g pen elite vaporizer review

G-Pen Elite Review


Creators of mid-priced vaporizers with a large mass appeal, Grenco Science (Visit Homepage) released the G Pen Elite a few years back and have since released a couple of upgraded iterations of the same vape. One of the iterations added wireless charging capabilities, and overall improvements.

The Elite is a dry herb vaporizer ergonomically crafted with a larger than average oven, and a variable temp range. Features that help set the bar for Grenco’s product lines that now include the G-Pen Dash (Review | Buy).

I’ve been using my Elite on and off for over a couple of years and there are some features that I like about this vape and some I like less. Read more about how the G Pen Elite fares among the best weed vapes around.

Kit and Accessories

  • G Pen Elite
  • Grinder card
  • Packing tool + cleaning brush
  • USB charging cable

Design & Features


The G Pen Elite is lightweight, barely tipping the scales at 3 ounces. Wrapped in an all-black thermoplastic with distinct rubber finished grips on both sides, the exterior of the G Pen Elite is slick and modern. The power button is placed right at the center of the device and lights up the “G” logo at the bottom of the pen whenever it is turned on.

On one side, the Elite has a full LED information display along with 2 temperature control buttons. The LED shows the variable settings for temperature and the Elite’s 4 bar battery indicator. A detachable mouthpiece rests on top of the G Pen Elite and pops out to reveal the ceramic chamber of the vape pen. The unit is charged via a micro USB port located at the bottom end of the pen.

Phil Frost x Burton x G Pen Elite Collab

This three-way collaboration, limited-edition G Pen Elite series is packaged in a miniature suitcase replica featuring the original artwork of renowned N.Y based artist Phil Frost and is part of a larger capsule collection which includes a full line of Burton travel accessories and snowboard.

Ceramic Oven

Essentially a convection and conduction oven hybrid, the Elite is equipped with a 360-degree ceramic heating element lined oven. This allows the chamber to heat up evenly from all sides, keeping your dry herb in constant contact with the heat.

With a loading capacity of up to 0.6 grams, the Elite has one of the largest ceramic ovens out in the market. What I find impressive is that despite the size of the oven, packing it with as little as 0.2 grams still yields good results.

Temperature Settings

Unlike other vapes within the price range that only have preset temp settings, The Elite features a precise +/- 1-degree control, and an adjustable temperature range from 200°F to 428°F. It heats up to 385°F in 45 seconds, which is fairly quick considering the large oven.

How to use

The Elite is pretty simple to use, here are the steps:

  1. A standard “burn off” should be performed before using the G Pen Elite. Heating up the vape pen while empty at the highest temperature helps to get rid of the residual taste and smell of impurities from manufacturing. Do this twice.
  1. Prepare your dry herb. It’s important to grind your herb properly before loading it into the oven. A good grinder is an essential accessory when it comes to vaping. The more surface area the herb has, the better your results would be. I personally like the SLX grinder (Review | Buy), it gives consistently great results.
  1. Pack it in the oven and turn on the Elite with 5 clicks on the power button, then select your desired temperature by programming it into the vaporizer using the buttons on the side. Once the temperature has been decided, the power button must be held down for one second in order for the Elite to start heating. The unit will begin to heat and you can track the temperature using the LED display, once the desired temperature is reached, it’s time to begin your session.

Switch between C/F:

At your discretion, toggle between seeing the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius by holding the power button and either the up or down temperature buttons.

Performance and Vapor Quality

Overall, the latest design improvements on the G-Pen Elite offer a good option when choosing a portable vape. I enjoyed my sessions with the Elite and I got the best flavor within the 375°F to 395°F range. Needless to say, with the heating chamber set directly below the mouthpiece, some might find the vapor quality flavorful but too hot for their own comfort. I know I did.

My suggestion would be to start at 380°F and use long, slow draws when you do.

Low draw resistance: One of my favorite things about the Elite is its low draw resistance. Draw resistance pertains to the ease and comfort of taking a hit or “draw” from a vaporizer. In simpler terms, a vape with a lot of resistance is hard to hit requiring a slower, longer draw.

Battery Performance: The G Pen Elite has a 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery which fully charges between 2-3 hours and gets you set and ready to inhale at only 30 seconds. The Elite can last up to 4 to 6 sessions depending on the heat temperature settings and maxed out between 45-60 minutes of continued use.

Bottom Line

The G Pen Elite offers a lot more than being a mid-range vape than its looks. Weighing down the pros and a string of few cons, this lightweight yet full-packed vaporizer looks and feels good in all the right places that matter. It is easy to use and produces better tasting vapor than most other vapes in its price category. The only downside is the battery, it takes a while to charge and the doesn’t last as long enough as you might like, though you can get a fair amount of sessions out of it. Overall, the G Pen Elite is a great vaporizer whether you’re a newbie or a connoisseur.

The G Pen Elite is a sleek, highly portable weed vape with features found in more expensive vapes, like precise temp control. Learn more in the review.