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Palió’s New Budget-Friendly, Triple-Jet Lighter Coming This Fall

Palió announced yesterday that it will be adding a new triple-jet called Vesuvio to its line of lighters, following the triple-flame Treo and single-flame Torcia.

S.T. Dupont Launches First Dual Torch Lighter

Luxury accessories maker S.T. Dupont launched its first two-torch cigar lighter in the U.S. last week.

Bugatti Lighters

Bugatti solves some lighter glitches.

Ten Cigar Accessories When Price is No Object

We’ve compiled a list of high-end gear that will help you enjoy your smokes in serious style. But fair warning: this elite class of toys won’t come cheap.

Dunhill Unique Turbo Lighters

Dunhill carries a torch for a retro lighter.

Fuente Fuente OpusX 25th Anniversary Accessories Coming Soon

The famous Fuente Fuente OpusX brand turns 25 years old next year, and to jump start the celebration maker Arturo Fuente Cigars has teamed up with S.T. Dupont to create a line of …

Xikar Tactical Lighter Launches At TAA

Cigar accessories maker Xikar has debuted a new triple-jet flame lighter called Tactical.

Review: Alec Bradley’s Mega Burner Lighter

Eleven years ago, Alec Bradley released The Burner, a unique butane table lighter that emits a tall, conical flame resembling a Bunsen burner. Now the company has debuted a larger …

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Cigar Lighters | Torch Lighters for Sale

As you are well aware, cigar lighters are essential carry gear for all cigar smokers – but which one is right for you? And just how does a torch lighter work, anyway? First rule of thumb is to pick the right lighter for a cigar you like to smoke: small ring cigars do fine with single jet cigar torches, while the bigger ring cigars – like 60RG and up – demand the heat that a 5 flame torch lighter can deliver. Torch lighters work by using a piezo ignition to set a spark to a stream of butane that’s flowing through a lighter’s ports. With pinpoint accuracy, you’re able to roast the end of your cigar with ease, giving you a perfect light and burn every time. “These lighters sound expensive,” you may wonder out loud. Worry not, amigo, as we’ll fix that quick with three words – rock bottom prices. Instead of torturing yourself over the finer budgetary details and how much is a torch lighter going to set you back, know this: we bring in hundreds of cigar lighter choices, slash ’em all to the lowest possible price, and present to you a wide array of top notch performers, from 1 to 5 flames. We’re talking the top brands in the cigar biz, like Xikar, Vector, and Blazer. If it’s time for a new flame, drop the matches. come to Famous, and dive in down below – it’s where to buy torch lighters that deliver top performance at the best prices online, with your satisfaction guaranteed. Why would you have it any other way? Shop now!

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