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Firefly 2+ Review

Kit and Accessories

  • Firefly 2+ Vaporizer
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Charging dock
  • Concentrate pads
  • Cleaning kit
  • USB 3.0 cable

Compatibility: The Firefly 2+ is compatible with dry herb and wax concentrates.

Optional Accessories

If you want to use the Firefly 2+ to its full potential, then you’ll need a good herb grinder. That’s because well ground herb gets heated more evenly and produces a better vaping experience. The SLX is one of the best manual grinders out there because of its smooth grinding action and its low maintenance.

Design and Features


The Firefly 2+ looks very similar to the original Firefly 2. The main difference is that the 2+ has a window that highlights the new logo which sits underneath the viewing portal. That new addition aside, everything else is essentially the same, that is a good thing since the Firefly 2 was already very well designed.

The easy to use magnetic cover is still there, the same goes for the touch sensors on either side of the device. The way that those touch sensors are placed means that you have to hold the vaporizer in a way that looks and feels unnatural. This is likely to prevent you from accidentally turning it on when it’s in your pocket, but it still feels weird. You can fiddle with the smartphone app so that you only need to use one of the sensors, but then you have to worry about it getting accidentally fired up while it’s in your pocket.

Fortunately, you don’t have to hold it that way for long as each draw is the same as a full session in other vapes. The smartphone app allows you to adjust the controls so that you don’t have to hold down both sensors simultaneously, which does help to relieve some of the awkwardness a little.

The Firefly 2+ is fairly large but its size and shape mean that it is pretty easy to carry around. The rounded edges mean that it is a bit more pocket-friendly than most weed vapes since they help it to easily slip in and out of pockets. That makes it easier to take advantage of the on-demand feature that allows you to take a quick hit or two on the go. There’s no need to worry about the mouthpiece getting dirty since you can easily remove it if you need to.

The body and lid of the 2+ are both made from magnesium alloy, and the viewing portal is made from quartz. The heating chamber is made of a ceramic superalloy that works in conjunction with the borosilicate glass airpath to ensure the purity of the vaped weed. The Firefly 2+ has the manufacturing quality you would expect from a vaporizer in the premium price range. Even though the Firefly 2+ is a little more complex than other dry herb vapes, it’s still pretty easy to use.

Smartphone App

The smartphone app of the Firefly 2+ is pretty good. It gives you a greater temperature range than what you can get on the device itself. On the vaporizer you can select temperatures from 320°F to 420°F in 20° increments. Using the app, you can go from 200°F to 420°F in ten degree increments. The app also gives you helpful tutorial videos and allows you to customize the button configuration.


The on-demand heating is the standout feature of the Firefly 2+ since it is the only other weed vape with that feature available right now, the other one being the Ghost MV1. On-demand heating means that the vaporizer heats up and cools down near instantly. This gives users the freedom to vape a single oven whenever they want.

In regular session vaporizers, the user needs to vape the whole oven in a single session, while on-demand heating allows them to break up the oven into different mini-sessions when they are ready. On-demand heating makes it easier for users to microdose if that is their preference, an option not available with session vaporizers.

How to Use

With Dry Herb

  1. Remove the lid, place your herb in the chamber, and then replace the lid.
  2. Gently press the touch sensors to start the heating process.
  3. Once the logo stops blinking and turns solid green, heating is complete.
  4. Inhale from the mouthpiece for seven to ten seconds.

As long as there is herb in the chamber, you can repeat steps 2 to 4 whenever you like.

With Concentrates

  1. Remove the lid and place a concentrate pad into the heating chamber.
  2. Dab some wax onto the pad and then replace the lid.
  3. Gently press both touch sensors to start the heating process.
  4. Once the logo stops blinking and turns solid green, heating is complete.
  5. Inhale from the mouthpiece for seven to ten seconds.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Firefly 2+ is a pretty low maintenance device, but that doesn’t mean no maintenance, so this is what you need to do to keep it clean. For the heating chamber, you can use a small brush to clean out the bigger pieces of residue.

You can follow up with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol to wipe out the chamber and finish up the job. You can also use alcohol-soaked wipes to clean the air path. As far as the mouthpiece goes, you can use the pick from the cleaning kit to clean out any residue.

Performance and Vapor Quality


Thanks to the dynamic convection heating, the Firefly 2 had some of the best dry herb flavor around. Fully enjoying that flavor was difficult because the draw resistance was higher than usual. The 2+ doesn’t have that problem since the draw resistance is now much lower and much easier on the lungs, making it much easier to inhale all of the flavorful vapor. The resistance is still higher than most other vaporizers, but it’s better than it was before.

