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How To Roll A Fat Blunt

Can you roll a fat blunt? Why on earth would anyone even think of doing that? Well, there are at least two reasons. First, the larger it is, the more you can smoke. Secondly, and this is related to the first, a massive blunt is more suitable when sharing with other people. Imagine the reaction of your friends when you bring out a giant blunt – their eyes popping out of the socket once they see it. Well, for that to happen, you would have to learn how to roll one.

Rolling a blunt is not all that much different from a joint, except for some additional steps. Not to worry, though, as they are easy enough to do.

First, The Basics

Cigar, a good one, is needed. With joints, you can buy the rolling papers conveniently. Not for blunts, though, as what you want are premium cigars from which you take the tobacco wrap. To elevate the experience, opt for some of the brands that most blunt-lovers have come to use and love. You can split the cigar and remove the innards using fingers. For a precision cut, then prepare a shark pocket knife. A stencil knife also works well.

Thick marijuana blunt good for sharing

Good-quality dried cannabis buds. Regardless if you bought the flowers or grew them yourself, make sure it is adequately cured.

Everyone who ever made joints or blunts have crushed dried buds into small pieces using fingers. It works, but not efficiently. The uneven size of the ground weed, for example, results in an uneven burn. You are more likely to experience canoeing. Also, the larger pieces may not burn thoroughly, so you lose some potency there. The solution is simple – get a proper weed grinder. These handy devices are not that expensive and give you more value than what you paid for in return.

Another thing you need is a roach. Most people would buy unrefined rolling paper tips and make one if desired. Of course, adding a filter is highly desirable as it prevents bits and pieces of plant matter from entering your mouth and throat. A suitable replacement paper, if specialty tips are not available, is to cut from an index card or business card. You also have the choice of buying pre-rolled roaches.

How Do You Roll A Blunt?

Before getting into the details of rolling a fat blunt, you would want to know the basics of making one.

Basically, the preparations are the same.

1. Prepare The Roach

Using a filter is optional but highly recommended. All you need to do is to get one rolling paper tip. Or, you could cut 1″ x 2″ from an index or a business card.

Hold it vertically and fold the bottom side about 1/2 to 3/4 inches from the edge. Using two hands to hold the paper, and while keeping the bottom folded, you fold again towards you (opposite the first direction) and then do it again. After three folds, the base now resembles an accordion or has the “W” shape.

Remember to keep the folds a little loose so as not to crease. You can now start rolling the tip until the unfolded side wraps the “W” entirely.

2. Prepare The Buds

A weed grinder works best, as mentioned. Grinding to a coarse but uniform consistency provides for a larger total surface area for combustion. As a result, you will notice that the hit is more intense compared to using fingers to break apart the dried herb. If you do not have a functional grinder, then use a pair of scissors to cut into small pieces.

3. Prepare The Tobacco Wrap

After unwrapping the plastic from the cigar, there are two ways for you to remove the innards.

Using your fingers, pinch a straight line from one end to the other end – lengthwise. You can now apply a bit of pressure using your thumbs, to split the leaf.

A more straightforward method is to use a sharp knife. Cut and split.

Gently remove the content of the cigar. You don’t need the fillers anymore so they could go to the garbage bin. Be careful so as not to damage the wrapper. It is the only reason why you bought the cigar in the first place.

4. Pack The Blunt & Seal

Feel the tobacco wrap. Does it feel too dry and brittle? If so, lick the inside to moisten. Put the roach on one end and start filling the blunt with weed. A typical cigar should have at least 1 gram of dried herbs. You can increase this to 2 or 3 grams.

After evenly distributing the ground buds, carefully pack the weed beginning from the roach end. Give the edges of the leaf a good, wet lick and seal. Slowly work your way to the other end – pack the weed, roll the wrapper, lick, and seal.

5. Gotta Lick ’em

Before lighting up, there are two things you need to do. First, make sure that the seal is good. If necessary, moisten some more with your saliva. After determining that the seal is right, then run the blunt over a lighter flame to dry. If it is too moist, it will result in an uneven burn.

So, How Do You Roll A Fat Blunt?

As mentioned earlier, you can pack up to 3 grams of weed in a blunt. Unfortunately, that is as far as you can go when rolling a fat blunt, you are limited by the size of the cigar wrap.

Rolling up fat marijuana blunt

Fret not, though, as there are large-diameter cigars you could choose from to allow you to pack more weed.

Generally, the most recommended brands would have a ring gauge of 42 to 44 – the higher the number, the larger. For example, 42 means 42/64th of an inch. Brands such as Dutch Master, Swisher Sweets, Phillies, White Owl, and Backwoods Blunts are tried and tested. Most of these cigars range from 40 to 42.

How Fat Do You Want To Go?

Untested cigars that are insanely thick have a ring gauge that is twice the usual brands. The hand-made Asylum 13, for example, have bad-ass 6 x 80 ringers. For machine-made cigars, Tampa Trolleys Churchill – at 7-1/4 x 52 – is the most massive that you can find.

It is your choice when thinking about rolling the fattest blunt possible. Pick cigar brands that dominate the cannabis scene, or be adventurous and venture to places where none has gone before.

Fat blunt is bad-ass. So, how do you roll the fattest blunt, packed with your premium-grade weed to harness its devastating potent high?

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I think that’s the highest I have ever been off one session. It was me and one other person smoking. They actually tapped out once the blunt got to about the length of 3 blunts. I kept smoking until it was the length of one blunt. I remember talking to my cousin and my mind just went blank.

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