funny weed strain names

The funniest names for cannabis strains

We could all do with some cheering up in these turbulent times and I plan on doing that today in this blog about the funniest cannabis strains.

Bud, Ganja, Pot, there are many different names for marijuana if you know where get it from, whatever you may call cannabis we have even funnier cannabis strains names in this blog! At Discount Cannabis Seeds we sell all these hilarious weed seeds and want you to pick your favourite and try it out!

When searching for cannabis seeds you come across many funny and strange names for strains which are for sale, at Discount Cannabis Seeds we have a lot! But here’s the thing: many among us, especially those just starting out in the wonderful world of cannabis have no idea what a certain strain is supposed to do and tend to pick it up based on the name alone.

When first cannabis was around there was just one word for it and that word was marijuana, the strains were simple, easy and gave the smoker what they wanted however nowadays would you prefer cannabis strains that sounded boring or something that gives off the effect of whacky and mind blowing!

Many breeders will make their own names up which is a great way to interact with the customers, making their own words up and using it in a fun cool way is perfect for cannabis strains names.

Our customers at Discount Cannabis Seeds may even buy the cannabis seed due to the name and how funny it is! When new stock come in our team love the new names which growers have given their weed so we are sure you will too!

So let’s take a look and see how I can brighten your day up with these cannabis strains funniest of all time!

First of all we have a few of them in this department who we all know and call from time to time, it is. Dick!

How about this for starters for the funniest cannabis strains!

Cheesy Dick Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Big Buddha Seeds

Moby Dick and Big Buddha Cheese were crossed to create a new hybrid cannabis strain. Cheesy Dick is a Spanish strain and the result of this crossing with a domination of Indica genetics. It contains 95% Indica and 5% sativa.

The plant suits for indoor cultivation as well as for outdoor. The harvest comes in the end of September outdoors and after 8-10 flowering weeks indoors.

Cheesy Dick provides a potent Indica effect. The smoke offers a spicy ‘cream cheese’ scent with musky notes and a taste of spicy Indica so if this sounds like the one for you or you fancy cheering a mate up then why not buy Cheesy Dick by Big Buddha Seeds available at Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Here I have a great photo of Cheesy Dick once harvested which will surely tempt you with its amazing resin!

Another one of the dick strains we have ready and waiting is Don Purple Dick by Don Avalanche Seeds, anyone who wants to try this then we have fantastic reviews at Discount Cannabis Seeds.

Don Avalanche Seeds Don Purple Dick Feminised

Don Purple Dick is a very psychoactive strain due to a high count of Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), from its Moby Dick parentage.

Don Purple Dick Feminised gives a nice body-numbing sensation, followed by an insatiable appetite and very positive cerebral stimulation.

Under the right conditions, Don Purple Dick Feminised leaves will take on a deep purple hue and if you treat it right, crystals will burst out like an avalanche. So if you fancy this then add this to your shopping cart today!

Now for more of the X rated words which were amused by the team at Discount Cannabis Seeds, personally I don’t know why these names are given or what context but let’s see shall we.

North Thunderfuck Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds

North Thunderfuck is the product of the blood, sweat, and tears of the dedicated growers at Royal Queen Seeds. The modern genetics of this strain result from the refinement of one of the most infamous strains ever, Alaskan Thunderfuck.

The original strain is suspected to be a cross between a Russian ruderalis, American sativa, and an unknown Afghani strain. Despite its mysterious genetics, North Thunderfuck leaves no doubts about its tenacious potency and its relentless effects.

This divine strain can reach a whopping 23% THC level, producing a fierce and determined high. The delicious citrus and earthy tones are a perfect beginning to the journey this strain will take you on. It induces a creeper of a high that begins deceptively and finishes strong.

As the high reaches its peak, pleasant tingling sensations turn into intensely pleasurable euphoria that can be felt in both mind and body. The flood of uplifting euphoria will keep you floating contently for hours.

I have some great reviews from growers who have grown North Thunderfuck and some incredible photos for you!

Had zero problems! That’s why I will always go organic now best thing that competition as it’s opened my eyes!

Very good strain. All fit with the strain passport. Persistent smell of earth, pineapple and citrus. Tasteful and fast acting. The effect of relaxation, lightness and euphoria. You feel high and at the same time you want active communication. 50/50 Indica/ sativa.

Zombie Death Fuck Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Blim Burn Seeds

Now this cannabis strain was actually given the name by the breeder as this was his state after smoking it! Zombie like!

If you fancy being a zombie for the day for a matter of fact what more is there to do at this time then stay home and stay high then at Discount Cannabis Seeds Zombie Death Fuck is available for you to check out today with and enjoy!

Zombie Death Fuck Feminised is a Sativa dominant cannabis plant which packs an intense punch and has a sweet and fruity flavour with earthy touches.

Zombie Death Fuck Feminised is a great producer of resin which is distributed by each of its flowers that are compact and bright, thanks to the white snow that generates in times of maturation.

Therefore, Zombie Death Fuck Feminised becomes an ideal variety for all fans of extracts like Wax, Butane Hash Oil or Rosin.

The yields of Zombie Death Fuck Feminised are excellent, you can harvest in indoor of 400 g/m2 and in outdoor of 500 to 600 grams per plant in only 8 to 9 weeks of flowering. The THC level is of 23% and the level of CBD is of 0.2%.

