthpieces this one wont be sticking out of the device. You’ll also have a larger mouthpiece which will protrude a little bit from the top, but I personally preferred the flatter mouthpiece- In my opinion, it just looks classier on the Pax and suits the models whole ambience.


The Pax 3 comes equipped with a number of different ovens that you can choose depending on what you intend to vape. There are 2 dry herb oven lids which you can convert into full oven and half oven mode. The difference between the two ovens is that the half oven performs a little bit better with your dry materials. The concentrate oven lid is a little bit different from the other two ovens in that the concentrate oven focuses exclusively on concentrates.

The lid will sit on top of the device and its edges will stick out a little bit. A concentrate canister opens up and this will be the location where you’ll insert your wax. You should always be very careful not to let any waxes slip into the two small air paths as this will have a very bad effect on your vaping capabilities. Once you have your waxes inside your canister just close it over and you’ll nearly be ready for action.

When you’re packing the Pax 3 you want to pack it tightly but not too tightly as this will restrict the air flow between your materials. You should always try and use the multi tool to pack your herbs into the oven as this will ensure that your oven will operate properly.

You should keep in mind that you can always use the ‘Half Oven’ lid as this will allow for far better overall efficiency and use of your herbs. When finished packing you should always ensure that you close the lid over before you start vaping- I know its sounds obvious but the amount of people who make this mistake is phenomenal.

Dry herbs seems to work superbly well with your pax 3. The flavors that you’ll receive will be flavorful, aromatic, and utterly delicious. Another excellent feature with the Pax is the sensor which anticipates when you’re putting your mouth near the device and when you intend to begin vaping.

The heating profile adjusts when taking a draw and this allows users to experience the maximum level of efficiency. Everything with the vapor was all I expected and more again. The fact that you can adjust the heating profiles to a customized and personalized experience is a very handy feature that you’ll be surely thanking paxlabs for.


When using concentrates you should open the cover of the concentrates canister and then put a small amount of concentrates down into the bottom of the piece. You should always try and ensure that none of the wax gets into the air holes as this will negatively effect your experience. Once you have your concentrates inserted you should close the lid and then you’ll be ready for some herbal bliss.

The concentrates canister should be then be inserted into the oven. The concentrates canister does stick out a little bit, but this shouldn’t present too much of an issue. All you have to do next is press the power button, and the Pax 3 will be ready for action. Once the LED’s turn the color green, the pax3 will begin vibrating, and it will be time to begin vaping

G Pen Elite

The G Pen Elite is a very light and ultra portable vaporizer- weighing in at a mere 88 grams and standing at only 4 inches and 1/2 tall. What you’re getting with the G Pen is ultra portability and ultra performance. The super easy pocketablity means you’ll be able to receive your buzzes no matter where you are. The ultra fast heating up time makes for rapid quick fire vaping sessions. And not only does the vaporizer heat up rapidly it cools down at a very fast pace and this will result in you conserving more of your herbs and battery life.

The G Pen uses a 360 degree ceramic heating device that heats your herbs up very quick and very evenly. The device utilizes both conduction and convection technology so you’ll have the best of both worlds. When you’re vaping the entire ceramic chamber will heat up and that will ensure that your herbs are heated at a consistent rate. The G Pen also uses a temperature model that can be adjusted to suit your own personal needs. The vape features two buttons at the right of the screen of screen which allow you to operate the device The temperature levels run all the way up to 428f.


The chamber in the G Pen is very large and spacious and will take a good quantity of your herbs. I’ve found that the elite performs very well with a wide range of loads and there is no specific amount that you should put into the device. For example, you could load a tiny amount of materials like 1grams worth and you’d still be able to have a satisfactory vape.

To use the G Pen is very simple and easy. All you have to do to get the vape up and running is press the power button 5 times to turn it on, and then 5 times to turn it off. Once the device is turned on it will automatically go into default mode which it will have originally been set at. The Elite always remembers your last vaping session and so you’ll be able to pick up where you left off. An important point for you to be aware of is that you’ll need to hold down on the power button for the heater to start into action.

If you want to change temperature all you have to do is press the two buttons on the right inside of the display panel. A handy extra feature is the auto shutoff mechanism which will shutoff the device after 40 seconds if you’re not using it. What all of this ensures is that you wont be wasting any if your battery life unnecessarily. If you want to start the machine again, like I’ve already alluded to just press down on the button five times and it will be back up and running.

Battery Life

A thing that really impressed with the G Pen Elite was the long duration battery life. I had been ripping on the G Pen for what seemed like 4 or 5 hours and this little baby was still ready for action. You’ll definitely be able to rip the hell out of 5 or 6 chambers without encountering too many issues.

Obviously all of this will depend on how many herbs are packed into the device and what temperature you’re vaping them at, but battery life definitely isn’t an issue that I would expect you to have. The Elite is also charged via a USB stick, which is a very handy extra feature to possess.

Another important point for you to take notice of, is that the batteries are not replaceable and have to be recharged. But the rechargeable aspect is a positive thing as it allows us to reuse the batteries that you have. It will usually take about 2 or 3 hours until your batteries are full recharged.


Both of these devices perform superbly well and will give you a lifetime of unforgettable experiences. The Pax 3 is one of them vaporizers that is jaw droppingly brilliant- the device seems to utilize every cutting edge component of the modern vaping era. What really sets the Pax 3 apart from the rest of the crowd is that the vaporizer gives the most aromatic, most delicious, and utterly incredible buzzes imaginable. The consistency of the Pax is another feature that marks the vape out as being a cutting edge device that is leading the pack of vaporizers towards future glory.

The G Pen Elite also amazes with its performance capabilities. Not only is the G Pen, neat, discreet, and totally portable, it’s a vaporizer that performs astonishingly well. The rapid fire mechanism that propels herbs into your body like a laser guided missile and if you’re not careful the G Pen will have you lying on your back in no time at all.

So who wins? For me, it has to be the Pax 3 that emerges victorious in this battle. The machines overall functionality and performance capabilities marks it out as an elite level vaping device. And not only that, but the Pax 3 just looks so damn good! The sleek, eye catching design of the Pax3 is breathtaking. If you seen someone vaping a Pax3 you’d be very tempted and stop and take put your camera and ask for a selife- yes, its that eye catching! Either way, both vaporizers are superb creations and you cannot go wrong with adding either of them to your collection!

Hi guys, its Vaporizer Guru here again the self proclaimed King and Lord of all vapes. Today we're going to be discussing the G Pen Elite and the Pax 3. ]]>