four chamber grinder

TAG – 3″ Four Chamber Grinder (120 Micron)

Product Type: Grinders

Product SKU: GR-001T-1208Bl.01

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Product Details

Product Reviews

Great. Perfect for the beginners

Great. Perfect for the beginners like me.


A solid, durable, and consistent piece to work with, and I would go as far to say you will not regret your purchase!

Cool gold grinder

I’ve owned 2 of the gold ones, great grinders, hold a lot and don’t get nasty. Get the gold and you won’t be disispointed

Best I ever had HIGHly recommend

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TAG – 3″ Four Chamber Grinder (120 Micron) Product Type: Grinders Product SKU: GR-001T-1208Bl.01 Product Details Product Reviews Product Questions Product Details

Metal Grinder (4 parts)

Cannabis grinders allow people living a marijuana lifestyle to turn even the lowest quality marijuana buds into a high quality treat, but not all grinders are built the same. Lower quality grinders can cause a loss of precious marijuana particles, such as the THC bearing keif crystals, and plastic grinders wear down quickly, forcing you to shop around for another one.

If you have never used a grinder, you do not know what you are missing; grinding your cannabis into a finer dust results in a smoother, more even marijuana experience. For those who know the pleasures of grinding cannabis buds, but own a cheap plastic grinder that quickly wears down and breaks, or an inferior quality grinder that turns cannabis grinding into the tedious process of making an attempt to grind and sift through your marijuana buds, while having to worry that you may have accidentally sifted out the precious buds and keif, then you should browse our cannabis merchandise and check out one of our all metal four part grinders. For those new to the world of cannabis grinding, you need not look any further.

The four chambers in our metal four part grinders each serve a unique purpose: the first two chambers act as a multi-level system to grind your marijuana into finer, more usable consistencies and the third chamber captures all of the buds; the final chamber is a plate of solid steel that catches all of the THC filled kief crystals. This system ensures that your marijuana is ground down into the finest quality possible while reducing your THC particle loss to nothing.

Using a less expensive plastic grinder may seem like a good idea, but they wear down quickly and can break after only a few uses, whereas a grinder composed of metal instead of less durable plastic is sure to last a lifetime. Owning our metal four part grinder with all stainless steel parts will ensure that you won’t have to ever worry about your grinder wearing down or breaking.

As an added bonus, we include a tiny scraper so that you can quickly scrape everything into a pile so that you can immediately put your ground buds and THC bearing kief crystals, and get back to enjoying your cannabis lifestyle!

Title : Pb Grinder
Comment : Très bon Grinder qui fait bien son travail, reçu avec une lame cassée (envois mail plus photo). Service client très réactif (moins de 24h) et renvois d’un nouveau Grinder. Merci RQS, service client au top.

Title : Grain d’air de folie
Comment : Broie et pulvérise convenablement, même les plus coriaces. Une version XXL plus conviviale serait bienvenue.

Title : Eccellente
Comment : Raccoglie più polline di qualunque altro grinder abbia mai visto ma tende a perdere un po’ di vernice esternamente

Title : Ivan Lisichkov
Comment : I’m very pleased from this product , stable crafted, metal item.

Title : Perfect Grinder
Comment : Very Goooood.

Title : Great Grinder
Comment : This is my first grinder and it works fantastic. It grinds up all the bud and stores keaf in the right places!

Title : Excellent. Works perfectly well
Comment : Excellent. Works perfectly well and looks nice. I ve ordered the blue one and it s wicked.

Title : Perfekter Grinder
Comment : Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit diesem Grinder! Er sieht klasse aus, mahlt mein weed zu einer perfekten Konsistenz und produziert massenhaft skuff. Der Preis ist unschlagbar.

Title : Great!
Comment : I have used this grinder for very long and it lasts for ever! Al my friends were jealous, especially when i said it was 9,95 Highly recommended.

Title : The Best Grinder
Comment : Perfect grinder all of my friends got jealous and wanted to order more

Title : Grinder génial
Comment : Grinder vraiment pratique, il fonctionne vraiment très bien

Title : Anche bello
Comment : Perfetto, giusta o troppo secca fa il suo gran lavoro!

Title : Metal Grinder (4 parts) – Color : Silver – Excellent !!
Comment : Excellent grinder, great quality. Highly recommended, it’s definitely worth it!

Title : Good
Comment : Great grinder, fast shipping

Title : Very Goooood.
Comment : Good materials and nice finishes. There grinder best bill, but certainly not a 5 € . Recommended!

This 4-part grinder is built to last of anodised stainless steel. It’ll grind your buds to a perfect consistency for rolling, and sieve out THC crystals into its base. A tiny scraper is included for scraping these into a pile for immediate use as a high potency treat. Or save them up for a psychedelic weekend blowout! ]]>