Like a good Sativa, Zombie Death Fuck Feminised will knockout the mind practically instantly, so we do not recommend it for novice or inexperienced smokers!

Now for the next cannabis strain we all may feel like this at home indoors at the moment due to the pandemic but at least we are safe so maybe this is just how our heads are thinking now. A Trainwreck!

Trainwreck Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Humboldt Seed Organisation

The well-known Trainwreck is the energetic Indica dominant plant that contain 60% Indica and 40% sativa genetics.

The plant has a great production of dense compact buds coated with a glistening resin. The Trainwreck can grow up tall therefore it’s recommended to control the height especially indoors. The plant also suits for outdoors growing in temperate, warm, dry and Mediterranean climates and for greenhouses.

The smoke offers a scent of spicy Kush, cedar and sour fruit while the taste provides notes of citrus, exotic woods and spices. The strong pure high is very narcotic. It brings a long-lasting body effect. Trainwreck is a “must have” for each sativa lover.

So if you fancy this cannabis strain head over to our cannabis seeds store and buy yours today.

The name doesn’t sound to appealing but I can assure you when smoke this will blow your mind!

Auto Monster Breath Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Critical Mass Collective Seeds

Auto Monster Breath Feminised has a loud, aggressive savoury quality to the nose on this beastly Auto, full on Skunk stench with hints of sour citrus and vomit mingled with earthy soil and wet dog. OK, it doesn’t sound pretty but, trust us, it’s sure-fire classic Skunk/Cheese on steroids.

Much like the noxious aroma, Auto Monster Breath Feminised taste is a deep, Skunky, Cheesy funk but with hints of sweeter lime and earthy floral notes. The Lavender in the Purple Skunk Mass used balances and levels the taste of the RKS into a beautiful example of this version of a monster Skunk.

Auto Monster Breath Feminised effects are immediate and come on strong. Being an Indica dominant strain expect a narcotic, full body melt ebbing into a long-lasting sedative stone. A Perfect night-time strain, it promotes deep sleep with excellent pain relief and appetite stimulation, so great for medical use.

This doesn’t sound like it’s for the faint hearted so try if you dare!

Now this one may be named if you had too many vindaloo’s last night from the takeaway!

Shit Regular by Mr Nice Seeds

MR NICE Shit Regular Seeds – an absolute classic and original Skunk/Afghani that has won many awards. A proven breed since the 1980’s, that changed the cannabis industry forever.

Shit Regular Cannabis Seeds is a sure bet for the first-time cultivators of either indoors, outdoors or greenhouse growers. Shit Regular Cannabis Seeds yield will be extremely substantial with expectations between 550-650 grams per square metre. Shit Regular Cannabis Seeds finishing time will be within 45 days once the flowering appears on the plant.

So if you fancy shit regular then drop seeds not bombs and buy yours today with Discount Cannabis Seeds!

This one is a very funny one whether you have tried it or not is another matter.

Chemdogging Auto Feminised Cannabis Seeds by Mephisto Genetics

Chemdogging was the first strain from new lines of elite auto flowering strains of Mephisto Genetics.

It’s the result of crossing between a larger sativa dominant Auto and Chemdawg D IBL. It has a medium size and a yield up of 90 gr if conditions are good. The effect is hard and opens a creative potential.

Let’s take a look at some growing reviews from Chemdogging!

This was my first Autoflower grow and overall I’m impressed. yielded over 1g/watt at an average of 114g per plant. Time from sprout to completion of drying was 85 days (this does not include curing – which is still to come). The bud smells good but still a little grassy – which is expected prior to curing. I was amazed to net over 900g. On the plants the colas are very heavy and I got about 5 minor spots of rot but only lost about 20g of bud so nothing in the scheme of things and my RH was on the high side during flowering.

The plants that were topped did not yield more than the un-topped plants so probably best to just employ LST, defoliation and pruning. I have a pine/pineapple smell but even a slight crushing releases a heady gasoline odor that would not be out of place in an oil refinery!

It was easy to grow her. Finished in 72 days. She was absolutely covered in trichomes. Strong odor smells like tropical fruits and you can pick up the chemical smell in the background too.
Very potent smoke. It feels more towards Indica.

Very easy gal to grow, as always with Mephisto Genetics. She swelled and just packed in the frost in the end. She was the stinkiest gal in the cab smelling like some old school ganja!! Very heavy gas smell and even hints of some skunkyness as well. Very happy with this strain.

Let’s take a look at an incredible photo of Chemdogging!

With these impressive cannabis strains names, reviews and photos then I hope you enter the world of the weird and funny today as there are plenty of them in our cannabis seeds store!

Whether you want something for a giggle or just to relax we have over 3,000 marijuana strains available for you to buy today.

After finding some of the funniest cannabis strains names why not try and find yours. Here is a new game to play while in lockdown.

Try to make some of your own cannabis strains names! Here are some fun examples.

  • “Colour” + “Name of Infamous Figure”
  • “Colour” + “Food Name” + Kush
  • “Bubba” + “Funny Made-up Word” + OG
  • “Celebrity Name” Haze
  • “Type of Berry” + Alien + Haze
  • “Name of Your Dog” + Kush

We would love to hear yours so get in contact and stay home, stay safe and stay high!

We could all do with some cheering up in these turbulent times and I plan on doing that today in this blog with the funniest cannabis strains names. ]]>