Dry Herb Vapor Quality

Thanks to the dynamic convection heating, the Firefly 2 had some of the best dry herb flavor around. Fully enjoying that flavor was difficult because the draw resistance was higher than usual. The 2+ doesn’t have that problem since the draw resistance is now much lower and much easier on the lungs, making it much easier to inhale all of the flavorful vapor.

The ideal time for each draw is about ten to thirty seconds and each of those hits feels like its own mini session because they feel stronger than comparative hits from other vaporizers. Even if you’re a vaping vet, you might want to take it easy at first, that goes double for newbies. Regardless of your experience level, you never have to worry about the vapor getting hot, no matter which temperature setting you choose. The reason is that the glass airpath helps to cool down the vapor before it gets to the mouthpiece.

Since the Firefly 2+ is a purely convection type of vaporizer, you will need to stir the herb every now and then. When you stir it is up to your discretion, but I found that every three to four hits was enough. But if you want the flavor to last as long as possible, then you can stir after every hit.

The 2+ doesn’t produce a whole lot of vapor because the majority of the weed gets vaporized and inhaled. That means no wasted terpenes, no big clouds, but some still very potent hits.

Concentrate Vapor Quality

Concentrate performance is weaker than the weed performance because the Firefly 2+ doesn’t reach the high temperatures that wax concentrates need to get completely vaporized. Plus it is not too convenient because you need to insert the concentrate pad anytime you want to vape some wax.

Compared to how quickly you can load a dedicated vape pen like the KandyPens Crystal, that is pretty inconvenient. The concentrate performance isn’t bad, but it’s not the reason to buy the Firefly 2+. I would stick to weed vaping when using the Firefly 2+ since that’s clearly where its strengths lie.

It’s best that you don’t use your main herbal vape for extracts. Doing so just makes cleaning your herb vape more difficult, plus you will be doing it more often. If you want to use extracts, then a wax pen is the better choice. It does a superior job of vaping your extracts, plus your herb vaporizer will remain in top shape.

Battery Performance

I was able to get an average of sixty-four draws per charge. That is because I got about eight bowls per charge and about eight draws per bowl. You could probably squeeze out a few more if you set a lower temperature. Recharges are very fast, at about forty-five minutes. The battery is removable, but it can only be recharged while it’s in the vaporizer. It goes without saying that it reduces the convenience of a removable battery.

The Firefly 2+ provides flavorful vapor that is instantly accessible whenever you want. Learn more about this advanced on demand vape in the full review.

Firefly 2+ Review & Vaporizer Tutorial

Today we’re taking a look at the Firefly 2+ vaporizer. It’s the third vaporizer that Firefly’s released and their best yet, I’ve been really loving it.


  • Great design
  • Comfortable to chill with
  • Outstanding vapor
  • Instant heat up
  • Easy to clean
  • Works with concentrates
  • Quick-charging dock

Typical Price: $249.99

  • Mediocre battery life
  • Need to stir bowls
  • Interface isn’t great

I would recommend it to anybody looking to get into vaporizing and anybody with a cheaper vaporizer that wants to step up a little bit. It not only looks good, but the vapor you get out of it is fantastic. If the battery life was a little better, I think this would be a contender for best vaporizer in the world.

I’m going to show you:

In the Box

Here’s what’s included when you open up the box:

1 x Firefly 2+ vaporizer
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Charging dock
1 x Concentrate pad

Firefly 2+ vs. Firefly 2

The original Firefly 2 was a good vaporizer but it was a little bit tricky to use because you needed to learn how to use it and take long draws with it. The Firefly 2+ is much easier to use; the herb doesn’t need to be ground as fine.

There’s also a 33% increase in airflow and it’s easier to draw from, so that’s definitely an improvement. The battery was improved a bit, but also it doesn’t include a second battery that the Firefly 2 had.

It also has a lower price point. This goes for a much cheaper cost than the original Firefly 2 which I think was needed because the Firefly 2 was a little bit expensive, so this is actually a bit more of an affordable unit.

Firefly 2+ Review

✅ Design

First off, the first good thing I think is that the design is outstanding. It looks really sexy and sleek. This looks like something that you could put on your table in the family room or a TV room and you would have no problem having it sitting there. Most people want something that blends in, and the Firefly 2+ does exactly that.

The colour choices are also great. You can choose from Jet Black, Zebra Wood, Blue, Gold, Oak and Black. Not exactly sure why they included two versions of black but there are!

✅ Comfortable to chill with

Second good thing about the Firefly 2+ that I’ve really been enjoying is that it’s very comfortable to chill with. I love just sitting down on the couch packing a bowl and then just getting to work on it. It’s a really great vaporizer for just hanging around the house with.

✅ Outstanding vapor

Since the Firefly 2+ is fully convection you can pull some great tasting, big hits from it. I think it provides the best vapor quality for its size. It’s also much easier to get big pulls than using the original Firefly 2.

