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Tommy Chong Reviews: The EZ Pipe (Video)

Hey! This is Tommy Chong! Happy to be here writing cannabis product reviews for one of my favorite newspapers, the L.A. Weekly!

Today I’ll be reviewing the EZ Pipe by the Kind Pen. When I first received this pen, I said to myself, “Of course I’m going to try it, it’s E-Z!” It says it’s very easy to use and it sure is! It’s effortless as they advertise it — discreet, virtually smokeless, wind-proof, conserves content, and it comes with a poker insert to clean the pen. It’s my go-to favorite pipe to smoke with.

The best part is you don’t have to grind your weed or anything. It’s perfect for any kind of situation — at home, in your secret spot, at a nice lookout with the homies, at the beach, on the run, in your backyard, at a party, in your car, out in the woods, you get it … pretty much anywhere! I’m excited to use the EZ Pipe at the new cannabis-friendly cafes, lounges and restaurants in West Hollywood.

EZ Pipe comes in varied colors.; Credit: Courtesy the Kind Pen

I wish this was invented earlier, I could have saved so much time and money with EZ Pipe because of the convenience and the price.

When you first take a look at the EZ Pipe, it may seem confusing, but if I can figure it out, then you can, too! You just have to get your lighter and your weed; place the lighter in the lighter slit, some weed in the open-slide top cap, pull out the pipe that looks like a little straw, and smoke away! It hits great and it’s nice and smooth.

It’s also very easy to store in your pocket and pull out to smoke whenever you feel like toking back up again. Since the weed is hiding inside the EZ Pipe’s little top container, it makes it super easy to smoke anywhere. You can even use it in windy environments and it leaves no smoke residue behind, except the smoke you exhale.

It’s such a convenient pipe to have with you because it fits anywhere and can go anyplace. I’m on the run a lot so this product is great for me when I want to smoke in between shows, meet-ups with friends and interviews.

I rate this product 5 out of 5 tokes. It’s awesome and I’m sure you guys will love it as much as I do. The EZ Pipe is as simple and easy as it gets! I would recommend everyone who smokes and is on the go like me to buy a couple for you and your homies!

Tommy Chong reviews weed and weed-related products for L.A. Weekly. This week it's the Kind Pen's EZ Pipe.


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