✅ Instant heat up

It also has instant heat up, so that means almost right away, after you click the two buttons, it starts lighting up. Then once it’s lit up completely then you can just draw in. That means you can also use it for micro-dosing if you just want to take one puff at a time.

✅ Easy to clean

Cleaning the Firefly 2+ is a breeze and it’s one of the easiest vaporizers to maintain on the market. Keep scrolling to see exact instructions on cleaning the unit, but it doesn’t take much. just a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol.

✅ Works with concentrates

Sixth thing that’s very good about the Firefly 2+ is that it works well with concentrates. I lost my concentrate pad already so I need to replace it, but it works really well with concentrates, I tested that quite a bit. After using it with concentrates, I lost it—I guess that’s what happens haha!

✅ Quick charging dock

And the last good thing about the Firefly 2+ is it has a quick-charging dock. Just like the Firefly 2, it just slides right in and then it gets to 80% battery in 20 minutes, which is actually very fast. You don’t need to wait for hours for it to charge. It doesn’t have pass-through charging like other vaporizers, like the Mighty, but with charging that goes up to 80% in 20 minutes, that’s actually awesome.

❌ Mediocre battery life

I think the battery life is just average. I get about four or five sessions out of it, I definitely would want it to be longer so I don’t have to worry about charging it as much. But with the charging dock, it makes it super simple to charge it, so you just remember to put it in the dock. It depends on your use case, but if you’re taking this on longer trips, you definitely need a second battery before you have to charge it.

❌ Stirring bowls

You also need to stir the bowl midway through a session and it doesn’t come with a stir tool. Halfway through, you just want to mix it up to make sure that you get all of the herb in the chamber, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you have a stirring tool close by, but it’s definitely not easy to use. It’s not like the Ghost MV1 where you don’t need to stir it at all and it heats through the bowl completely.

❌ Interface isn’t great

I think the third thing that I don’t necessarily like is that it’s not completely intuitive to use and change the temperature. To change the temperature, you just need to play with the side buttons.. it’s not hard but it’s not simple. You don’t know what temperature you’re at, or what the battery life is, without the app.

⚠️ A note on the app

Apple took the app off the iPhone store so you can’t actually use the app for Apple devices (you still can on Android devices). Not that I liked apps anyway; I think apps aren’t necessary for vaporizers, I just think it’s something that you don’t really need. You should be able to change the temperature and check the battery life directly on the unit itself.

How to use the Firefly 2+

Let’s show you how the Firefly 2+ works:

You just pop off the lid and get some ground herb, put it in there. You can pack the bowl pretty tight, don’t tamp it down, just let some airflow in there and then toss on the lid again.

Then when you hold the two side buttons, you’ll see it glow green.

Then it’ll go solid green and the inside of the bowl will turn orange, and then you’re pretty much ready to go. Like I said, instant heat up.

Then you can just hit some more bowls, stir it up a little bit once you use that up and that’s all you need to do to use it.

  • Take the lid off.
  • Put some ground herb in the bowl.
  • Put the lid back on.
  • Hold the two side buttons.
  • Ready when indicator turns green and bowl glows orange.

Changing the temperature of the Firefly 2+

Hold the button on the right side and then press the left side three times, and then you’ll see it goes red. Then you just press the left side up to six times to change the temperature setting. Each tap makes it go up to another temperature.

You really don’t need more than six temperature settings. It lets you go from a light heat all the way up to concentrate mode.

How to clean the Firefly 2+

Cleaning out the Firefly 2+ is very easy, it’s one of the easiest vaporizers to clean and maintain. All you need is some rubbing alcohol and some Q-tips. Here are the basic cleaning instructions:

  • Pour some rubbing alcohol into a bowl.
  • Open the vaporizer up.
  • Dip a Q-tip in the rubbing alcohol.
  • Clean the lid and also the main unit.

After you do that let it dry off before you use it again!

Wrapping it up

Overall, I’ve been loving the Firefly 2+ vaporizer. It not only looks good, but the vapor you get out of it is fantastic. If the battery life was a little bit better, I think this would be a contender for best vaporizer in the world.

I do think I would choose this over the Ghost MV1 right now because it’s just less finicky.

I would recommend it to anybody looking to get into vaporizing and anybody with kind of a cheaper vaporizer that wants to step up a little bit. You can’t really go wrong with a Firefly 2+, it’s a stellar vape.

Today we're taking a look at the Firefly 2+ vaporizer. It's the third vaporizer that Firefly's released and their best yet, I've been really loving it. It not only looks good, but the vapor you get out of it is fantastic. Read our full review to see if the Firefly 2+ is the right vaporizer for you! ]]>